how to decorate with led strip lights

How to Decorate with LED Strip Lights: 45 Great Ideas

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LED Light Strip Design Ideas

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have transformed the way we light our homes. The choices for a cost-effective and imaginative lighting system for your home’s interior and exterior are nearly limitless in most circumstances. While installation kits are available, it’s a little more involved than simply placing the lights in place. Check out these brilliant ideas for using LED strip lights in ways you’ve never thought of before…

How to Decorate with LED Strip Lights in the Kitchen

Improve a kitchen break

Install LED strip lights in kitchen recess areas to combine form and function. They serve as functional and practical job lights for cooking and cleaning while also providing a pleasant ambiance when combined with other kitchen lighting solutions.

For all-white kitchen

When lighted traditionally, an all-white space can appear harsh. LED strip lights strategically placed beneath counters and above upper cabinetry will provide gentle layers of light that bounce and reflect off glossy surfaces, giving an appealing and modern kitchen character. Furthermore, LED light strips might warm up slightly when turned on; hence, you can place them inside a metal profile if you do not want to put them on a metal surface.

Create ambiance in the kitchen

LED strip lights installed beneath kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most typical and practical location for these beneficial tiny light circuits since they add an extra layer of illumination, particularly in small or gloomy kitchens. In addition, the light will draw attention to feature splash backs and may be installed for a fraction of the cost of conventional fitted ones.

Emphasize kitchen features

Are you getting a new kitchen? LED strip lights are used as down lighting on kitchen kickboards and plinths when the leading light is turned off to create a fashionable mood. If you’ve recently installed an on-trend statement floor, they’re an affordable must-have to show off your new style.

Decorate Your Bedroom/Bathroom with LED Strip Lights

Incorporate a night sky

When combined with other Illuminating accessories, LED strip lights can assist in creating an ambient environment with luminous character. For example, a teen bedroom brings the night sky with purple LEDs in different colors to fit any project.

Warm-up your bedroom

LED plug-in strip lights may make DIY projects appear incredibly cozy. Make your bed welcoming by connecting warm LED lights behind the headboard but keeping them hidden from view. Use strip connectors to cut the strips only in the specific region to navigate corners. High gloss surfaces gleam when backlit.

Make a child’s bedroom more appealing

Creating the ultimate children’s room may not be as complicated as it appears. Plain white walls are ideal for an LED strip light in any themed bedroom. Place a strip light around the top of the room that glows at night.

Your bedroom should be rainbow-colored

Make your bedroom livelier by installing LED strip lights behind your headboard-a simple way to add color to your room. When you put a long strip of lights behind your headboard, you can make it look like a rainbow. You can also hide the lights in a flexible profile and carry the look around your ceiling and wall corners in different colors, using corner connectors to join strips as needed. Each color is different enough to fit any project.

Make wardrobes opulent

You may add some glitz to your fitted furniture by casing bedroom closets with LED lighting. The warm glow adds a touch of glitz to the space while also creating a peaceful, inviting atmosphere. For a more streamlined appearance, take care to conceal wires.

Illuminate a wall-mounted vanity

Did you think you can’t use strip lights in bathrooms? Think again! Installing waterproof battery-powered strip lighting behind a wall-hung vanity to generate a warm glow that’s evocative and adds to the sensation of space is an easy way to update a tired-looking bathroom. Using Velcro tape, secure the battery pack to the underside of the drawer.

Using a vanity mirror

You can mimic the gorgeous Hollywood-style light bulb mirrors with an LED vanity mirror kit for a fraction of the price. Placing the LED light strip around the mirror will make it look more appealing, and most light strips include strong adhesive on the back that allows you to adhere them to the mirror immediately. The natural light will ensure that you always look your best.

Bathroom mirrors and cabinets

LED strip lights may transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven. In addition to illuminating a bathroom mirror or cabinet, apply a length of waterproof LED tape directly under the bath panel to offer a pleasant glow to your bathtub.

Allow the shower to shine

Do you want to make a stunning bathroom on a budget? Lighting a shower cubical with LED lights will give your bathroom a hotel-like appearance. To be safe, use waterproof battery-operated LED strip lights to accent tiled alcove shelves or provide a futuristic aesthetic by framing the edge of the shower screen or tray.

LED Light Strip Decoration Ideas for Inside the Home

Illuminate dark corners

LED strip lights may be readily cut to size or linked to fit neatly beneath pieces of furniture, giving the appearance that your accent lighting was custom-made. You don’t have to keep leaning down to turn them on, either, because many of them come with handy remote controllers. In addition, LED light strips placed under cabinets and dressers will increase the sense of space.

