how to replace headlight connector

How to Replace Headlight Connector?

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Learn how to replace headlight connector by checking out the short guide that we made. By learning how to replace them, you can keep them running like usual.

how to replace headlight connector
How to replace headlight connector | KRM Light+

When owning a car, you will most likely experience issues with your headlights. Eventually, the headlight connector of your car will wear out or burn out after some time. In that case, you need to already know how to replace headlight connector. 

For those who aren’t aware of what a headlight connector is, it is a device that connects the wires to the headlight. It is through this device that the headlight system can stay connected.

Of course, it isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3 to do this process. If you want to replace a headlight connector plug, you need to know the proper way to do so. This will ensure that the headlight will work perfectly fine. 

To help you out, we created this short guide that will give you the steps on how to change a headlight connector. 

Different Types of Headlight Connector

When we talk about the different types of headlight connectors, we are usually talking about the size of the bulb or base that the connector is attached to. The various sizes that are available are HB3, HB4, H1, H3, H7, and H11. These are the sizes for the single filament bulbs. The H4 size is used for dual filament bulbs.

This is an extremely important aspect to take note of because choosing the wrong size might make your headlight connector wear out faster than it is supposed to. So, before learning how to change headlight bulb connector, you need to first learn about compatibility when it comes to size. 

How to Replace Headlight Connector

Now that you know about the different sizes that you can choose from, we can now move on to the steps on how to replace headlight connector. 

To start off, let’s first take a look at some of the tools that you need:

  • Socket wrench
  • Wire connectors
  • Electrical tapes
  • Splicers

Once you have gotten all these tools, we can now move on to the actual guide. These are the steps on how to change headlight connector of your automotive:

  1. Take out your socket wrench and take out the negative terminal.
  2. Make sure that the terminal is far from the battery so that no electric current goes through it.
  3. Take out the socket from the headlight and take out the bulb.
  4. Get your splicer and cut the wires approximately 3 inches from the light fixture.
  5. Take out a quarter of an inch of the wire coating and pull it out.
  6. Use the splicer to splice the old wires to the new connector.
  7. Twist the wires together based on colors (take note of both the blue and red striped wires).
  8. Use some electrical tape to cover the wires.
  9. Put back the bulb and reinstall the fixture.
  10. Put back the negative terminal and check if the light works like it used to.

While these steps are used for changing connectors, you can use the same steps on learning how to fix loose headlight connector. If you think that the wiring is loose, you can follow the steps above to open up the wiring and simply tighten them instead of connecting new ones. Once you tighten the wires, you can check to see if the lights are already as usual. 


By knowing the steps on how to replace headlight connector and how to fix bad headlight connector, you now can handle this process like a pro. If you notice that your headlight doesn’t work like normal, you now know that the possible cause is loose wiring. 

For that, you simply open the fixture up, tighten all the wires, and test the light. If that doesn’t work, then you really will need to change the entire headlight connector. In that case, you just need to follow steps 1 to 10 to do that. It’s an extremely easy process!

Of course, we’d like to fully emphasize the importance of safety before we conclude this guide. Always make sure to be very careful with the wires and ensure that the terminal is nowhere near the battery and the wires as this could result in electric current still running. 

In any case, make sure you stay safe and follow the steps that we’ve provided above diligently. If you do, you should have absolutely no problems at all. 

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