DOT approved LED headlights will not only give you a substantial light for driving but will also make sure your headlights are 100% safe to use.

DOT Approved LED Headlights: Are Your LED Lights Safe to Use?

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Are you particular with the quality of your headlights? You may want to get those DOT approved LED headlights. Here are a few facts that you need to know.

dot approved led headlights
DOT approved LED headlights will not only give you a substantial light for driving but will also make sure your headlights are 100% safe to use | KRM Light+

Getting DOT approved LED headlights for your car is a must simply because these headlights have been tested and endorsed by the DOT or the Department of Transportation itself.

For those not familiar, the DOT regulates transportation in the US and is the body that sets standards for vehicles as well as vehicle parts. So, if your headlights are DOT SAE approved LED headlights, then it means the headlights passed the standard testing given by the DOT.

If you want to make sure that your 7×6 LED headlights are DOT approved, then there are a few things that you need to take note of:

How to Know Your LED Headlights Are DOT Approved?

Now, you may be asking yourself, “are LED headlights DOT approved before they are sold in the market?”

The answer would be YES because the DOT makes sure that all LED lights are tested for quality and safety standards; otherwise, they will be rejected. Of course, there are some LED headlights that are not DOT approved but are still sold in the market. These are illegally sold and can be reported to the DOT.

It is because of the standards required by the DOT that you can be assured of the light’s quality. Hence, the key here is to look for the best DOT approved LED headlights in the market.

Here are some tips on how:

  • DOT Approved Stamps

The first thing that you should look out for would be the stickers on the headlights. All DOT approved LED headlights have a DOT symbol marked on it. Thus, when you’re buying your headlights, always look for the DOT symbol.

Even if the salesperson tells you that the headlights are DOT approved, ask him or her to show you the symbol first before you make a purchase. If you’re buying headlights that are imported from Europe, you’d see an “E-marked” stamp instead of a DOT stamp. Just so you know, they’re the same thing.

  • DOT Code

Another thing that you have to look out for is the DOT code. The DOT code is an alpha numerical code that can be found somewhere on the lens of your headlights. The code is embedded on the lens and can be somewhat small, so you really have to keep your eyes peeled for it.

  • Fake Products

There are actually some unscrupulous sellers who would sell fake products with fake DOT stickers to make a quick buck. In order to avoid buying fake LED lamps, there are a few things that you need to watch out for.

First, look out for the price. If the price is way too low, then it’s probably fake and not DOT approved lights. If you see some of these products online, avoid them like a plague.

Next, check the interior of your headlights. DOT approved LED headlights have very precise positioned filaments. That’s why the light emitted from these headlights are perfectly distributed. If you notice that there is one side shining brighter than the other, then you might want to watch out because it might be a fake.

FAQs About 8000K LED Headlights

Now that you know how to spot the best DOT approved LED Headlight that you can buy, here are a few FAQs that a lot of people may have about LED headlights.

We’ll answer them one by one so that you’ll get more information on these products.

Check them out here:

Can you replace 8000K LED headlights?

Yes you can. To do that, simply go to the back of the assembly pack and unscrew the plastic harness so that you can take out the bulb. Once you’ve taken out the old bulb, carefully put in the new bulb then lock in the plastic harness and test it out. It’s really as simple as that.

How long can LED headlights stay on?

As compared to the usual halogen lights, LED lights have the capacity to last for around 25,000 to 30,0000 hours straight without interruption versus the 10,000-hour lifespan of a halogen. After those hours are used up, then the LED light will eventually burn out and need to be replaced.

Why are LED headlights so efficient?

LED lights are considered to be some of the most efficient forms of lighting because they don’t use as much energy as incandescent or halogen light bulbs. With the same amount of energy used for halogens, LED light bulbs can produce much more lumens, thus giving you stronger lighting.

Other than power and energy efficiency, LED lights also make use of all energy to create lighting. In other words, there is no wasted energy. Traditional headlight bulbs tend to waste a lot of energy when they are in use. This is something that the DOT approved LED headlights don’t do.

Can LED headlights be used with dimmer control?

This would really depend on the type of LED headlight bulb that you buy. There are a lot of DOT approved LED headlights these days that have a dimmer control option. If you happen to buy these kinds of headlights, then you can use it with a dimmer control.

However, there are also some LED headlights that don’t have a dimmer control option. If you buy these ones, then you obviously can’t use it with a dimmer control. You may check the box or ask the salesperson if the LED headlight that you’re interested in is dimmer compatible or not.

Can You Dim LED Lights?

Here’s a video to answer the question. Watch video:

LED: Can you dim LEDs?


In order to really assure yourself that your LED headlights are totally safe and high quality, always make sure that you buy DOT approved LED headlights.

DOT approved LED headlights are the best to purchase because they are tried, tested, and trusted by the Department of Transportation itself. If you buy a set of headlights that aren’t DOT approved, you may run the risk of the bulb malfunctioning or even worse, causing damage to your car.

That’s why we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to buy only the DOT SAE approved LED headlights for your car.

So, keep safe and read our guide when buying your LED headlights!

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