How To Store Icicle Lights

How To Store Icicle Lights? (Tips & Tricks)

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Love bringing out those icicle lights during Christmas? You also need to store them properly so you can use them again. For that, here’s how to store icicle lights.

Icicle lights are a staple in every household’s Christmas decor. Of course, you’ll need to store them properly when the holidays are over so that you can use them again next Christmas.

So, how do you store those lights when the holidays are over, anyway?

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to store icicle lights so that you can easily bring them out during next Christmas.

How To Store Icicle Lights
As the yuletide season comes to an end, it’s time to learn the tips on how to store icicle lights

Take a look at some of our tips below:

What Is Icicle Light?

While most people have used icicle lights to decorate their homes already, there are some who still haven’t. For the benefit of those who don’t know what icicle lights are, we’ll explain what they are and when to use them.

In a nutshell, icicle lights are those small lights that are strung up in such a way that you’ll have a row of lights. They’re usually used for covering the house’s exterior and interior with lights.

How To Store Icicle Lights Properly: Tips And Tricks

Wrap Around Cardboard Box

Your first instinct is most likely to wrap the string lights around your arm and pull it out. Sure, this may work, but it also causes a lot of entanglements.

So, what’s the alternative solution?

Use a cardboard box instead of your arm. Just cut out a cardboard box and cut a slit somewhere in the middle. Start from the slit and wrap the lights around the box. You can just keep it there until you want to use them again.

Store In The Box

If you’re the type of person who has absolutely no patience when it comes to wrapping up cords, then the easiest thing to do is to simply store it in the box. You can just leave it there and put the box in your storage room. More often than not, the lights won’t really tangle up since you won’t do anything with it anyway.

Wrap Around a Clothes Hanger

If you can’t find any cardboard box, the next thing you can use is a clothes hanger. Start with one end of the hanger and wrap it around until you reach the end of the hanger. From there, you can just store away the clothes hanger until next year.

Wrap Around a Cord Reel

Another really cool icicle Christmas lights storage method is using a cord reel. These are usually used for bunching those really long wires, so it can be really useful. Using the cord reel can also prevent the tangling of the cords.

When you buy a cord reel, all you have to do is connect one end of the string lights to the reel and start rolling it until the whole string lights cover the cord reel. Then you can store it away until next year. This is one of our favorite methods on how to store icicle lights without tangling because it’s the easiest and most effective.

Tie With A Rubber Band

What most manufacturers do when they package their lights is to bunch them properly and tie them together with a rubber band. That’s why they’re pretty organized when you open the box. You can also use the same storage method to store them away. Just make sure you have a bunch of rubber bands that you can use for tying your icicle lights together.

Roll In Plastic Sheet

The last method is usually used for strand lights that are stiffer than the usual string lights. This method entails using a plastic sheet. All you have to do is open up the plastic sheet, put the string lights inside, and start wrapping the plastic sheet along with the lights. Once the plastic is all wrapped up, you can store the lights in your cabinet.


One of the most annoying things that you may experience when bringing out your string lights is having them in an entangled mess. To prevent that, you need to learn how to store icicle lights the right way, so they won’t get bunched up. These methods work perfectly well and allow you to properly bring out your icicle lights anytime you want.

Are the holidays done already? Then make sure you store your icicle lights properly by following our guide above.

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