Chandeliers For Lower Ceilings

Chandeliers For Lower Ceilings (Buying Guides)

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Lack of enough ceiling height to display your chandelier? This guide will help you get the best chandeliers for lower ceilings.

Chandeliers have always been a symbol of grandeur and elegance and installing one in your living room gives it an instant boost in aesthetics.

However, it is always thought chandeliers are only desirable if one’s home has a high ceiling. People have mixed emotions whether or not it is appropriate to put one if you’ve only got a lower ceiling.

Well, chandeliers for lower ceilings do exist if you just know what you are looking for. If you know the elements present and lacking in a room, you can complement that well with the right hanging light that still screams extravagance.

Chandeliers For Lower Ceilings
Chandeliers need not be very long. Great designs and details are enough to make this fixture a statement piece

When To Buy A Chandelier? Is It Worth It?

Before we dig into the features that you should look for when buying chandeliers for lower ceilings, let us tackle another concern first– when to buy a chandelier?

As mentioned earlier, chandeliers are, most often than not, an ornate lighting fixture that is mounted on the ceiling and sometimes on walls. This type of lighting uses incandescent lights or candelabra bulbs.

But is there some kind of rules when to put and when not to put one in a room?

In all honesty, there is no specific rule but, there is one element that you need to observe and that is balance. A good balance between your ceiling’s height and the chandelier’s will help you prevent any design dilemma.

To be more specific, never allow your chandelier to hang lower than 6 feet and 8 inches from your floor. This is a standard space gap that many interior designers are following.

And to answer the question of whether or not chandeliers for lower ceilings are worth it or not, we believe that it is. More so than having high ceilings. Leaving out any other ornaments other than a single yet dramatic piece of fixture hanging from the ceiling is all you need to upgrade the look of your home without being too overbearing.

Tips To Look For When Buying Chandeliers For Lower Ceilings

We understand that we all have our own preferences when it comes to decorating our home. But the list we will provide below are the most common and most essential tips for you to get the best chandeliers for lower ceilings.

Check them out now:

Focus More On Details. Less On Dripping Effects.

The common misconception about chandeliers is that they need to be obviously hanging in such a way that they sway a bit while suspended on the ceiling.

If you have lower ceilings, it is best to sacrifice length and focus more on the details of your chandeliers. You can install a semi-flush or sculpture-inspired ones that can already make a statement in your living room.

Since you can’t lower your chandelier a lot, get people’s attention instead by choosing pieces with unique designs such as asymmetrical, modern chandelier lights.

Choose Clear And Transparent Over Opaque Pieces

You don’t want to cramp your room’s space even more, so you need to choose the color temperature of your chandeliers.

While warm yellow bulbs are perfect for bigger space, white and cooler lights can add the illusion of space for rooms with lower ceilings.

It is also ideal to choose chandeliers for lower ceilings that are clear or transparent. The glass and crystal chandeliers for low ceiling are among the popular choices. This helps distribute the light in all corners of the room, thus making it appear bigger and brighter.

Cover Horizontal Space Instead

Traditional chandeliers are designed to give a dripping effect which is ideal for high ceilings but much for lower ceilings.

Luckily, it is now easy to buy the chandeliers of your dreams without consuming much vertical space. A good number of chandeliers in the market nowadays now cater to homes with lower ceilings. Thus, there are now plenty of beautiful dramatic chandeliers that crawl a good part of your ceiling horizontally.

One of our favorites is the stunning Possini Euro Orella chandelier that gives off a modern yet elegant feel to your living room.

Avoid Dangling Or Curtain-Like Chandeliers

Finally, avoid getting your hands on dangling and curtain-like chandeliers. They have the tendency to crowd overhead space, making the room look even lower. This may not be good for people with claustrophobic conditions as well.

A good element of a room is having enough space for movement. That is why space over design is like a mantra to some home designers.

Although some people want to add warm lighting to make their dining room cozy, these types of chandelier designs are a big no-no for lower ceilings. The best chandelier for low ceiling dining room is one with delicate frames and one that is suspended horizontally.

Again, your chandeliers should be suspended above your floor at about 6 feet and 8 inches the least. Any lower than this and you will have problems inviting over guests who are really tall.

Chandeliers for lowers ceilings do exists and they are available in wide selections. Hope this guide has given you basic tips on how to choose the best chandelier for low ceiling living room.

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