Best Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light

Best Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light Reviews

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There are times when you need a solar flood light that can last overnight. To get the best solar powered dusk to dawn light, here’s a list to help you out.

Best Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light
Dusk-to-Dawn solar lights are perfect for homes with driveways and huge lawns

Whether you need to illuminate your own garden, a field, or an indoor stage, you’ll need one of those big solar floodlights to provide you with the adequate light needed – especially if you need it to stay on overnight. Of course, the challenge here is choosing the best solar powered dusk to dawn light as there are so many that you can choose from.

In order to make choosing the best one much easier for you, we collected some of the best rated solar dusk to dawn outside lights based on our own experience and the experiences of other users. This should narrow your options down to just 5.

Comparison Table: 5 Top Rated Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light


What Is Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light?

For the purpose of those who have never used or even seen a floodlight, allow us to give a brief explanation.

Floodlights are those big rectangle shaped lights that have a wide coverage, allowing it to shine on big areas such as fields or gardens. Dusk-to-dawn floodlights are specifically those that can run from dusk until dawn without losing power.

They are usually powered by sunlight meaning they extract power from sun rays. The sunlight also powers up the batteries that come with the light so that you can use them at night.

The Pros & Cons of Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Lights

Just like any lighting system, there are some pros and cons of these lights that you need to know of.

Before we go to the buying guide and reviews, let’s just briefly go over some of the pros and cons so that you’ll objectively determine whether you’ll need them or not:


  • Has extremely high coverage of possibly up to 3000 square feet or more
  • Does not require electricity as the lights are powered up by the sun
  • Most floodlights are very easy to control as they come with remotes
  • Made out of waterproof material to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Produces extremely strong beams of 1000 lumens to even 5000 lumens


  • Hard to install because of heavy weight
  • May only anchored to thick material that can take the weight of the floodlight
  • Not that easy to install if you don’t have an expert guiding you

How To Choose The Best Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Lights?

Now that you know the pros and cons of having a solar floodlight, let’s move on to our buying guide. 

What exactly is this buying guide for, anyway?

Well, even if you have 5 choices already, you only really need one out of the options.

So, which one should you choose?

You should get the one that suits your needs.

All of these products have their own specific features. You need to get the one with features that fit with your preferences. That’s why our buying guide acts as the criteria that allows you to pick out the one that’s most suitable for you.

That being said, let’s get to our buying guide:

Brightness Or Power

The first thing you need to take note of is the brightness of the light. Now, most people will tell you that the brighter, the better. However, we believe that the brightness of your light should match the area needed to be covered by the light.

If you get a light that’s very strong but only have a small area that needs to be covered, the extra power will go to waste. Conversely, you also can’t get a floodlight that’s too weak if you need to cover a big area.

For instance, if you have an area that’s as big as 3000 square feet, then you may need to get a floodlight that has a lumen count of 5,000 to 10,000 lumens, depending illumination you want the area to have.

On the other hand, a floodlight kit that has a power of 1,500 lumens will only be able to cover up to 300 square feet. While these may not be the exact figures, you can use them as guides on how to choose power based on area size.


Most of the time, floodlights will be installed outdoors so you’ll need to make sure the lights are strong enough to brace harsh weather conditions.

You don’t really have to worry about harsh sunlight because it won’t really affect the material. What you have to worry about is rain.

You need to make sure that your floodlight is made out of waterproof material such as IP65, IP67 or something similar. This way, you can be assured that the light won’t rust or succumb to wear and tear no matter how exposed it is to the elements.

Motion Sensors

Not all of the floodlights have motion sensors. This is especially true for those big and powerful ones that are usually used for fields. For these types, you actually don’t want motion sensors as they may randomly turn on without you wanting it to. That’ll be a disaster for your field at night.

However, the ones that have motion sensors are usually the small ones– the ones that are used for homes and porches. So, the one that you choose will depend on the usage. If you’re going to buy a floodlight for your home, you might want a motion sensor type as these are easy to use and may deter criminals from entering the property.

For big areas that are accessible to the public, it’s better to get floodlights that can be controlled by remotes.

Battery Power

One of the characteristics of dusk-to-dawn floodlights is that they’re powerful enough to last literally from dusk until dawn. This means that your floodlights will need to have a battery running time of at least 10 hours before you need to charge it since the sun comes up at around 5am.

