Best Solar String Lights

Best Solar String Lights Reviews 2020

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String lights are popularly used as decorative lights ideal for patios, gardens, and gazebos. Check out our 3 recommended best solar string lights!

Best Solar String Lights
String lights can instantly turn your porch into the coziest place to hold an intimate party

If you love throwing parties in your backyard, then you definitely need some string lights to upgrade the place without much effort.

Choosing the best solar string lights are recommended as they are beautiful and just give a cozy feeling to the space, adding to the overall vibe of the party.

But this blog is not about convincing you to buy one, rather this is intended for those who have already decided to purchase some solar string lights for outdoors and just need some guidance as to which lights to buy.


3 Best Solar String Lights that Are Long-Lasting

1. Sunlitec Hanging Solar String Lights

Sunlitec Hanging Solar String Lights
Sunlitec Hanging Solar String Lights.

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This is the best solar string lights amazon best-seller in 2019. Tagged as ideal for decks, patios, and gazebos, this solar string light is both battery powered and solar powered. This means you can store energy in its battery and then have some back-up stored in the solar panels.

Another interesting feature that really impresses a lot of buyers is its 50,000 hours lifetime. This is indeed long-lasting string bulbs. Also, considering it uses 25 LED bulbs, you can be guaranteed that it does not use much energy.

The only thing we wish the bulbs have is for them to be shatterproof. This does not mean they do break easily though, but with great impact the bulbs can break.

However, considering its other features, we’d say it is one of the best solar string lights of 2020.

Best Features:

  • Can be easily set up and hang on open space location
  • Has a length of 27 feet and a total of 25 bulbs
  • Uses 4500 mAH battery, which means the bulbs can store much energy, making them last longer
  • The bulbs are LED G40 bulbs, the type of bulb that is best used for decorative purposes because of its soft glow and dimmable feature.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Rain resistant and durable
  • Has a dual charging option: USB charging or solar power
  • Offers a one-warranty for quality problems with an exception of problems relating to bulbs
  • Works really well in dark areas, perfect for parties at night
  • The bulbs are easily replaceable.
  • It also comes with 2 extra bulbs without extra cost

2. MagicPro LED Solar String Lights

MagicPro LED Solar String Lights
MagicPro LED Solar String Lights.

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For heavy-duty purposes, the best solar string lights to buy would be this LED option from Magicpro.

It is sturdy and durable string light which gives off a warm white color temperature. If you want a purchase that can really last for a long time, then we have no doubt to recommend this one.

This wireless solar string light has a string length of 13.6 meter or 44-feet, which can give enough illumination for the whole garden or porch area. Just take note that this only has the solar panel as its power source. Also, it only has 15 bulbs in total.

A lot of its users also commend the different settings of the light, as well as its incredible brightness and quality. This is indeed a great string light for outdoors.

We also made a review of the best indoor string lights that are really affordable if you are interested.

Best Features:

  • Certified premium-quality string lights with excellent customer service
  • The bulbs are waterproof (IPX5 rating) and shatterproof which can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, extreme heat, and snow.
  • Equipped with 4 lighting modes: steady lights, slow flash, quick flash, and pulsating lights
  • This is energy-efficient as it only uses 3 watts
  • Perfect for vintage style ambiance
  • Offers a pretty lax change and refund policy
  • Can last for about 8-12 hours long, perfect for overnight lighting

3. PerfectDay LED Solar String Lights for Outdoors

PerfectDay LED Solar String Lights for Outdoors
PerfectDay LED Solar String Lights for Outdoors. Via:

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Another excellent option forbest solar string lights is this G40 Umbrella lights from PerfectDay. The bulbs are aesthetically pleasing and the color temperature of the bulbs makes the coziest glow.

Powered through solar panels, this string light is energy-efficient and can last pretty long. But its most impressive feature is the charging time. It only takes about 5 hours sunlight exposure for the panel to store much energy to make the bulbs last for 8 hours!

With its stunning glow and beautifully constructed bulbs, many homeowners use this string light indoors and outdoors.

Best Features:

  • Recommended for patio umbrella spaces
  • Can last for up to 50,000 hours
  • It has a 4500 mAH battery that fully charges in just a span of 5 hours.
  • Has 4 different lighting modes, perfect for different occasions: steady, flash, slow flash, and pulsating lights
  • Also suitable for commercial use decorations like that in the cafes and bars
  • The string light is expandable as there is a connector for each lamp
  • Has a total of 25 efficient LED bulbs

How To Test Your String Lights Are Working?

When testing the lights, make sure to do it in a dark room. Most of these string lights do not turn on when there is light. This is understandable as they are powered by solar energy. Thus, it means they automatically turn on when the bulbs detect the absence of sunlight.

Another trick to do is to cover the solar panel and check whether all the bulbs are working. Covering the solar panel tricks it to think it is already dark and it’s time for the solar string lights to be activated.

Some people also prefer to put some fairy lights instead, which are also absolutely gorgeous.

Is It Worth It To Buy Solar String Lights Online?

We see no problem in doing so. Just make sure you trust the site where you’ll make the purchase. It is also smart to always check the warranty policy and whether they offer doorstep delivery as this can really save you a great deal of hassle.

Alright! That’s it for today’s blog and comment down below which solar string light do you think offers the best value.

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