How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs

How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs?

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Switching to new LED headlights from your traditional halogen ones? Then you should at least know how to adjust LED headlight bulbs. Here are the steps how.

How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs | KRM Light+
How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs | KRM Light+

Since halogen and incandescent bulbs are pretty much obsolete, it’s time for you to also start shifting to LED lights. LED lights are much stronger, more durable, and overall brighter. With that, you may want to switch your headlights to LED type.

When you switch to LED lights, you can’t just install them and expect them to work like the old bulbs. You must also know how to adjust LED headlight bulbs so that they aligned properly. If you are not familiar with how to adjust 3-sided led headlight bulbs, we’ll show you the steps in our guide below. 

Why You Need to Adjust the LED Headlight Bulbs

You may be wondering why you need to adjust your new LED headlight bulbs on. Just to give you an idea, you can’t just pop the bulb in and use it. If your LED headlights are not properly aligned, it’s possible for you to accidentally aim the light straight at mirrors of other drivers. When that happens, drivers that are in front of you may lose their vision. This may result in a possible car crash for both of you. Not only will adjusting led headlight bulbs keep you safe from accidents, but they will also make sure no one else on the road gets hurt as well. 

Now that you know why you need to adjust the LED headlight bulbs of your car, the next thing to ask is how to adjust LED headlight bulbs. These points are discussed in the guide found below. 

You can find the steps in the next section.

How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs

There are actually two options for headlight bulb alignment that you can choose from. We’ll discuss both options to allow you to have a choice on which method you’re most comfortable with. 

Let’s Start With the First Option

Here are the steps:

  1. Clean up the lenses of your car’s headlights.
  2. Park your car near a wall with the headlights facing the wall.
  3. Make sure that all tires are well inflated as to give the light alignment a good level.
  4. Sit in the driver’s seat and turn the low beam headlights on.
  5. Use a marker or some tape to indicate the top of the beam.
  6. Measure the distance inside the square beam.
  7. Mark the bottom of the beam as well.
  8. Back your car up a little bit until your vehicle is 25 feet from the wall.
  9. Take out the assembly of your headlights.
  10. Take the old bulbs out and replace them with new ones (you can refer to your manual to do that).
  11. Shine the new lights again and make sure to align their beams to the markers you placed on the wall.
  12. Make necessary adjustments if ever the beam doesn’t hit the markings.

The next option is pretty similar to the first one but with the difference that there is more measuring needed, and you don’t need to move your car around too much. 

Second Option: How to Adjust 3-sided LED Headlight Bulbs

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Ensure that your headlight lenses are cleaned up.
  2. Position your vehicle in a place wherein the light is 25 feet from the wall.
  3. Inflate your tires to their max PSI.
  4. Get a measuring tape and measure the distance between the center of both your headlight and the ground.
  5. Get some tape or a marker and mark the measurements that you have made on the flat wall.
  6. Turn on the low beam headlights.
  7. Mark the top and bottom areas of the beam.
  8. Take out the headlight assembly and take out the old bulb.
  9. Install the new LED bulbs and turn on the headlights again.
  10. Ensure that the light beam is aligned with the markings that you’ve made on the wall.
  11. Make necessary adjustments if ever the beam doesn’t hit the markings.


Both of the options that we provided in the guide lead to the same result. It really depends on you which one you’d like to try out. As long as you know these two methods on how to adjust LED headlight bulbs, any method will do.

Take note that there are times that you’ll have to do alignment of headlights even if you don’t install new LED lights worn-outare other situations wherein the lights might get misaligned, and you’ll need to fix. 

Some of the situations wherein your lights might not have an optimal alignment include too much weight at the car’s trunk, previous accidents, and worn out shocks. If any of these situations happened to you, then there is a slight chance that your lights are misaligned. You might want to check them with the steps provided above to be sure.

Of course, you absolutely need to align your lights when you replace your old halogen or incandescent light bulbs with new LED ones.

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