T3 500W Halogen Bulb LED Replacement

T3 500W Halogen Bulb LED Replacement (Quick Guide)

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If you’re looking for a good T3 500W halogen bulb LED replacement, check out our guide on how to choose the best one for your needs and a few suggestions.

T3 500W Halogen Bulb LED Replacement
Before replacing your halogen bulb with an LED light, make sure they are compatible by knowing the correct conversion

These days, it’s pretty common for most homeowners to prefer LED bulbs over the traditional halogen bulbs. After all, LEDs are stronger and more energy-efficient. A LED light can give you the same amount of power a halogen light does but with much less power consumed. You can save a lot of money with LEDs.

If you want to also enjoy the benefits of LED light, you need to buy a T3 500W halogen bulb LED replacement to add it to your halogen light fixture.


How Many Lumens Does T3 500W Halogen Bulb Have?

In order to understand how you’re going to replace your halogen bulb with a LED type, you must first understand how to do the conversion. The conversion is usually based on the lumens and wattage of a bulb. For a typical halogen light bulb, the lumen count is around a maximum of 20 lumens.

In order to get the lumens of a T3 500w bulb, you multiply the wattage with the halogen lumen count. So, this will be around 500 watts x 20 lumens. That said, the lumen count of a T3 500w halogen light is 10,000 lumens at most.

What LED Is Equivalent To 500W Halogen Bulb?

Now that you know the lumen count of 500w halogen, the next thing to do is to convert that into the LED equivalent. First, we need to know the lumen count of a typical LED bulb. Typically, LED bulbs are somewhere around 130 to about 150 lumens.

So, let’s say we use 150 lumens as our basis, we will simply divide 10000 lumens (from a 500w LED bulb) and 150 lumens (a typical LED bulb) to get the wattage of the LED light.  This will give you an approximate wattage of 70 watts if you round it off. That said, the ideal LED bulb 500W replacement bulb is to have a wattage of 70w.

Top 3 Best T3 500W Halogen Bulb LED Replacement

1. I-Shunfa R7S Base LED Light Bulb

 I-Shunfa R7S Base LED Light Bulb
I-Shunfa R7S Base LED Light Bulb. Via: Amazon.com

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If you’re looking for a high-quality LED light bulb, this is a great T3 LED replacement for halogen tube for a double ended bulb. It’s great for replacing floodlight bulbs, billboard bulbs, and even garden lights. That’s because it has a pretty wide voltage, allowing it to be pretty compatible with a lot of light fixtures. When it comes to versatility, this is definitely a great replacement bulb for you to buy.

Best Features:

  • Made out of high-quality materials
  • Consumes only 1/5th of the energy that a halogen does
  • R7S base that allows very easy installation
  • Has a pretty wide voltage (AC 85-265V) allowing it to be compatible with many fixtures
  • Has adequate brightness but the lights can still protect the eyes

2. Attaljus R7s LED 1110v Floodlight

 Attaljus R7s LED 1110v Floodlight
Attaljus R7s LED 1110v Floodlight.
Via: Amazon.com

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There are two things that this LED bulb excels pretty well in– performance and safety. Particularly, this light has a lumen count of 500 lumens, making it pretty bright. Aside from that, it also does not give off any unnecessary buzzing sounds nor does it flicker. If it does, the only thing you need to do is adjust the dimmer and you should be able to fix it. When it comes to safety, you’ll be happy to know that this does not contain any UV or IR radiation.

Best Features:

  • Has a 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Can give off a total of 500 lumens
  • Does not give off any buzzing sounds
  • Does not flicker
  • Does not contain any ultraviolet or infrared radiation
  • Can save up to 90% of your electricity bill

3. R7S LED 50W Non Dimmable Daylight

R7S LED 50W Non Dimmable Daylight
R7S LED 50W Non Dimmable Daylight.
Via: Amazon.com

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When it comes to raw power, this is the LED replacement for halogen bulb that you’ll want to buy. To be specific, it has a total of 4700 lumens, making it one of the brightest lights on this list. It also has a really wide coverage– specifically 200 degrees in angular coverage. It also has 120 pieces of LED chips, so it’ll have a full beam of light.

Best Features:

  • Has a 4700-lumen count
  • 120 pieces of LED chips with a 200-degree beam angle
  • Has a really long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Made out of aluminum and PC
  • Comes with a built-in fan
  • Does not contain any mercury and lead
  • Can be used for a lot of light fixtures


With three choices for the best T3 500W halogen bulb LED replacement on the table, you’ll now have a much easier time knowing which one suits you the most. You can either choose among the easiest to install, the safest, or the most powerful.

Just check out the features of each one and align them to what you’re looking for in a halogen bulb LED replacement. If you do that, you’ll have an easy time picking one.

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