Make a movie theater

Add LED strip lighting to the back of your TV to give your living space a cinematic feel. Continue the movie night fun by placing additional lights under furniture, along with coving and beneath floating shelves. Always ensure that the surface to which you are applying your lighting is clean and free of debris, or the backing will not attach.

Illuminate a paint effect

Wall paint decorating effects are currently popular. So why not make your feature wall stand out from the crowd by adding horizontal strip lights with changing colors along the edges.

Create the best gaming environment

Do you want to create the best atmosphere before diving into your next battle or quest? Then, LED strip lights are the ultimate way to elevate your gaming experience. These bright LED strip lights can be designed to respond to your on-screen movements, bringing the virtual world to life.

Install LED Strip Lights on Your Ceiling

LED lighting does not have to be limited to ceiling limits. Indeed, with a bit of know-how and ingenuity, you could design the ultimate statement ceiling that exudes real wow-factor. For example, 3D ceiling panels and LED light strips combine and generate a lighting feature on the fifth wall, mixing whimsy and flair for profound effect.

Make the stairs stand out

Someone said hallway goals, didn’t they? By putting LED strips along the length of a modern staircase’s tread, you may achieve a sleek, stylish, and functional aesthetic for nighttime walking. The hallway is a terrific place to have fun, so why not make a statement by using a new color, like teal blue or even color-changing LED strip lights? To avoid any accidents, make sure the strips and power source are carefully concealed or get an expert to install them.

Illuminate alcoves

To improve the mood of your living space, include plug-in LED strip lights in your alcoves. It’s a unique and appealing technique of emphasizing fascinating architectural characteristics. It could also make a piece of essential furniture like a sideboard come to life.

Place yourself behind the seating

If you are lucky enough to have a sauna in your home, LED strip lights will add just enough ambiance to accent seating and hotspots without interfering with the atmosphere of the scorching and tranquil place. In this case, LED strip lights are sauna-safe and built to resist extreme temperatures.

Give your home office a facelift

Using LED strip lights to illuminate a desk can give an excellent touch to your home office. Mounted cupboards or shelving will provide energy-saving task illumination while freeing up desk space for a traditional table lamp. Another alternative is to place plug-in or battery-powered ones around a noticeboard to highlight your day’s itinerary.

Illuminate dark drawers

Apply a reel of battery-operated LED strip illumination to the inside of dark closets, cupboards, and drawers to make searching simpler. Alternatively, you can skip the inconvenience of turning the LED emitters on and off by opting for motion-activated versions that turn the light on only when needed.

Increase the visual impact of your artwork

Adding battery-operated or plug-in LED strips to backlight artwork will make it even more eye-catching. In addition, LED strip lights do not generate damaging rays or excessive heat, making them suitable for painting mounting. Or how about making your own DIY Plexiglass light-up photo frames to display treasured family photos?

Upgrade your technology

By offsetting the screen brightness, adding LED strips to the rear of screens such as your television not only looks nice but also helps to ease eye strain. Known as ‘bias lighting,’ utilizing LEDs around computer screens and televisions may result in a greater intensity of color and contrast, which will improve picture quality.

Turn on a reading light

Attach strip lights to the headboard of a bed to offer a softer ambient reading light than bedside table lamps. Attach to the top edge for a more subtle and aesthetically pleasing light. If your companion wants to sleep as you read, they’ll appreciate it, and if your companion wishes to rest as you read, they’ll enjoy it.

Display cabinets for showcases

You can transform them into softly lighted displays by adding strips of LED lights to the top or bottom of ordinary cabinets. Install glass doors to keep your prized possessions safe and dust-free.

A wine cellar should be well-lit

Give a one-of-a-kind area of storage the attention it deserves. A sleek wine store would usually appear dark and unremarkable, but LED light strips inside the door frame indeed offer some wow-factor.

Make a statement with your wall

Can use LED lighting almost anywhere to make a big impression. Designer Walls’ fluted panel design allows you to make the walls of any room the main focal point. Then, using a 3D design and a hidden LED lighting system, you can instantly transform the atmosphere of your space. It’s also simple to assemble and disassemble yourself.

Luminous shelving

LED strip lights placed above or beneath shelves are probably the most straightforward hack and may be utilized to showcase trophies, awards, family portraits, accessories, and books with an ambient glow. In addition, LEDs are often low-wattage devices that provide a calming nightlight when used on shelving in children’s bedrooms.

