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Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kits Guide 2020

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Many homeowners are converting their homes from the usual fluorescent lighting systems to LED lighting systems. Learn how by using fluorescent to LED conversion kits.

fluorescent to led conversion kits
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Because LED lights are stronger, more energy efficient, and longer lasting, many homeowners are switching from traditional lighting systems to LED lighting systems.

Of course, the transition isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3. Existing fluorescent lighting systems are not always going to be compatible with new LED lighting systems, which is why conversion has to undergo a certain process.

If you don’t follow the procedure correctly, then your new LED lighting system may not work properly or worse– damage your entire existing lighting system as a whole.

Thus, in order to make sure that it will work to its best level, it’s best that you get fluorescent to LED conversion kits so that everything will be in its proper place.

Here are a few things you should know about these kits and how to use them to convert or upgrade your lights to LED lights.

How to Change Fluorescent to LED Lights

In order to fully convert your fluorescent system into a LED system, it’s important to first know your options, as well as know how to identify DOT approved LED light bulbs (the safe kinds). Before we talk more about how to use the fluorescent to LED conversion kits, let’s first understand the basic ways to convert lighting systems.

Here are some of the ways to do that:

  • Replace Fixtures

The easiest and probably fastest way to convert would be to simply replace the existing lighting fixtures with new fixtures. This means that your old system will completely be scrapped and replaced with LED compatible fixtures.

While this is the quickest way to go about, it also happens to be the most expensive. That’s why homeowners don’t usually use this method. That’s also why those t8 fluorescent to LED conversion kits or t12 fluorescent to LED conversion kits are pretty popular.

Convert T8 or T12 Fluorescent Tube Light to LED T8 retrofit
  • Direct Wire Conversion

This next method is probably the most popular among homeowners. The direct wire conversion method, also known as the ballast bypass conversion, is a method that allows you to directly attach the new LED light to the wire.

That way, you don’t need to use the ballast anymore. Usually, the fluorescent to led conversion kits would contain the needed materials and tools for this method of conversion.

  • Ballast Bypass Tube Conversion

Another method would be to convert the ballast bypass tubes themselves. This is a bit of a troublesome method simply because some fixtures may not have the compatible sockets. With that, there will be times when rewiring is difficult. Still, it is another alternative to direct wire or ballast bypassing.

  • Magnetic LED Strip or Troffer

You may also have the choice to replace your lighting system with a whole new type of system. Instead of installing a LED tube, which is usually done, you can try installing a magnetic LED strip instead.

This is the easier way to go about since LED strips do not really require hard re-wiring. You may also install a troffer if you prefer to have that instead.

  • Ballast Compatible LED Installation

The last method would be ballast compatible LED installation. This is pretty easy if you can find the right LED bulb. The challenge here would be looking for the right LED light that is compatible with your existing system’s ballast.

You really need to spend time looking for the right LED tube because an incompatible ballast might cause you problems during installation (in any case, you’ll need to do some rewiring if the ballast isn’t compatible). If you do find the right LED tube though, then installation will be very easy.

Fluorescent to led conversion kits | KRM Light+
Asking professional help is recommended if your house has a complicated wiring system. Still knowing the conversion kits guide will save you from buying the wrong LED light bulbs.

What’s Inside a Fluorescent Bulb to Led Conversion Kit

The advantage of using a fluorescent bulb to led conversion kit is that it contains everything you need in order to do the conversion. The kit would already contain the LED tubes that are needed for installation. All the wirings are included in the kit as well, so if you prefer to do direct wiring conversion, you just need to know how to rewire LED lights to the system and you should have no problem.

Aside from just the usual LED tube, there are also led conversion kit for fluorescent troffers, wraps, or even standalone. The only thing that you need to take into consideration would be the size of the light that you’re going to buy. Usually, you’ll consider either T8 or T12 sizes.


As you can see, fluorescent bulb to LED conversion kits are pretty useful because they already have all the necessary things needed to get the installation going. If you’re already ready to go ahead with your conversion, then all you need to do is learn some of the basics of rewiring (depending on which method you choose to have). Once you learn some of the basics of rewiring, then you should have absolutely no problem with the installation.

Are you all set to convert your fluorescent lighting system into a LED lighting system? Then buy one now and try it out!

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