How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb

How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb?

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If you need to change a 2-pin halogen bulb but don’t know how, let us help. Our guide will teach you how to change a 2 pin halogen light bulb the easy way.

How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb
How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb

Have you ever changed 2 pin halogen light bulbs before?

If you haven’t, then you may want to learn how.

You see, learning how to change a 2 pin halogen light bulb isn’t as simple as attaching the bulb to the socket. There are various sizes of 2 pin halogen light bulbs to consider. Other than that, you also need to take into account the safety implications.

With that said, we’ll provide you with a step by step guide on how to change this specific sort of light bulb with total ease.

What Is Halogen Light Bulb?

Before we go to the guide, it’s important that you first understand what a halogen light bulb is and how it differs from the other light bulbs that you can find in the market.

Most people are more familiar with the incandescent light bulb since this is the most common type found in households. Halogen light bulbs are similar to incandescent light bulbs but they are filled with halogen gases—namely iodine and bromine gases.

The advantage of using this type of bulb compared to the traditional incandescent type is that halogens can emit light at a higher temperature, giving you more power.

However, they do work the same way an incandescent light works. The electric current will flow from the socket to the light bulb base. From there, it will heat up the tungsten filament and produce artificial light. Since halogens work the same way as incandescent lights, we can say that halogens are actually more enhanced versions of the incandescent bulb.

How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb (Step-By-Step)

Now that you know what a halogen light bulb is and how it works, let’s move on to the steps on how to change a double ended halogen bulb.

Checkout the steps below:

1. Determine The Type Of 2 Pin Halogen Bulb You Need

One of the most important things you need to think about is getting the right type of halogen bulbs you must get. The type is usually determined by the size of the bulb. There are 4 types that are usually used by homeowners.

These are the MR8, MR11, MR16, and GU10. Get to know the sockets in your house and buy the bulbs accordingly.

2. Switch Off The Power

No matter what bulb you change, you should always start with this first step. Turning off the power ensures that you don’t get electrocuted while changing the bulb.

So, be sure that you always do this and keep safe.

3. Get A Ladder

Once you turn off the power, simply get the ladder and keep the new bulb close by. After that, climb the ladder and begin taking out the old bulb.

4. Get A Pair Of Gloves

Before you even touch the bulb, it’s best that you wear a pair of rubber gloves. Why? Because your hands emit skin oil which can sharply increase the temperature of the bulb. When increased too much, there is a huge chance that the bulb might burst.

5. Lightly Push The Bulb Inward

With your gloves on and the ladder steadily in place, grip the bulb and lightly push it inward. While doing this, slowly turn the bulb counterclockwise and gently pull it out. If it doesn’t want to come out, you may want to wiggle the light bulb a bit so that you can loosen it.

6. Put New Bulb Inside

Once you take out the old light bulb, get your new light bulb and press it in the socket. When all the way in, twist it clockwise and fasten it tightly.

7. Test It

Now that you’ve installed your new bulb, the last thing to do is test it to see if it works. To do this, simply turn on the power switch. If it doesn’t work, you may want to try tightening the bulb.

If that still doesn’t work, there is a high probability that the bulb is defective. You might have to buy a new one in that case.


In these seven steps, you now know how to change a 2 pin halogen light bulb with ease. Most of the steps mentioned above deal with safety because there are some hazards to handling bulbs if you don’t do it carefully. So, follow the steps we’ve given above and enjoy your new 2 pin halogen light.

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