Motion Sensor Light Stays On

How To Make Motion Sensor Light Stays On?

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Are you interested in getting motion sensor lights? Check out our top product pick and a short guide on how to make sure the motion sensor light stays on.

Sensor lights are often preferred because they can be customized to turn on and turn off automatically based on your settings. This saves you some energy costs.

However, one of the things that a lot of people complain about when using motion sensor lights is that they can’t seem to be left on all night long. Not all outdoor motion lights have a feature that allows it to stay on continuously all night.

So, if you want to make sure that the motion sensor light stays on throughout the night, you need to buy a motion sensor light that stays on all night.

PANICKY Solar Motion Sensor/Stay On LED Light
Motion sensor lights are best placed in front and at the back of your house

The Best Motion Sensor Light Stays On Review

PANICKY Solar Motion Sensor/Stay On LED Light

PANICKY Solar Motion Sensor/Stay On LED Light
PANICKY Solar Motion Sensor/Stay On LED Light. Via:

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Our top pick is the Panicky Solar Motion Sensor/Stay On LED light. The cool thing about this light is that it has settings that allow you to keep the light turned on at night and then turn off at daytime.

This is pretty useful if you don’t want it to turn off once there is no motion-detecting it. Now, you may be a bit worried if this kind of usage may burn out the bulb quickly. This is something that you won’t have to worry about because this light has a very long shelf life of up to 50,000 hours, making it able to last for years.


  • Comes with both a stay on and a motion detection mode
  • Has a 50,000-hour lifespan before the bulb burns out
  • Body is made out of waterproof IP67 material, making it good for outdoor use
  • White light made out of 32 high power LEDs
  • Has a range coverage of up to 200 square feet and 270 degree
  • Motion sensitivity has a coverage of up to 26 feet and 100 degrees angle coverage
  • Very easy to install with only just one hook


  • It is not as bright as a lot of other brands out there
  • Takes quite a long time to charge

How To Make Motion Sensor Light Stays On All Night?

Now that you know which product to buy if you want to get a light that has a “stay on” feature. If you haven’t used a motion sensor light with a stay on feature yet, then you will find this guide useful.

We will teach you step-by-step how to fix motion sensor light that stays on:

  1. Determine whether or not your light has a stay on feature. Sometimes it is also called dusk to dawn operation.
  2. Pick a time when the outdoor light will turn on. To do this, wave your hand at the sensor and then turn it off.
  3. Look for the switch at the bottom of the sensor so that you can test the sensor.
  4. Put some electrical tape on the motion sensor so that it won’t easily detect movement.
  5. Look at the switch to check for a manual override setting. After that, switch it to get the lights on.
  6. If there is no manual override setting, then you need to reset the light. If you don’t know the steps on how to Reset Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights, then you first start by turning off then turning on the switch.
  7. Check to see if the light does turn on.
  8. If you want to turn your light back to its motion detection mode, all you need to do is restore it back to its default settings by taking out the electrical tape then turning the light on, off, then on again.


Always remember that it is important to choose the right product for your specific needs. This is especially important if you want a LED light that can stay on all night.

As we mentioned above, not all lights will have this feature, which is why you need to carefully look for one that has.

Fortunately, we already spared you the time and effort of looking for such a product by providing you with a really good one already. All you need to do is learn how to set up the light to turn it into its “stay on” mode.

So, buy this product today and keep this guide with you so that you’ll have a reference for when you want to set up your stay on light.

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