What Do Different Colored Porch Lights Mean

What Do Different Colored Porch Lights Mean?

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Did you know what do different colored porch lights mean? Find out the secret meaning behind each color and the causes they support.

What Do Different Colored Porch Lights Mean
What Do Different Colored Porch Lights Mean? | KRM Light

You see lights on your neighbors’ porches and maybe even in yours. Green, blue, and red – these vibrant colors blinking amidst the dark night yet you don’t know what they mean.

What do different colored porch lights mean? If you are curious to know the secret meaning behind each color, then you must read this article!

Why Buy Outdoor Porch Lights?

To some, outdoor lighting may not be important. But did you know that this fixture is actually more than just a piece of decor?

In New Jersey, for instance, the government has outdoor lighting policies that include porch lights. In their ordinance guide, it is stated that street lighting helps reduce pedestrian accidents. That is why homeowners like to install them on their porch, especially if they are located in the main street or busy area.

In addition, porch lights can also prevent burglary. If you install lighting with motion sensors. This could help warn off thieves, thus keeping you and your property safe.

What Are The Common Porch Light Colors?

Porch light can come in many different colors. But the popular ones are green, blue, and red. Each of these colors has different meanings.

You also need to take into account that the meaning differs depending on which state you are in. Furthermore, the colors could also represent the different awareness the homeowner wants to convey.

We will discuss more of their meanings in the following sections.

What Do Different Colored Porch Lights Mean?

Different colored porch light meanings could be about health and social awareness. Below are the explanation of their meanings:

What Does A Red Porch Light Mean?

The most common message that a red colored porch light means is about heart health awareness. This means that the homeowner is participating in this cause and is encouraging others to celebrate the same cause.

The red porch light could also mean celebration of Valentine’s day if it is lit in the month of February. By the month of October, the red color represents Hallooween and is only lit during this ocassion.

What Does A Blue Porch Light Mean?

The blue colored porch light, on the other hand, could mean two different things. Firstly, it is used by common people to raise awareness about mental health, specifically autism.

Secondly, this color also represents celebrating the police officer. If you put this on your porch, it means you show your support to the police officers. This color can usually be seen in April.

What Does A Green Porch Light Mean?

The green porch light has a very special meaning. This color is used to celebrate the veterans. On November 11th when the U.S. military Veteran’s Day is celebrated, green colored porches are a common occurrence.

But what do green lights on the porch mean in March? This color is used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Although St. Patrick is originally celebrated in Ireland, it extends to the other part of the world like in the United States.

In May, green porch light has another meaning. People use this color to help raise awareness about lyme disease. This disease has affected around 35,000 people each year as per the report of local health departments in the U.S.

What Does A Purple Porch Light Mean?

Purple porch light also has two different meanings. The first one is that it raises awareness of epilepsy. Second, purple colored porch light is used to campaign against domestic violence.

It could also mean showing support to survivors of domestic violence. This color was just recently chosen in 2007 in Washing D.C.

For people who suffer this type of violence, seeing a purple colored porch is a signal that the house is a safe place for them to ask for help.

Final Thoughts

What do different colored porch lights mean? We hope we answered this question. And that every time you see colored porch lights, you understand what the homeowner is trying to convey.

Do you know any other porch light colors and their meaning? Share them in the comment section!