OMICOO LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

OMICOO LED Flame Effect Light Bulb Review

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OMICOO LED flame effect light bulb is undeniably buyers’ favorite. Read our review as we discuss its pros and cons, as well as some design tips.

OMICOO LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
Flame effect light bulbs are the perfect choice for ambient lighting for festive seasons

First off, a lot of people are wondering whether the flame effect light bulb is worth the money. Well, this is rather subjective and depends on the person’s own preference.

If you are short on budget, this is probably the last thing you’d consider buying, but if you have a penchant for all things nice and cozy and don’t mind spending a bit more cash for such aesthetics, then you’ve come to the right place.

OMICOO LED flame effect light bulb is our top recommendation for those seeking a quality bulb with a magnificent flame effect. On top of that, this is an LED bulb, which makes it energy-efficient.

OMICOO LED Flame Effect Light Bulb Review

To better understand why we love this particular flame light bulb, read our detailed review below:

OMICOO LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

OMICOO LED Flame Effect Light Bulb
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This light bulb has everything you would want in a flame-effect light. For one it has a vintage flame which is very suitable for festive seasons and intimate parties. Many users of this bulb vouch for its realistic flame effect and that is is definitely worth every dollar spent.

The funny thing, it’s not even that expensive, to begin with. For less than $10 per bulb, you’d get so much more from this brand. It’s most notable feature is its gravity sensor which means the flame will always be upright no matter if you turn the bulb upside down.


  • Has the most realistic flame effect
  • 4 modes of flame effect
  • Comes with a gravity sensor
  • Has good heat dissipation, making it safer and last longer
  • Has bright yellow to an orange light color, perfect for setting the mode
  • Environmentally friendly a sit is made without harmful substances and materials
  • Suitable for lamps, lanterns, salt lamps, and shades
  • Does not attract mosquitoes and bugs
  • Perfect for a decorative lamp
  • Only needs 6 wattage, which means it does not consume much energy
  • Has a standard E26 bulb base
  • Protected with 30-days money-back guarantee
  • A bestseller for festive lights such as for Christmas, Halloween, and parties


  • Need to be put behind frosted glass or bubble glass for the light to be more realistic
  • You need to turn this off if you want to change the modes.

4 Flame Effect Modes Of LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulb From OMICOO

We mentioned in our review above that this flame light bulb has 4 modes. In this section, we will discuss these modes and explain the best spot to maximize its flame effect.

The upside-down mode is suitable for lamps and shades
The upside-down mode is suitable for lamps and shades

1. Upside Down Mode

If you turn the bulb over, it automatically changes into the gravity-induced mode. This means that the flame effect will still be upright, no matter if you turn it upside down.

This is particularly helpful, especially when you have limited space to attach the bulb into. Moreover, most lamps and shades, require the bulb to be upright, so this mode is pretty useful.

2. Flame Emulation Mode

This is basically the default mode of the fire flame. The flame effect imitates that of a fire burning in a fireplace, thus giving you a feel of a realistic-looking flame.

Popularly used in Halloween parties, the flame emulation mode casts a golden orange ambient lighting to an area, making the atmosphere even more appealing to the theme.

When set in this mode, the bulb is best put in a higher or elevated spot. Placing it on the ground means you will not make the most of its flame effect.

3. Breathing Mode

Breathing mode is perfect for those events or areas that do not need stable illumination. This mode makes the flame even brighter and then dims every 5 seconds. After this, it cycles the modes.

Others are concerned if the mode change will be too quick that it can hurt the eyes. However, there’s no need to worry though. The transition from bright to dim takes slowly which only adds to the dramatic effect of the light.

4. General Light Mode

The General Light mode is the fourth and last mode setting of the Fuxury OMICOO LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs. This is also known as the stable light mode.

If there is an area or a specific spot in your room that you need constant illumination like your bedside table, then this is the perfect mode for that.

While in this mode, the light bulb produces solid light, which means the flame will not dance nor will it dim every 5 seconds.

For those who have a sensitive vision and prefer to have ambient lighting with a stable light mode, then OMICOO is still a great choice.

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