how to change outdoor light bulb

How To Change Outdoor Light Bulb With Sensor?

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If you need to change a bulb that comes with a motion sensor but don’t know how, check out our short guide on how to change outdoor light bulb with sensor.

These days, security lights with motion sensors are extremely common because they’re very convenient to use and they also serve as a deterrent to those who want to enter your house. That’s why they’re often installed on porches or lawns. Just like any other light, their bulbs require replacement when they burn out. When they do, you need to replace them.

The question here is HOW?

Security lights aren’t built like ordinary home lights because they usually come with a certain type of fixture. You’ll need to work on the fixture a bit to change the bulb. Other than that, some of them have motion sensors and don’t have an off switch.

So, while you’re changing the bulb, it may just light up and blind you. To avoid any type of situation like the one we’ve mentioned, we have listed a few important steps on how to change outdoor light bulb with motion sensors.

how to change outdoor light bulb
Hiring a professional electrician is the safest way to change motion sensor bulbs, but if you can confidently master the steps, going the DIY way is a thrifty alternative

How To Change Outdoor Light Bulb Security (Steps Made Easy)

To start off this guide, let’s first talk about the steps you need to follow on how to change outdoor security light bulb.

You can find them below:

  1. Turn off the power.
  2. Remove the light bulb cover.
  3. Take out the bulb found inside.
  4. Take out your screwdriver and unscrew the screws holding the fixture.
  5. Pull out the entire fixture and take out any electrical tape found in the wires inside.
  6. Get your new fixture and place it on the base where the old one was.
  7. Screw the new fixture in its place and put a new bulb in the bulb cover.
  8. If the bulb cover is damaged, replace the bulb cover.
  9. Test out the light by moving close to it and activating the motion sensor.

Tips When Replacing Motion Sensor Bulbs

Now that you know the simple steps on how to change outside light bulb with security lights, let’s talk about security lights with motion sensors. Take note that lights with motion sensors work differently compared to lights without. That’s why you also need to approach lights with motion sensors differently.

In this section, we’ll go over a few tips on how to replace motion sensor bulbs:

Turn Off The Power At The Fuse

As we mentioned above, there is no off switch for lights with motion sensors. That said, you still need to find a way to completely shut off the security lights so that it won’t randomly turn on while you’re changing the bulb.

To fully turn off the light, shut it down at the fuse itself. Just be careful in finding the right circuit otherwise you might shut down the electricity of other parts of your home.

Use A Cloth To Touch The Bulb

We actually consider this to be a standard safety practice that you should do when handling any kind of light bulb. You see, your skin usually secretes oil– especially when you sweat. These oils can sometimes heat up the motion sensor light too much to the point that it may burst.

To counter that, it’s always important to use a cloth when changing lights or maybe wear a pair of gloves. This ensures that no oil will drip to the bulb.

Adjust The Sensitivity

Most motion sensors have a sensitivity setting. While you’re changing the bulb, you might as well work on the sensitivity settings as well. You can do some experimenting on which settings you like best. The most sensitive configuration will detect even the slightest movement. This type is best for security purposes.


See how easy it is to learn how to change outdoor light bulb with motion sensors?

As long as you have this guide with you, you can do it anytime that you need to. All you have to do is buy the right replacement security light bulbs needed for your porch light and follow these simple steps on how to replace outdoor light bulb.

The next time your outdoor security lights get busted, have this guide ready with you so you’ll know exactly what to do. Also, make sure that you check your light fixture so you’ll know which bulb you have to buy in the hardware store.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and have a good day!

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