Best Solar Gutter Lights

Best Solar Gutter Lights For The Money

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Gutter lights make it much easier to see the outside area of your home at night. To get the best solar gutter lights for your home, here’s a buying guide.

Best Solar Gutter Lights
Gutter lights serve as an added security feature for your home or your business establishment

Gutter lights are usually placed under the roofs of homes in order to give you light when you enter. This is very useful if you have a car. You’ll need to have gutter lights on top of your garage door to have better visibility.

Solar lights, in particular, are great because they don’t require any electricity. With solar gutter lights, you have better visibility and energy savings!

The question here is – which one should you buy?

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With all the brands out there, it’s quite hard to find the best solar gutter lights in the market. So, we decided to make things much easier by providing you with a buying guide that lists down 5 of the top solar gutter lights you can find.

What is a Solar Gutter Light?

What exactly is a solar gutter light anyway and what is it used for?

Well, a solar gutter light is hung under the gutters of homes to provide light in a downward direction. Solar powered gutter lights, in particular, are lights that are powered by sunlight. So, they need direct sunlight to power  up.

If sunlight is needed, how do solar powered LED gutter lights turn on at night?

The beauty of solar LED gutter lights is that the batteries are also powered by the sun. When the batteries are exposed to strong sunlight, they’re charged. Once fully charged, they can power up the gutter lights at night.

How To Buy The Best Solar Powered Gutter Lights?

In this buying guide, we’ll give a list of 5 outdoor gutter lights that you will definitely love. However, you won’t need to buy all 5 of these products for your home. You’ll only need one or two sets to illuminate your yard. That’s why we also included the criteria for choosing the best. These criteria will help you narrow down your choices to the one that suits your needs the most.


The first and foremost aspect that you need to take into consideration is the power of light. The way to measure power is through its lumen count. The lumen count represents the illumination or brightness of the light. Since you’re after visibility, you need a gutter light that can give full brightness. Most solar powered gutter lights have a lumen count of 300-400 lumens. The stronger ones have a lumen count of about 500 lumens.


The durability of the LED solar light is related to the material that is used to make the light. Most of the really durable solar lights are made of IP65 and ABS material since these ones are both heat proof and waterproof. With this kind of toughness, the material can withstand extremely strong heat and even rain storms. You’ll really need a durable light to ensure that your gutter lights won’t wear out quickly.


The next thing to think about is the installation of the light. The two most common means of installation are either by a hanging pole or a hook. Both of which can be screwed on to the gutter. It’s up to you as to which style is more convenient for you. For us, an extended pole is the best if you want your light to reach a bit far. A hook, on the other hand, is better if you need the light close to the door.

Battery Power

The last thing that you need to think about is the battery power. The most common type is the Lithium Ion battery. However, we find the Ni-MH batteries a bit more powerful and longer lasting. However, they are a bit more costly than Lithium Ion batteries. But in the long run, you get to save money anyway so we will probably prefer the Ni-MH batteries over Lithium Ion. Of course, Lithium Ion batteries are also good if you want low maintenance and cheaper batteries.

5 Best Solar Gutter Lights Reviews

1. FALOVE 6 Pack Outdoor Light

FALOVE 6 Pack Outdoor Light. Via:

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If you’re looking for a set of outdoor lights that are long lasting, then this solar panel is a good choice. It can withstand strong heat, storms, and even wear and tear. Aside from that, this solar light can turn on automatically. So, once it detects motion, it will light up and guide you to where you need to go.

Best Features:

  • Bright white colored solar light
  • Easily hung using a hook type of installation
  • Waterproof and heatproof material
  • Intelligent lighting system
  • 5-inch diameter coverage
  • Can turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically

2. CREATIVE DESIGN 46 LED Solar Lights


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This LED solar light gives bright and full light coverage. It’s great for those who want total illumination because of its strength. To be more specific, this LED light has a lumen count of 500 lumens, which is the highest on this list. Aside from that, it has 4 working modes to choose from so that you can totally customize your lighting experience.

Best Features:

  • 500 lumens of power
  • 46 LEDs present in total
  • Easy to install extended pole with screws
  • 4 working modes to choose from
  • Dimming feature
  • Motion sensor

3. InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights

InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights. Via:

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There are some people who need their lights to charge very quickly so that they can use it right away. If you are a type of person with these needs, then you’ll probably need these gutter lights. The InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights have an extra-large panel backing them with a 2200mAh capacity. This allows you to have a faster charging time even with less sun. Other than that, it also has 4 working modes and 29 bright LEDs.

Best Features:

  • 400 lumens of power
  • Easily detachable pole
  • 29 bright LED lights
  • 4 working modes
  • 2200mAh capacity solar panel for faster charging
  • Two later tightly sealed material

4. ROSHWEY Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights

InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights. Via:

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When it comes to style, this is the gutter light set that we’re looking at. To be specific, this gutter light set look like UFOs. They have this futuristic look to them, making them extremely appealing. There are 9 LED lights in the solar panel with a 1.2 volt and 1500 mAh capacity. They’re also made of IP55 waterproof material, making them able to sustain rain storms.

Best Features:

  • UFO design
  • 9 LED solar lights
  • 1500 mAh recharge capacity for quick charging
  • IP55 waterproof material
  • Environmentally friendly ABS material
  • 4 types of installation methods

5. JSOT LED Solar Gutter Lights

InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights. Via:

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The last on the list is the JSOT LED Solar Gutter Lights. The unique thing about this light is that it comes with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. These are some of the strongest ones you’ll find in the market. They can last up to 8 hours with continued use. If you need batteries that lasts the whole night, buy these lights.

Best Features:

  • 9 LED Solar Lights
  • Long lasting Ni-MH batteries
  • 2 types of installation methods
  • IP55 waterproof material
  • Modern, contemporary design
  • Environmentally friendly ABS material


Those are some of the best solar gutter lights that you can find in the market. To find the best one, you just need to use the buying guide to pick the one most suitable for you. If you were to ask us which one we’d pick, we’d tell you to get the CREATIVE DESIGN 46 LED Solar Lights. This one is known for extremely wide coverage, strong lights, easy installation, and 4 working modes to choose from. It also has a very efficient motion sensor and dimmer.

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