how to dim lights without a dimmer

How to Dim Lights Without a Dimmer?

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Is it possible to dim your lights even without the use of a dimmer? It sure is! We’ll teach you the simple steps on how to dim lights without a dimmer.

How To Dim Lights Without A Dimmer  | KRM Light+
How To Dim Lights Without A Dimmer | KRM Light+

In the last few years, dimmers became very popular. This is because a lot of people preferred sleeping with just weak lights on. As there are people who can’t sleep in the dark, the dimmer was there to give them light but not too bright to the point that it illuminates through eyes. 

As technology advanced, innovations that allowed you to dim lights without dimmer were made. Most people are familiar with those knob types of lights wherein you can turn the knob of your dimmer to slowly make the lights dimmer. However, a new type of light now allows you to turn on the switch, turn off the switch, then turn it on again to have a lower output. That is how to dim lights without a dimmer switch. 

Later on, we’ll go into the details on how to dim lights without a dimmer switch using this innovation. 

When to Dim Your Lights

If you have never used dimmers before, you might be wondering why people use dimmers in the first place. Well, dimmers have lots of purposes. Before we go to the guide on how to dim led lights without a dimmer, we’d like to first provide some of the reasons why people dim lights:

  • Sleeping

As mentioned above, there are some people who can’t sleep without lights. At the same time, they most likely can’t sleep if the lights are too bright. The dimmer gives them a chance to have the comfort they want without too much lighting. 

  • Saving Energy

Since a dimmer allows you to use less light, you’ll use less energy as well. If you’re not using your light at its maximum capacity every time, you can save money. Try using this handy little switch for a while and you’ll realize that you can control the overall output of your lights in any way you want. 

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  • Changing the Mood

There are times when you’ll want to change the mood of your bedroom into a more romantic one if you’re with your significant other. Or you may want to have a more Zen feel in your living room for meditation. In any case, a dimmer can give you that. 

  • Increasing Light Shelf Life

Lastly, dimmers can help increase the shelf life of the light bulb by allowing the light to use less output than normal. If you only use a fraction of its real capacity, you can really preserve the light bulb.

How to Dim Lights Without a Dimmer

Now that you know the purposes of a dimmer, let’s tackle the guide on how to dim lights without a dimmer switch with this really cool switch. 

All it takes is really just three steps but we’ll break down the whole process to show you how it works:

  1. Turn on the switch and it will shine at 100% capacity.
  2. Turn it off.
  3. Turn it on again and it will shine at 50% capacity.
  4. Turn it off again.
  5. Turn it on the third time and it will shine at 25% capacity.
  6. Turn it off again.
  7. Turn it on again and it will shine at its 100% capacity again.

As you can see, this light has three modes that you can choose from— its 100% capacity, 50% capacity, and 25% capacity. This switch allows you to dim hue lights without dimmer switch by simply just turning the switch on and off a few times until you get the dimness that you want. This is definitely a great product to have in your home if you like to have complete control of your lighting system. 


The best thing about this kind of light is that it is convenient and easy to use. As long as you know how to dim lights without a dimmer switch using this handy little invention, then you’ll see that there are so many benefits that you can have. 

As long as you install this switch in your home, you have the capacity to change up how much light your bulb gives off. With that, you can control the setting, save more money, and allow your bulbs to last longer, thus saving you even more money. Not only is the switch convenient, but it’s also very energy and money efficient – And those are two things any homeowner would love to have.

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