Best RGB Strips For PC

5 Best RGB Strips For PC? PC Light Reviews

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If you’re looking for the best RGB strips for PC, check out this list. We give you our 5 top picks, plus a buying guide to help you choose the best one.

Whether you’re a gamer or just like sprucing up your computers, RGB strips are the way to go. They brighten up your PC and give it really cool look. Gamers in particular, love adding RGB lights, especially to their controllers.

An RGB strip controller pc really gives an ambiance of real gaming.

If you’re looking for the best brands that sell the best RGB strips for PC, check out our list. We have 5 products that may interest you.

What Are RGB Light Strips and What Are the Uses?

For those who don’t know what RGB strip lights are, let me explain to you how they work.

Basically, RGB strip lights are several small lights connected together to form a strip of lights. They come in either Red, Green, Blue, or interchanging lights.

Hence, the name RGB LED strip lights.

Now, the best RGB led strips for pc are usually used for gaming PCs since they add a bright new dimension when it comes to gaming. Other than personal gaming PCs, they’re also added to PCs from internet shops that promote eSports as well as computers in eSports competitions.

If you own an internet shop we also have a great selection of LED shop lights that are perfect for certain areas in your internet cafe.

The Comparison Table: 5 Best RGB Strips for Personal Computers

In order to show you our top picks, we’ll first provide you with a table showcasing our five products.

You can check out the 4 pin RGB strip pc lights below:


Your Friendly Guide to Choosing the Best RGB Strips for Your PC

Now, these 5 choices are all great. You’ll especially agree if you check out our detailed reviews below. But more often than not, you’ll need only one brand or product variant for your needs. In order to know which one suits your wants, check out our buying guide.

Our buying guide consists of factors that you can consider so that you’ll know how to properly choose your RGB strip light.


The first thing that you need to factor in is the length of the strip that you need to buy. There are many lengths that you can buy such as 1M, 2M, or 400MM. By far, the 2M variant seems to be the most widely sought after as it is long enough to cover a PC case but not too long that you’ll have a lot of extra light.

In fact, the 1M length is usually the best RGB led strips for pc case. If you want it shorter though, you always have the option to cut the strip.

Color Options

While the general colors that are used for RGB led strips are just red, green, and blue, there are also shades in between that can be added. That’s why it’s pretty common to have LED strips with 10 color options or even 12 color options.

The minimum is pretty much 10 color options, but if you want to have more, then you can try 12 or more color options.

Running Time

The next thing you need to consider is the running time of the lights. Most of the LED strip lights can run 10,000 hours straight. This can be used as your benchmark when choosing LED strip lights. If you can find others that can last for more hours, then you can go ahead and buy that one.


Adjustability refers to either the ability to dim or multi-color changing modes. Take note that not all RGB strip LED lights can be dimmed, so if you’re particular with this feature, then look for the ones that have the dimmable feature. The same goes for the multi-color changing modes.


You’ll probably want to consider the width of the strip lights that you’re buying because this will determine how “full” the lights will look. Obviously, the fatter the strips, the “fuller” the lights will look. The usual benchmark for the width of LED strip lights is around 250 mm. It’s really up to you if you want to find something that’s either wider than 250 mm or less.

What’s the Best RGB Strips for PC (Reviews 2020)

1. Airgoo 4Pin RGB LED Strip Lights

Airgoo 4Pin RGB LED Strip Lights. Via:

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With this set of LED strip lights, you have total control of the light movement. It’s compatible with various 4Pin RGB Led strip header motherboards. From ASUS RGB SYNC to even MSI Mystic, this one can be used with a lot of sync software. It is also compatible with Airgoo Magnetic strip light kits.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with Airgoo Magnetic RGB strip pc test kit
  • Versatile with various sync software
  • 4 pieces LED strips
  • PU Tube LED lights
  • 1-meter total length

2. Phanteks Multi Color LED Strips

Airgoo 4Pin RGB LED Strip Lights. Via:

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If you’re after length, then this is the one that you should buy. This strip light is 2m in length which gives you enough to cover your entire computer case if you like. It also comes with cut lines between each light so that you can cut it up to a shorter length if you want. This strip light also has 10 lighting options for you to choose from if you want a little variety.

Best Features:

  • 2m length
  • 10 lighting options
  • Compatible with various tempered glass types
  • 5.9-inch width
  • Double sided

3. NZXT Hue 2 LED Strips

NZXT Hue 2 LED Strips. Via:

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For some gamers, customizable lights are really important. The NZXT Hue 2 LED Strip Lights are tops when it comes to customizability. This product is known for its dynamic lighting with 10 RGB LEDS that can all be individually controlled.

Since it’s Cam powered, you can choose from various lighting modes for your PC, allowing you full control of how you want the overall lighting to be.

Best Features:

  • Quick response time for each individual LED light
  • Very easy to use
  • 10 LEDs per strip
  • Cam-powered LED light
  • 258mm width                                                                

4. Aiyide RGB LED Strip Lights

Aiyide RGB LED Strip Lights. Via:

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The remote control of this LED strip light set is pretty impressive. The remote control is a 17 key RF remote that can control the multi-color feature of the RGB lights, allowing you to create very colorful atmosphere around your PC.

That’s why it’s definitely a recommended LED strip light set for gamers.

Best Features:

  • Very easy to install
  • Comes with 17 key RF remote
  • 11.8-inch LED strip
  • 4 pin Molex connector
  • Individual LED light control

5. Airgoo Computer Magnetic Strip Lights

Airgoo Computer Magnetic Strip Lights.

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When it comes to well-roundedness, this set of strip lights is the preferred type. First it uses 2-way control wherein you can change the light’s mode via motherboard software or controller. It is also very easy to install and is dimmable. It also can control the speed of color transition.

Best Features:

  • 2-way control system
  • Compatible with various computer systems
  • Dimmable feature
  • 5 level speed adjusters
  • 335m length


So far, these are the best RGB strips for PC in the market. If you want to buy a set to spruce up your PC, choose from these 5 picks. If you’re looking to find the best out of these best RGB strips for pc reddit, then we’ll probably suggest that you get the Airgoo Computer Magnetic Strip Lights.

When it comes to overall value for money, this set has some of the most useful features that make the product worth whatever you spend.