how to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor

How to Adjust Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor?

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Consider adding a dusk to dawn light sensor to save electricity. Here’s our guide on how to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor, so you’ll know how to use it.

How to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor | KRM Light+
How to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor | KRM Light+

These days, electricity is becoming more and more expensive, which is why many people are finding ways to cut back on some of those costs. Outdoor lighting, in particular, uses up a lot of energy because these are the lights that people either forget to turn off or leave on in order to deter burglars from getting into the premises. One of the best solutions to this problem is to simply buy dusk to dawn light sensor. 

If you’re interested to buy one, here is a guide on how to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor so that you’ll know how to operate it even before you make your purchase.

What is a Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor Switch?

Now, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a dusk to dawn light sensor switch. In a nutshell, a dusk to dawn motion sensor light bulb is a type of light sensor that controls the power of the light automatically. When the sensor detects natural, it stays off while when it is sunset, it turns on automatically. 

That said, this will help you save money because it turns off when not needed. So, even if you forget to switch off the lights, it won’t be a problem because the lights can turn off by themselves. 

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How Do Dusk to Dawn Sensors Work?

Basically, they make use of photocells and motion detectors to automatically toggle the power of the lights. Photocells detect the presence of natural light and then turn on when the natural light goes away. Sometimes, dusk till dawn sensor light bulbs work with timers which allow them to turn the power on and off during specific times in the day. 

A lot of them also come with motion detectors too, so they can detect if there is someone in the vicinity. It’s a pretty good way to detect whether there are trespassers in your home or not since they’ll turn on when there’s motion.

Steps on How to Adjust Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor

Now that you know more about how these devices work, you can probably imagine how you can adjust the sensitivity, brightness, and other settings of the dusk to dawn light sensor with timer. The good thing about these lights is that most of them can already be controlled via an app, allowing you the chance not to really think about how to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor

Thus, if ever you already have one in your backyard or on your porch and you want to change a few things with it, here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the app.
  • Find the Settings key and click on your device.
  • Select which light to change the settings.
  • Adjust light sensitivity settings, brightness, or timer settings from here.

What if your dusk to dawn lights do not come with an app? Well, you can always manually change the settings if this is the case. For the timer, you’ll need to adjust it manually. Here’s how:

  • Locate the timer
  • Program the timer to turn on only during sunset
  • Include multiple power toggle intervals

If ever you want to change the light sensitivity or brightness though, then you need to simply adjust the positioning of the light sensor. Here are a few ideas on how:

  • Relocate the light sensor behind more plants and such
  • Connect more fiber optic to the sensor
  • Use the circuit diagram to know where to sensitize the sensor

These are some of the ways you can adjust your dusk to dawn sensor depending on what type of sensor it is and how it can be operated. 


Now that you know more about dusk to dawn sensors, how they work, and how to adjust dusk to dawn light sensor, you should have no problem buying yourself one and operating it. Dusk to dawn light sensors are surely very useful for homeowners. They not only save a lot of money, but they can also act as security lights used for discouraging thieves to break into your house.

Operating and adjusting the settings of a dusk to dawn sensor is also not too difficult. All you have to do is be familiar with how your sensor works and then you can try out some of the tips that we have mentioned above. If you do this, you should have no problem getting your dusk to dawn sensor to work the way you want it to. With our guide, there should be totally no trouble at all.

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