How Much Does It Cost to Replace Light Fixture

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Light Fixture?

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Knowing how much money you need for a light fixture will help you plan better. Learn how much does it cost to replace light fixture, hidden fees, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Light Fixture
How Much Does It Cost to Replace Light Fixture? | KRM Light

There are different types of light fixtures and knowing which type suits your home interior depends on your preference. But the design is just an initial consideration.

How much does it cost to replace light fixture is also another question you need to take into account. You will most likely need to know how much the budget will be after years of using the lights.

Learn the possible fees, look out for hidden charges, and some tips to save more with our guide below.

What Is A Light Fixture?

A light fixture is any electrical device that has one or more lamps whose main purpose is to provide illumination. The light could either be two types. It could be hard wired which means it is secured in its place, which is common in most LED light fixtures. Another type is the socket one, which can be easily replaced.

How Often Should I Replace The Light Fixture?

The general rule is: Light fixtures should be checked and replaced (in most cases) after 10 to 12 months.

Most light fixtures nowadays have around 10,000 hours lifespan. This means that it can last for up to a year. LED lights can even last for up to 50,000 hours.

What Is The Average Cost To Replace Light Fixture?

There are certain things to take into account when you need to know the cost for light fixture replacement. The following are the things to consider:

Light Bulb Replacement

Since you already have an existing light fixture, this helps cut down the cost a little bit. For the simple light fixture option, this can cost you around $20. But for a stylish one, you need about $50 to $200. If it is a chandelier, however, this could cost you approximately $1500.

To further help you estimate the budget, check out our guide table below:

Light bulb typeEstimated cost (fixture alone)
LED bulb$5 to $10 per bulb
Halogen bulb$5 per bulb
CFL bulb$2 per bulb
Fluorescent bulb$1 per bulb

The prices reflected above are based on the average prices available online. This, however, could be affected by the type of light fixture you have at home.

In general, recessed and wall mounted light fixtures may cost more. You also have to consider how many watts you want your bulb to be.

Labor Cost For Installation

The cost of labor will probably be the one you have to think about carefully. If you have previous knowledge about light fixture installation, then you can do it yourself to save some cost.

However, some light fixtures are best handled by professionals. This includes chandeliers, recessed lighting, and wall mounted lighting.

We have gathered the average installation cost in each fixture type when done by professionals:

Fixture typeEstimated installation cost
Recessed lighting$125 to $230
Ceiling lights$90 to $230
Hanging or pendant lights$90 to $250
Chandeliers$100 to $200 for simple installation $300 to $2,000 for bigger chandeliers and installing in new location
Wall mounted lighting$90 to $250
LED lightsAverage cost is $120 to $200

Please take note that these are only an estimate and that the actual cost depends in the area where you live. Also, the experience of the electrician is a big factor to consider.

Additional Or Hidden Costs

While we try to prepare ourselves and try to stay within the budget, it is really possible to go beyond the expected cost. Upon the electrician’s recommendation and for your safety, some accessories and wirings may need replacement too.

Additional cost to replace light fixtures can include junction boxes, switches, and wiring replacements.

An ip65 junction box for instance can cost $100 on average while replacing light switches can cost you $50 to $150.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the cost to replace a light fixture depends on the type of bulb, the type of installation, and whether you will do it yourself or hire a professional. However, when it comes to chandeliers and hard-wired lighting, hiring a professional is recommended. Even though it means additional cost for labor.

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