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Junction Box Mounted LED Lights (Review)

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You can transform your kitchen into a more elegant place in your home with junction box mounted LED lights. If you want to install some, we’ll show you how.

The beauty of the junction box mounted LED lights is that they don’t attract too much attention yet they look spectacular in your kitchen. That’s why it is often the choice of most homeowners for lighting if they are after an elegant look.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to install your very own J box mounted LED light in your kitchen. It’s actually much easier than you may think!

Just follow the steps we’ve laid out for you and you can get a touch of elegance in your kitchen.

What Is a Junction Box Mounted LED Light?

PARMIDA is a best-selling dimmable Junction Box Mounted LED lights recently
PARMIDA is a best-selling dimmable Junction Box Mounted LED lights recently

If you are not at all familiar with mounted LED lights, you may not know what a junction box mounted LED light is. For that purpose, we’ll explain a little more about it before we proceed to the guide.

As the name implies, it is a LED light that is mounted on to a junction box. What exactly is a junction box, anyway? Well, junction boxes are metal or plastic boxes that are used to keep the wires in place. The LED lights are attached to the junction boxes and are circular in shape. The shape also allows the lights to have wide coverage.

Best Junction Box Mounted LED Lights

If you are looking for a good LED light that you can install in your kitchen, we’ll show you our top pick. We’ll also give you a short review of this J-box mount LED light so that you’ll be able to know the product in the most objective view.

That said, let’s get to our review below:

PARMIDA 4 inch Dimmable LED Disk Light

PARMIDA 4 inch Dimmable LED Disk Light
PARMIDA 4 inch Dimmable LED Disk Light. Via: Amazon.com

See price on Amazon

When it comes to performance, we’d say that this is one of the best that you can find. First of all, the Energy Star lights are all ETL listed and FCC compliant making it really efficient and strong. If we were to go into specific details of its strength, it has the power of a 60w bulb. The only difference is that it uses 10w, allowing you to save energy. In fact, you can save up to around 80% of your bill by using this bulb compared to a regular halogen.

Aside from just performance, you’ll also love its sleek design. This LED junction box looks lovely when you put in on your kitchen ceiling. Not only is it a low profile, but it’s also simple and elegant at the same time.


  • Low profile and sleek design
  • 10w LED light that can replace 60w halogen light
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Has a dimming feature
  • Very easy to install
  • Can fit in 2.75, 3.5 or 4-inch junction boxes


  • Has a lower color temperature than Junction box mounted LED lights 5000k

How To Install PARMIDA Junction Box Mounted LED Lights

Now that we’re done with our product review, we’re now ready to install the LED light.

Here are the steps on how to do that:

Turn Off The Power

The first thing you need to do is to turn off the power. Make sure to turn off the fuse or the circuit breaker box before you do anything.

Connect The Wiring

Once that is done, the next thing you need to do is install the junction box. If there is an existing light fixture, take it out first. When you take out the existing fixture, you will need to cut out the screw base of the socket adapter.

Make sure that you strip off the ends of both cables exposing the wire. After that, use wire nuts to connect the cable to the power wires of the junction box. Make sure you connect black wire to black wire and white wire to white wire.

Screw The Mounting Bracket

After that, bring out your mounting bracket and screw them over to the junction box.

Install The Light

Lastly, bring out your LED light and align it with the mounting bracket. Connect the light to the driver and fasten the LED light in place so that everything is placed tightly.

Test The Light

When the installation is done, all that’s left to do is to test the light. Turn on the switch and see if it works. If it doesn’t, check to see if all the wires are connected tightly.


You are now complete with all the information that you need to install your junction box mounted LED lights. You have a complete understanding of what a J box mounted LED light is, a recommended product, and a guide on how to do the installation.

Once you buy your J box mounted LED light, just follow our quick guide and you should be able to have your lights up in no time.

We hope you enjoyed this article and we hope you like your newly installed lights!

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