LED Strip Lights Outdoor Design Ideas

Make the garage more visible

Consider the ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides a soothing overhead light that helps you discover stuff and see what you’re doing. LED strip lights bring shine to a specified area, illuminating fine details.

You can also transform an ordinary garage or carport into a sleek, modern, functional area with customized LED lighting.

Show off your outdoor furnishings

Are you considering a landscape makeover? As the night falls, lighting your outdoor furniture will create a friendly and warm atmosphere on your patio. LED strip lights concealed beneath the seating area in the garden wash light across the deck.

Shine a light on a workstation

To zone off a piece of an open-plan living area, attach strip lights to the underside of bookcases. It will look the area tastefully accentuated with the gentle downlighting not only looking attractive but also providing adequate task lighting that will not interfere with the rest of the room when you need to work.

Illuminate the flowerbeds

You may make flowerbeds look curvy and radiant by enclosing grass boundaries with waterproof solar-powered LED strips or rope lighting. Then, place more lighting within the greenery for a winning show-garden look. LED lights look great wrapped around tree trunks as well.

Deck the decking out

Illuminated garden flooring will make the patio area more inviting. Look for simple landscape models to install and feature a waterproof plug-and-play design that allows you to adjust the color to match the atmosphere you want to create. For example, a soft, warm yellow glow will make the place feel private and peaceful, while neon purples and pinks will conjure pool party images.

Light up the garden shed

Clever walls with integrated solar-powered LED strip lighting open to quadruple the space. The horizontal strip lights inserted between the joints appear sleek and modern while providing much-needed outdoor lighting.

Make the steps outside obvious

Installed LED strip lights beneath the stone treads of front doorsteps to welcome guests up the garden path. The structured and dazzling glow will illuminate the way to the door and make your entrance look very fashionable, giving you instant curb appeal.

Improve the appearance of your terrace

Nothing beats socializing on a terrace in the summer, but as the nights draw in, some solar-powered LED strip lights are the ideal solution for creating an intimate atmosphere. In addition to framing the door and showcasing the property’s contours,

Beautify a tree trunk

Wrap weatherproof solar-powered LED strip lights around a large tree to add ambiance to an outdoor party. The tree will serve as a modest yet unique backlight as the night progresses.

How To Hide LED Strip Lights?

Low ceilings:

On the open side of the drop ceiling, an LED strip can be mounted horizontally on the drop ceiling, facing up. A drop ceiling lip is required. Install the strip horizontally towards the drop ceiling lip.

Coving and cornices can be positioned similarly. However, fixing LED tape with a coving lip away from the rear wall is advised (close to the lip).

The LED strip light should be attached to the bottom of the kickboard, facing the floor, near the kickboard’s lip.

Kitchen cabinets:

LED strips can be mounted horizontally on the cabinet’s bottom lip. However, the LED strip should be deep enough under a wardrobe without a lip.

Panel end caps and double-sided tape:

8-foot panels are standard. The wall’s bend numbers and angles dictate the length and number of panels required. Apply 3/8-inch double-sided wall tape to the panel’s back. Attach the other side of the tap’s cover to the wall. A protector or leveler can measure the slope against the wall. The panel has an LED light strip.

Plastic molding:

Cut the wooden tray case to fit the wall-pre-drill the molds to eliminate accidental drilling during wall construction. Connect the LED light strip from both ends after mounting the mold.

Glue gun cover:

Cut the LED light strip to suit the wall tray. The LED light strip can be mounted to the adhesive tray.

LED Strip Lights for Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms often have harsh fluorescent lighting that makes studying difficult and gives off an unpleasant mood. Given the link between fluorescent lighting and daytime drowsiness, this brightness can be difficult to work with. Thus, excellent dorm lighting will serve as valuable and unique decor to make your time at school more joyful and dreamy.

LED strip lights are a unique way to add color to your study space:

  1. First, peel and stick to your desired surface for colorful lights.
  2. Then, wrap LED strips around your computer, TV, or even under your bed for a stunning light show.
  3. Finally, use the remote control to quickly change the colors of your LED strips.

Regardless of academic or personal interests, all college students share one activity: studying. Lighting influences study habits: excellent lighting may boost attentiveness. You can utilize them to get the best lighting for concentration and contemplation while your roommate sleeps.

LED strip lights come in various colors, sizes, and finishes to match your dorm’s decor. Turn them on for extra light while studying or for a movie night with friends.