Best Solar Powered Flood Light

5 Best Solar Powered Flood Light Reviews

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Do you want to buy the best solar powered flood light for your needs? Then take a look at our list below so you’ll know which ones you should consider buying.

If you own a garden or a yard, you’ll know just how important solar motion flood lights are. They are extremely strong lights that can provide very strong illumination for the outside of your home. They can be placed either on a pole or the top of your garage door.

In any case, you need to have the best solar powered flood light that you can find in the market so that you can be assured of quality. That’s what our list is here to help you with.

Best Solar Powered Flood Light
Motion sensor flood Lights also serve as a security for your home

Quick Comparison Table: Solar Powered Flood Light

In order to properly introduce our products, we’re going to first list down the names of our best solar powered motion flood light products.

We’ll also throw in some images so that you’ll know what the products look like.

Take a gander at the table we’ve created below:

PreviewProductNotable FeaturesPrice

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Solar Powered Flood Light For Your Home

By looking at the table that we’ve provided above, you now know the 5 best solar powered outdoor flood light products found in the market.

But before we go over to the details and the pros and cons of each product, we must first understand how to choose the best product out of the 5 choices. More often than not, you’re only going to need one or two brands of flood lights for your homes. So, you need to zoom in on the product that suits your needs and wants the most.

For that, you’ll need some sort of buying guide to help you out. A buying guide consists of several factors that you can use in order to narrow down the choices and help you determine which product is best for you.

Take a look at our buying guide below:

Lumen Count

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the power of the solar flood lights. This can be measured in lumens.

Obviously, the higher the lumen count the more powerful the lights are. From our experience, a good total lumen count for your floodlight set should be around 1500 lumens. That is enough to cover your whole yard with a strong coat of light.


The next thing that you need to take into consideration is the lifespan of the lights. This is important because it’ll give you an idea of when to expect the light to burn out.

Most of the LED lights nowadays burn out after a total of 30,000 to 40,000 hours of use. However, the more durable and high-quality ones can last even up to 50,000 hours in total.

If you can get a light set that has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, get that right away! But if not, then around 40,000 hours is still pretty good.

Angle Coverage

The angle coverage refers to how wide your solar flood light can reach. Most of the lights that you can buy can reach up to a 125-degree angle. However, there are some that can reach up to a 180-degree angle and there are also those that can reach a 270-degree angle.

Now, the angle coverage will ultimately depend on your own needs. Do you need to shed light on a wide area?

If yes, then you need to buy the type with a high angle coverage. if you only want to shine light in one spot, then you can buy a light with a low angle coverage.


While the angle coverage determines how far in width the light covers, the reach refers to the vertical distance covered– and this is usually measured in feet instead of angle.

Take note that the more powerful the light, the further the reach. Just like the angle coverage, the reach you’re looking for will depend on the size of the area you want covered. If you have a big and long lawn, then you may need a light with a far reach. If not, then you may get one with a short reach. But at the bare minimum we recommend that you get a light that has a reach of 10 feet.

If you will take a look at our list later on, you’ll notice that all of our products have a minimum reach of 10 feet. Others have higher reaches such as 16 feet and even 49 feet. Of course, the final choice depends on your own preference.

Material Used

The material of the casing is important because it’ll the overall durability of the light set. The two materials that are usually used for making floodlights are plastic and aluminum.

Obviously, aluminum can offer better protection from impact. That way, the inner parts won’t be harmed. However, aluminum doesn’t fare that well against the weather. In that situation plastic can beat aluminum. Plastic is waterproof and can take harsh weather.

If you’re going to base your choice on material, you must first determine whether your area rains or snows a lot. If it does, then we recommend you get the plastic type. If not, then an aluminum product variant will also still do.           


Specifically talking about a light’s waterproofing, you can also take this aspect into consideration. You can actually measure a material’s durability against water by looking at the IP rating or the Ingress Protection Rating.

If you read an IP rating, you’ll probably see a code such as IP44 or IP64. The number refers to the protection level of the material. The higher the number, the better the protection. Most of the average priced flood lights come with IP44 to IP64 ratings.

