Best Solar Camping Lanterns

Best Solar Camping Lanterns 2021 Reviews

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Looking for the best solar camping lanterns for your next camping holiday? Check out some of your recommendations below!

Best Solar Camping Lanterns
Best Solar Camping Lanterns | KRM Light

Having a solar camping lantern is a must-have for every outdoor adventurer. It is a perfect tool to carry around, especially if you are in the most secluded area in the mountains.

The solar camping lantern is a type of lantern that uses solar energy for power. You can charge during the day and use it at night. It illuminates your tent, especially if you can’t have a bonfire.

If you happen to be interested in getting the best solar camping lanterns, then you are in luck. This article might just give some of the best solar-powered camping lanterns. 

Our Top Choice for the Best Solar Camping Lanterns

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Among these 5 best outdoor solar lanterns, it’s the Luminiad Inflatable Solar lantern stands out the most. Here are some of the reasons why we think it’s the best solar camping lantern that you should check out.

  • It has a dual charging system for more convenience.
  • It is weatherproof with an IP67 waterproof rated
  • It can last about 24 hours with just one single charge.
  • It’s easy to store and very handy.

Why Use A Solar Lantern When Camping?


One of the reasons why you should use a solar lantern for camping is because it’s rechargeable. You don’t have to worry about packing batteries on your camping trip. Aside from that, solar energy is something that you will never run out of. 


Another reason why you should get a solar lantern for camping is that it is re-usable. You can use the solar lantern whenever you go for an adventure. It may seem a little pricey. However, it gives you better lighting. Aside from that, it helps you save time and effort in making your camping area bright and well-lit.

Brighter Than Fire

Another good reason why you should invest in a solar lantern for camping outdoors is its brightness. Unlike fire, the solar lantern often gives a bright light. It illuminates a big area, depending on the size of your solar camping lantern. Most of these solar camping lanterns are using LED lights. That way, it’s brighter and more energy-efficient compared to other lights in the market.

Some It Has Extra Features

Apart from illuminating your dark hours in the great outdoors, some solar camping lanterns have other features as well. Some solar camping lantern models are doubled as power banks. It helps you power up your devices when the need arises.

Best Solar Camping Reviews Of 2021

1. Luminaid Solar Inflatable Lantern

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At a glance, this device is just a white panel with LED lights. The Luminaid Solar Inflatable Lantern is a small inflatable lantern that you can use on pretty much everything. It stands about 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 1″ when it is laid flat but it can inflate up to 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 4.75″. It comes with a 75 lumens brightness capacity within the 125 square feet radius. It is the second brightest solar lantern on our list


  • It is easy to store. You can deflate it when you wish to put it away.
  • This solar camping lantern is weatherproof and works on just about anything.
  • It is very handy; you can inflate and deflate it.
  • It is very light; it only weighs around 142 grams.
  • It is rechargeable by solar panel or USB Wall charger.


  • The inflatables are not sturdy enough; they can tear when you are in the wilderness or even at home.
  • This solar-powered camping lantern takes time to charge, especially if you keep using it until it runs out of power.



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The MPOWERD Luci EMERG is the emergency light that you can use for both camping and emergency. This solar camping lantern has a round red top where you can see the solar panel. Its handle is transparent. You can see the power button on top and the battery level of the solar camping lantern. The lantern is also inflatable; you can deflate and inflate when you use it.


  • It comes with a built-in 350 mah capacity.
  • It emits 25 lumens brightness with 5 settings which include S.O.S and flashlight.
  • The device is lightweight and weatherproof. You can easily carry it around.


  • The battery easily drains.
  • It can only illuminate your home for 7 hours during emergencies.

3. JMADENQ Camping Lanterns

 JMADENQ Camping Lanterns
JMADENQ Camping Lanterns.

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If you are looking for a device that is not inflatable, then opt for the JMADENQ Camping Lanterns. It stands about 3.1 x 3.1 x 9.8 inches. Its top and bottom parts are in an all-black plastic body. It also has a transparent glass part where you can see the lights. Its power button is located on the bottom of the body. 


  • Its portable light and power bank. 
  • You can charge the device with the use of a solar panel and a wall charger.
  • It has a 60 lumens capacity for emergency lights and 20 lumens capacity for flashlight.


  • This solar camping lantern is not as durable compared to the other ones. Its fragile parts can break if not handled properly.
  • The USB charging port for mobile devices may not work. You need to check with your manufacturer if it is compatible with your mobile devices.

4. HISVISION Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

HISVISION Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern
HISVISION Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern.

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This solar-powered camping lantern can be used as a light and a phone charger. It comes with a plastic black top lined with orange. You can see the solar panel on top and the flashlight bulb at the other end. This solar camping lantern is also inflatable and weatherproof. It comes with a steel handle and a carabineer for easy storage.


  • It has a dual-charged option; you can use solar rays to charge it or a USB wall adapter.
  • The flashlight function and mobile charging function even if the device is deflated.
  • It has an easy storage option; the carabineer is very handy to keep the solar camping device attached to your tent.


  • Probably not the best rechargeable camping lantern. The lantern needs to be charged more than 4 hours.

5. Frosted Inflatable Camping Lantern

Frosted Inflatable Camping Lantern
Frosted Inflatable Camping Lantern.

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This frost white inflatable solar panel comes with a 4 mini solar panel on top. You can also see the power button and the transparent strap. One of the biggest features aside from its very bright illumination; this device is 100 percent solar-powered. It comes with a 1000 mah rechargeable battery and you can fully charge it for 8 hours. Aside from that, this solar camping lantern is multifunctional.


  • Price-wise, this solar camping lantern is cheaper compared to its counterparts.
  • It is long-lasting, it can take hours.
  • It has an easy deflate and inflates nozzle.
  • It comes with three illumination level


  • Since it’s solely solar-powered, it can be problematic to use when you go on hikes when there is no sun.
  • It takes a long time to charge.


Buying the best solar camping lanterns is indeed a must-have for every family. This lantern is versatile; you can use it for emergencies or the great outdoors. So why bother yourself buying a battery-powered lantern when you have the the best alternative in your hands.