Best Solar Lights Consumer Reports

4 Best Solar Lights Consumer Reports 2020

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The best solar lights consumer reports all have one thing in common, long-lasting working time. Take a glimpse of the 4 solar lights that are worth the money!

Solar lights surely have a lot of advantages, one being energy-efficient as well as the fact that they are environmentally-friendly.

In fact, solar powered dusk to dawn lights have been the favorite security lights by many homeowners. But today’s article, we will shed some light on the 4 best solar lights consumer reports.

We will also give our two cents on which outdoor solar lights we think offer the best value to money.


Best Solar Lights Consumer Reports List

1. URPower Wireless Solar Lights

URPower Wireless Solar Lights
URPower Wireless Solar Lights. Via:

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These are well-loved solar-powered motion sensor lights that can be installed in many locations. They look spectacular in patios, decks, gardens, and both front and backyards.

With an activated auto on and off switch, these are easy to use. On top of that they are also built to withstand all types of weather. But what makes these a best-seller is their long-lasting working time and affordability.

Best Features:

  • Only takes 6 to 8 hours of sun exposure to be fully charged
  • Waterproof with IP64 rating, which means the lights are also heatproof
  • The solar panel can last for up to 5 years or equivalent to 50,000 hours
  • Can run for as long as 12 hours after fully charged
  • Comes with all the accessories needed for the installation
  • One light has 8 LEDs
  • With upgraded motion sensor that detects movement at a 120-degree angle


  • The shade and main material is plastic.
  • The light direction is downlight, so it works best when placed on high places to cast illumination to the space below.

2. Aootek 120 LED Solar Lights

Aootek 120 LED Solar Lights
Aootek 120 LED Solar Lights. Via:

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Aootek may look ordinary at first but the level of brightness it emits is impressive. Also, these solar flood lights consumer reports have three modes.

You can set it to (1) security light mode that detects motions at night, set it on (2) permanent light that provides steady light all night, or (3) smart brightness control setting which automatically adjusts the brightness when it detects movement.

Consumer reports for outdoor solar lights put Aootek on its “best light” category because of its impressive features. In addition, these solar LED lights are highly efficient.

Best Features:

  • Has sensitive PIR motion inductor that can detect people up to 26 feet within the 120-degree angle
  • Waterproof rating IP65
  • It is also heatproof and specifically designed for extreme weather conditions
  • With ultra-bright lights, thanks to its ultra-wide-angle illumination at a 270-degree angle
  • Has a high-impact ABS finish, which makes it durable and protects it from damage
  • Suitable in gardens front yard pathways, as well as patios where walking motion is expected
  • The permanent stay on light is also great for driveways


  • Only lasts for about 6 hours if used continuously

3. TomCare Landscape Solar Lights

TomCare Landscape Solar Lights
TomCare Landscape Solar Lights.

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If what you are seeking for is an upgrade for aesthetic purposes, then this landscape solar lights from TomCare is a perfect choice.

These dusk to dawn spotlights are equipped with solar panels on top, which gathers all the sunlight needed to be used at night. This resembles a torchlight, which you can easily place all over your garden, patios, and porch areas.

Its classical torch body design makes the light looks like it is dancing from afar, adding to the charming ambiance of the night.

Best Features:

  • Eco-friendly and cost-efficient
  • Ideal for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting purposes
  • Has high capacity battery that can light up to 10-12 hours in summer and around 5-6 hours in winter
  • Made from ABS plastic which is proven to be durable and weather-resistant
  • Has flickering flames setting
  • Can be both powered by the battery and solar energy
  • Perfect for ambient lighting in porch, patio, and gazebo
  • Comes with the needed accessories for the installation
  • Completely wireless, perfect for landscape
  • The flickering flame is enchanting and looks magnificent at night


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not suitable for bright illumination (it is advertised as ambient lighting)

4. Lemontec 62 LED Solar Lights

Lemontec 62 LED Solar Lights
Lemontec 62 LED Solar Lights. Via:

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Another amazing LED solar lights as per consumer reports is this 62 LED solar light from Lemontec. It has a very conventional look but its brightness is exceptional.

This is better used as a solar flood light, which is an added security light at night. Its motion sensor detection feature can be automatically set.

But consumers love about this is its weather-resistant and robust built, which also allows you to mount it on the wall without a sort of any hassle.

Best Features:

  • Has an automatic on and off setting, which dims the light when no motion is detected and bright light is activated when there is
  • Produces 2000 lumens of light, perfect for solar security lighting around your property
  • When no motion is detected after 10 seconds, the light will automatically turn off again
  • Has 3 modes, namely: strong long light, dim light, and strong light sensor mode
  • Can provide illumination for up to 12 hours
  • Only needs 7 hours of charging throughout the day
  • Strong and durable plastic construction


  • The solar panels can easily get damaged, so it is better to put them where blunt twigs and small rocks could easily land on top.

Which One Is The Best Solar Light Consumer Reports?

All of these are actually great as they are all top reviewed in many consumer report sites, but if we are to recommend the best-value choice, it would be the URPower Wireless Solar Lights.

We love how easy it is to install, owing to it being wireless. This is also quite reasonably priced, given that it has a long working time and ultra-bright light. If you are only after amazing security without spending too much money, then URpower solar light is the perfect match.

Hope you find this blog useful. Don’t forget to comment on what your favorite solar lights are so that others can also check them out.

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