how to make led lights turn on when door opens

How To Make LED Lights Turn On When Door Opens?

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You can automate your house by first learning how to make LED lights turn on when door opens. Here are the steps on how you can do it without breaking a sweat.

Everyone wants to automate their homes these days because it makes things much easier. One of the simplest ways to automate your home is to learn how to make led lights turn on when door opens.

It may sound like something that you need a professional to do. However, it’s actually simpler than most people think.

You’ll just need some materials, a few tools, and some knowledge with basic electrical wiring. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have too much experience in handling electricals. One big question to ask yourself is, “can you cut copper wire lights and connect them with each other? “

If you how to connect copper wire lights, then you’re pretty much good to go.

how to make led lights turn on when door opens
Motion sensor LED lighting complements well with a modern smart home

So, without further introduction, let’s go on to our guide starting with the tools that you’ll need to get this job done:

What Are The Tools Needed?

First, let’s start with your tools. Here’s a simple list of the things that you need to find from your shed or buy from your local hardware store:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Pair of wires
  • Electrical Tape/Double Sided Tape
  • 2 Nuts
  • Small Rubber Band
  • Battery Wire Connector
  • LED Light
  • 9V battery

This method is one of the simplest DIY methods that you can use in order to make an automated light– plus it’s one of the cheapest. And whether you believe it or not, these are the only tools you’ll need to get the job done. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go on to the steps:

How To Make LED Lights Turn On When Door Opens

  1. Cut the rubber band into one whole piece of string with your scissors.
  2. Tie the rubber band to the hole of the nut.
  3. On the other side of the nut, tie one end of the copper wire (black) (put aside).
  4. Get the small LED light and tie another copper wire (red) to it.
  5. Tie the other end of the red copper wire to another nut.
  6. Get the battery wire connector and match the wires of the connector to the wires that you put aside based on color (the black wire is tied to the black wire connected to the LED light and the red wire is tied to the red one connected to the nut with the rubber band).
  7. Connect your 9V battery to the battery connector head.
  8. Pull the rubber band to make the LED light turn on.
  9. Stick some double-sided tape on the battery, the LED light, and the nut at the end of the black wire.
  10. Stick the nut connected to the blue wire on the back of the door.
  11. Poke the rubber band into the hole of the nut connected to the blue wire and stick the end of the rubber band besides that nut.
  12. Stick the battery on the ceiling of your room or cabinet.
  13. Stick the LED light beside the battery.
  14. Try opening and closing the door to see if the LED light will turn on and off.

The Dos And Don’ts

These 14 steps are a little bit tedious to do but they’re really easy. As long as you follow the guide carefully and have all the necessary equipment at hand, you should have no problem.

Now, what are some of the do’s and don’ts when doing this?

We’ll discuss them briefly:


  • Always use double-sided tape when sticking the components.
  • Always use only a 9V battery– others may not work with it.
  • Always use only small LED strip lights for this job as the double-sided tape may not take the weight of bigger ones.


  • Don’t stick the battery and the light too far from each other.
  • Don’t try using electrical tape to stick the components– they’ll most likely fall off.


While most people may think that they need to buy some fancy door sensors or other special switches to automate the turning on of their LED lights when they open the door, we believe you can do the same thing with simple tools and materials.

Our guide will teach you the simplest and cheapest way to do so. By learning how to make LED lights turn on when door opens our way, you can save a bundle on a light sensor.

So, get all the necessary tools and materials for this project today and start creating your very own automated light.

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