There are also those that can last up to 12 hours straight. While we suggest that you get the ones that last for 12 hours, the ones with a 10-hour running time will do at the least.

Charging Time

Sure, you do have the whole day to charge the batteries of your floodlight since you won’t need to use them when the sun is up. Of course, the shorter the charge time, the better. Typically, most floodlights will need a charge time of 8 hours before you can use them at their full capacity again. However, there are some lights that only need a charge time of 5 hours until you can use them again.

The choice entirely depends on your patience. But the trick here is that the floodlight with the longer charging time usually has a longer running time and vice versa.

5 Best Solar Powered Dusk To Dawn Light Reviews 2020

1. LEDMO 200W LED Solar Flood Light

LEDMO 200W LED Solar Flood Light.

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What this solar powered LED flood light offers is power. Of course, the high-power illumination also translates to wide area coverage. To be more specific, this floodlight has a lumen count of 10,000 which can cover an area of around 3,000 square feet.

Another cool thing about this flood light is that you don’t even need to plug it in to make it work. That kind of raw power just needs the power of sunlight to charge. Finally, you can control this with a remote to make things easier.

Best Features:

  • Has a lumen count of 10,000
  • Wide area coverage of higher than 3150 square feet
  • Does not require any electricity as it is solar powered
  • Can be controlled through a remote control                 

2. CYBERDAX Solar Dusk-to-Dawn Flood Light

CYBERDAX Solar Dusk-to-Dawn Flood Light. Via:

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This is known to have an extremely durable material that can withstand any type of weather no matter how strong. To be specific, this is made out of IP67 material, which makes it completely waterproof.

So even if you leave it out in the rain for a long time, it still won’t wear out easily. If you’re looking for durability, then you may want to think about getting this product.

Best Features:

  • 5000 lumens of power
  • Made out of extremely durable IP67 material
  • Can cover up to 3000 square feet of area
  • Comes with a total of 5 lighting modes

3. Richarm Dusk-to-Dawn Solar-Powered Light

Richarm Dusk-to-Dawn Solar-Powered Light.

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What we love about this product is the degree that you can set it to. Unlike a lot of solar lights, you can actually set this to a 60-degree angle so that it can cover more area. In fact, it can cover a total of 430 square feet if you put it to this setting.

Other than that, it also comes with 2 smaller LED lights giving you more value for your money. It’s like getting three lights for just the price of one.

Best Features:

  • Comes with two small solar floodlights
  • Has an auto turn on and off feature
  • Can turn 60 degrees to cover a wider area range
  • Allows 8 hours of continuous usage before charging
  • Made out of IP65 material, making it water resistant

4. Bestqool 100W Solar Flood Lights

Bestqool 100W Solar Flood Lights.

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For those who plan to use the solar floodlights for long hours, this is definitely the product to look at. It comes with a high capacity Lithium ion battery that can last for up to 12 hours. The advantage here is that you just need to charge it for around 8 hours so that you can use it again.

Also, you’ll find that this light produces 5500 lumens which is already good for covering a large area (at least 1200 square feet). It combines power with strong battery life, making it very reliable.

Best Features:

  • IP65 water resistant material
  • 5500 lumens of power
  • Comes with a sensor and remote
  • Has a total lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Has a 12-hour run time before needing to recharge
  • Has a charge time of 8 hours                                      

5. TENKOO Solar Powered Street Light Dusk-to-Dawn

TENKOO Solar Powered Street Light Dusk-to-Dawn. Via:

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Last on the list is the TENKOO Solar Powered Street Light. This one is more suited for home porches and for street lamps. It has a compact size, short charging time, and a long lifespan. It has a power of 1500 lumens which allows it to cover up to 300 square feet. That’s already enough for your home or patio.

Best Features:

  • 1500 lumens of power
  • Battery capacity of 13200mAh
  • Has a motion sensor that allows it to turn on automatically when it detects heat
  • 50,000-hour lifespan


Now that we’re done discussing the 5 best outdoor dusk to dawn solar lights, we’d like to end this guide by giving a special mention to our favorite pick.

Our top choice for the best solar power dusk to dawn light is none other than the Bestqool 100W Solar Flood Lights. We believe that this is the most well-rounded product in terms of features which is why we consider it the best in terms of value for money. That’s why we made it our favorite pick.

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