But if you want total protection from rain or snow, then we suggest you get the floodlights with material that has an IP rating of IP65.


Sensors are also an integral part of your floodlight system. They help conserve battery and offer convenience to homeowners. You can buy a floodlight system with either a motion sensor or a photosensor.

A motion sensor is a sensor that detects movement. You will need to set an area for the motion sensor to cover. If the light senses motion in the area it’s covering, it’ll automatically turn on.

The photosensors, on the other hand, are programmed to detect light. Once the sunlight goes down, then the photo sensor will prompt the LED solar flood light to turn on . That’s why a lot of people call this type of sensor a dusk to dawn sensor.

Price And Brand

The last thing to consider is the price and brand of the floodlight. F

rom our experience, very cheap floodlights don’t last long. That’s why we only stick to quality brands that are reputable and have gained a good name in the market. That said, you must discern good brands from bad ones.

The easiest way to do that is to check the pricing. If you see our list below, you’ll find out that all of these floodlights are not cheap but not too expensive as well. Should you want to explore brands outside of our list, you can at least use the pricing of our top 5 products as your benchmark.

Best Solar Powered Flood Light Reviews 2020

1. URPOWER Solar Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights. Via:

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First on the list is the URPOWER Solar Lights. This one has a pretty special design wherein the positive and negative poles are found on the bottom of the light. This makes it easier to connect and to use. Other than that, it has 12 LED solar lights and an automated switch.


  • Special design wherein the positive and negative poles are at the bottom
  • IP64 material
  • Has a reach of 10 feet and an angle coverage of 120 degrees
  • Automated switch
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • 8-hour change time


  • LEDs are a bit too intense that they may hurt the eyes.

2. Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights

Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights. Via:

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Baxia Technology Outdoor Solar Lights is known for its high-power illumination. That’s because it has a total lumen count of 2000 lumens. With that power, it also covers a distance of up to 16 feet and an angle of 125 degrees.


  • 2000 lumens
  • 16 feet reach
  • 125-degree angle coverage
  • Waterproof ABS material


  • Motion detection is too sensitive
  • Not very durable casing

3. Vivii Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Vivii Motion Sensor Solar Lights. Via:

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If you’re looking for the lights with a good battery set, I suggest you get this one. It makes use of a Li-Ion battery that can provide power for 12 hours straight before you need to charge. And charging time is only 7 hours.


  • IP65 material
  • 270-degree angle coverage
  • 26 feet reach
  • One reliable motion sensor
  • Strong Li-Ion battery


  • Lights can be too blinding
  • Not that durable to impact

4. Ameritop Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights

Ameritop Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights.

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This is one of the most reliable outdoor solar lights you can find in the market. It’s an all-rounder that has all the coolest features you’ll need. It has a 49-foot reach, a flexible headlight, 1500 lumen count, IP65 material, and a smart photosensor.


  • 1500 lumen count
  • 5000K light temperature
  • 180 angle coverage
  • 49-foot reach
  • Auto mode


  • Very bulky

5. LEPOWER LED Motion Security Lights

LEPOWER LED Motion Security Lights.

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Last on the list is the LEPOWER LED Motion Security Lights. This is a solar power floodlight that has a motion detector that is extremely sensitive. It’s also really easy to adjust the coverage of the motion sensor. If you’re looking for a good motion sensor, then we’d suggest you get this one.


  • IP65 waterproof material
  • Sensitive motion sensor
  • 49-foot reach
  • 180-degree angle coverage
  • 1500 lumens


  • Not very durable
  • Stops working from time to time      


If you’re looking for the best solar powered flood light, then you just need to choose from the 5 choices that we’ve provided above. But you may be asking, what is the best solar powered flood light out of the list?

In our opinion, it’d probably be the Ameritop Super Bright Outdoor Solar Lights. This is the most reliable solar flood light set you can find in the market because it has all the features that you’ll need in a flood light system.

It has adequate power, good reach, high durability, and a very reliable sensor. That’s why we coined it as an all-rounder. For us, this all-rounder is the product that gives the most bang for your dollar.

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