How To Paint Light Bulbs

How To Paint Light Bulbs (Cheap Design Tips)

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Are you looking for a creative way to spruce up your lights at home? Why not try painting light bulbs? Take a look at some of the steps on how to paint light bulbs.

Do you want to get extra creative with your lights? Or maybe you have a bunch of old light bulbs and are looking for something to do with them?

If you are, why not make a little art out of your lights? We’re talking about painting those light bulbs and using them as decorations.

The cool thing about doing this is that it gives you a brand new hobby and allows you to save on buying accessories for your home. You can even learn how to paint light bulb for Christmas so that you don’t need to spend on new decorations.

If you’re the enterprising type, you can also turn this hobby into a business by creating custom made painted light bulbs to eco-friendly customers.

How To Paint Light Bulbs
Be more resourceful and creative by painting your Christmas light bulbs instead of buying new ones | KRM Light+

In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to paint light bulbs so that you can make something great out of those old bulbs.

Can I Paint Lights Bulbs?

When you started reading this guide, one of the most likely questions that popped into your head was “can I paint light bulbs?”

Though painting light bulbs may sound like an activity that you’ve never heard of before, it is possible. But this does raise a lot of questions such as whether painting light bulbs is safe and what kind of paint should be used?

To answer the first question, we will tell you that it is safe as long as you do it right. As for the second question, the guide below on how to paint LED light bulbs will show you all the things you need to paint light bulbs– especially the type of paint needed.
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How To Paint Light Bulbs? (4 Steps)

This guide will show you two ways you can paint bulbs. The first method is used if you want to have colored lights. We’ll tell you which paints are safe to use and what you should do so that the paint won’t heat up the bulb and cause it to shatter.

Here are the steps to do that:

1. Get The Right Type Of Bulb

Yes, it is true that there are some dangers in painting light bulbs, especially if you use the wrong type of bulb. The tip here is using a bulb with low wattage. The most ideal bulb to get for this type of activity is a 40-watt bulb.

2. Use The Right Type Of Paint

Aside from using the right type of bulb, you must also use the right type of paint. DO NOT use acrylic or oil paints since these will heat up the bulb faster. Rather, use ceramic paints or paints that are specifically made for painting glass. You can ask your local art store for these types of paints.

3. Clean The Bulb

You’ll want to make sure that there is no dirt on the bulb; otherwise, the paint will stick to it. The best way to do this is to dip a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the bulb. If you don’t have alcohol, soapy water will do.

4. Let Your Creative Juice Flow!

Lastly, just let your creative juice flow. You can start painting it in any color or any design you want!

Now, what if you just want to spruce up old light bulbs that are busted and not exactly light them up? Well, the same steps above still apply. Only, this time you don’t need to be particular with the type of bulb you’re using. However, we recommend that you still use glass paint.

With an old bulb, you can be a little more creative. You can use some stationery materials to create a lot of things like a snowman, a Santa Claus model, or a reindeer. You can even paint a picture on the bulb and hang it on your tree. The possibilities are endless.


Now that you know how to paint light bulbs, you’re now ready to express your more artistic side. Not only will you save money on new decor, but you’ll have also gained a new hobby and done something to save the environment. It’s definitely something fun to do if you love playing with art.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and have fun sprucing up your light bulbs!

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