How To Change RV Ceiling Light Bulb

How To Change RV Ceiling Light Bulb?

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Changing an RV ceiling light bulb is easier than most people think. Here are some really simple steps on how to change RV ceiling light bulb on your own.

Is this your first time getting an RV and you’re not sure how to operate?

Well, the first thing that you need to learn is how to change RV ceiling light bulb.

In this guide, we’ll be giving you a few steps on changing interior lights in RV, plus how to know when to remove RV ceiling lights in RV.

How To Change RV Ceiling Light Bulb
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When To Change Your RV Ceiling Lights?

First off, let’s determine when your RV ceiling light needs to change. Do you need to change your RV ceiling lights regularly? Thankfully, you don’t need to. You just need to change it whenever you need to.

There are usually three situations wherein you need to change your RV ceiling lights:

  • Obviously, the first situation is when the current lights don’t work. If you notice that your lights are flickering or completely shutting off, then you should already change it.
  • Another situation where you may want to change your ceiling lights is when you want to change the style of your RV. You may want to change the color or the temperature of the bulb. Change it if you do.
  • Lastly, you may also change your RV ceiling lights if ever you want to change from halogen to LED. Lots of RV owners want to make the switch to LED lighting because it saves them money. Also, LED lights are much stronger too.

How To Change RV Ceiling Light Bulb (5 Steps To Follow)

Now that we’ve discussed the various situations wherein you need or may want to change your RV ceiling light bulb, let’s discuss the steps on how to change it.

Here they are:

1. Turn Off The Light

This is a safety precaution that a lot of people ignore. Make sure that you turn the lights off before you change your lightbulb.

2. Take Out The Light Exterior

Each light fixture has its own style of the light exterior. Some have dome-shaped exteriors while others come in different designs. In any case, most of them come with screws. In order to take out the exterior, you’ll need to unfasten the screws to expose the light bulb.

3. Remove The Old Light Bulb

Next, you need to remove the old light bulb. This is a pretty simple thing to do as it just requires you to turn the bulb counterclockwise. Once it’s loose enough, you can easily yank it out. Don’t do it too quickly though. Remove it slowly.

4. Put The New Light Bulb

Once the old light bulb is taken out, you can put it in the new one. Simply attach it to the socket and turn it clockwise until it is tight. After that, screw the lighting exterior back in place.

5. Test The Light

After all those things are done, simply test out the light by turning the switch on. If it flickers or doesn’t turn on, try tightening the bulb. If it doesn’t turn on at all, the light bulb is probably defective and you may need to buy a new one.


Changing an RV ceiling light bulb is actually the same as changing a regular ceiling light bulb. If you know how to change your home light bulb, then you’ll also know how to change RV ceiling light bulb. For those who haven’t done much handiwork before, these steps will teach you how to switch old light bulbs with new ones.

So, now that you know how to change light bulbs, buy a new one for your RV today! Once you do, simply follow the steps we mentioned above and you’re good to go.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article!

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