Red White And Blue Rope Lights

How To Use Red White And Blue Rope Lights (Review)

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Wanting to make your home cozier? We’ll show you the best way to do this with red white and blue rope lights and the top two products to consider.

Before decorative lights were discovered, many individuals used candles to enrich their adornments. This, clearly, was unsafe. Fortunately, Edward Johnson invented the very first string of lights in 1882, with red, white, and blue colors. These, later on, became very popular in the American tradition since they are symbolic of the US flag.

Nowadays, the red white and blue rope lights are famously picked when people are aiming for a crisp and vibrant theme.

Red White And Blue Rope Lights
Rope Lights are particularly popular in the holiday season

What Are Rope Lights?

These are equally spaced LED bulbs inside a versatile plastic or rubber. Since they are protected by the tube, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. These rope lights for ambient lighting are likewise low voltage, which makes them energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

They similarly remain cooler than most bulbs, which implies that they’re not prone to overheat. The rubber packaging further ensures that you can touch it even while it’s connected and lit.

How To Use Red, White And Blue Rope Lights For Ambient Lighting

You can use red white and blue LED rope lights as primary, accent, indirect, or late evening lighting.

Below are some of the best tips on where to put them nicely, yet you are very much free to use your creative mind based on your personal preference.


  • Cabinets. If you have dim regions on your kitchen ledges, try tucking the LED under the cupboard on the upper portion; it will light the shelf quite well.
  • Ceiling. Rope lights would be ideal for creating a dim and cozy ambiance to a room.
  • Stairs or hallways. You can put these primarily to see walkways during night time. Through this, you can enjoy moving around without turning on the bright main lights.
  • Living room. You can place them around the TV or PC screens for the evening. They look better with fewer lights on. It would also be convenient to move to the kitchen for some snacks without switching the extra lights.
  • Bedrooms. Placing a LED light here is ideal when you want to get to the restroom at nighttime without potentially waking up your family member.


  • Roof. You can install rope lights around while not drawing in bugs, in contrast to using a single bright bulb that’s more prone to insects.
  • Trees. You can wrap them around the limbs of trees to light the branches. This makes your yard feel like Wonderland.
  • Windows. You can illuminate even the dull and dark corners of your house to lessen the risk of unwanted burglars around while retaining its beauty.

Top 2 Red White And Blue Rope Lights To Buy (2020 Review)

There are many red white blue rope lights for sale everywhere. However, you would want to ensure that you are choosing the best value for your money.

In the following, we’ll show you the top two items suitable for your specific needs:

1. Russell Decor Patriot Independence Day LED

Russell Decor Patriot Independence Day LED
Russell Decor Patriot Independence Day LED.

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These extra bright LED lights that are 200 feet in length, and 110-120 in voltage make them ideal for festive themes such as Christmas or Independence Day. On the package, there are 50 1/2 Inch clips, which makes it easy to install. It also has a PVC coating to ensure the lights are protected. Furthermore, they are heat-safe, environment-friendly, and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • Relatively able to cover more long distance with its 200 ft. length
  • Versatile enough to adapt to different shapes
  • Lasts roughly up to more than 50,000 hours
  • Easy to install
  • Environment-friendly
  • Waterproof grade IP65
  • Heat-resistant


  • More ideal for outdoor use

2. Patriotic Red White And Blue Rope Light

Patriotic Red White And Blue Rope Light
Patriotic Red White And Blue Rope Light.

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Confidently use this versatile and colorful rope light to show your country pride throughout the summer—this 18 ft. LED string highlights red, white, and blue lights symbolic of the US flag. The rope has 60 lights which can be utilized to beautify railings, walls, roof, windows, etc. Whatever your desired overall theme is, they look extraordinary at daytime as much as at night.


  • Flexible to be bent around
  • Can be easily tied in multiple ropes together with its end-to-end connectors
  • Shines beautifully at night as much as the daytime
  • Heat-safe
  • Themed colors


  • Primarily made for exterior lighting
  • Not as long as other rope lights


At this point, you have already learned how red white and blue rope lights work. With the guidelines above on the best place to put it indoors and outdoors, you can make a cozier look out of your home, without making a big dent in your pocket for electricity costs.

Now that you have the top 2 recommendations worth trying in 2020, you can make the wiser choice to additionally save money on costs without sacrificing beauty for your home.

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