Best Reef LED Lighting

Best Reef LED Lighting: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Corals need the right lighting to thrive and achieve the best coloration. Read our review to learn the best reef LED lighting to buy for your marine tank!

Best Reef LED Lighting
Best Reef LED Lighting

Marine aquariums need the right lighting for fish and corals to thrive. If you are wondering which light color is best for your reef tank, then you better continue reading for we will discuss the best reef LED lighting to buy.


Which Light Do Corals Need?

The blue light has more used for corals than the white light. The main reason for this is because natural light (which often falls under the white spectrum) gets filtered by the water. Thus, corals mostly use the blue light that gets to the bottom of the water for them to thrive and grow.

How about the red and green lights? While these lights have their own functions, a higher ratio of these lights could encourage algae bloom, which you do not want in your aquarium. Hence the red and green must only be kept at minimum percentage and white and blue light should be given priority.

Our Top Pick for the Best Reef LED Lighting

Our Top Recommended Product is none other than the Current USA Marine LED Light (Orbit). It comes with a loop controller which allows you to manage lighting and pumping functions. Since it is wireless, it also helps to keep your tank tidy without the hassle of twisted wires.

Current USA Marine LED Light
Current USA Marine LED Light. Via:

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Best Features:

  • RGB full spectrum lights
  • Runs in low voltage
  • Certified to be safe for marine animals including reefs
  • Works silently
  • Made in the U.S.A.

5 Best Reef LED Lighting for Freshwater and Saltwater Tanks

Below is our recommended list for the best reef lighting 2021:

1. Current USA Marine LED Light (Orbit)

Current USA Marine LED Light (Orbit)
Current USA Marine LED Light (Orbit).

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This is an orbit LED light which comes with a LOOP IR controller. This means that it provides both lighting and pumping functions. It is also designed to be wireless to illuminate your tank without the hassle of twisted wires and all.

People love this light because of the brilliant and vivid colors it gives, making your tank even more magnificent-looking. If you want the perfect mix of full spectrum and RGB LED reef lighting, then this is one great choice.


  • It is wireless and has pump control.
  • Runs silently without annoying noise
  • Has the recommended spectrum for saltwater reef
  • Low voltage, so it is safe for marine animals
  • Has 3 flow modes, namely stream, surge, and wave
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Return policy is not the best in the market
  • Only offers 30-day return and item must be in original state

2. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable LED Light


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This is yet another amazing and best aquarium LED lighting for marine tank. It has a painted finish and is engineered to satisfy your marine LED lighting craving.

It also has a timer and allows you to adjust the light’s brightness, which is perfect for corals and reefs. To top it all, the bran also offers an excellent warranty policy offer. Upon research, it is important to note that the upgraded aluminum in its structure allows for easy heat dissipation.


  • Has a rimer that allows you to automatically turn on and off the lights
  • Light can be adjusted from 0% to 100%
  • Offers 1 year warranty with 30-days money back guarantee
  • Makes use of super advanced and quiet fans
  • Can last of up to 100,000 hours
  • Suitable for all marine creators on your tank


  • This is limited to indoor use only.
  • It is also impossible to daisy chained this light.

3. KZKR LED light for Marine and Freshwater Tank

KZKR LED light for Marine and Freshwater Tank
KZKR LED light for Marine and Freshwater Tank.

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If you prefer a hood lamp for your tank, then this is the best choice for you. With sizes options of 16 inches to 84 inches, you will have enough LED lights to cover your marine aquarium. Another amazing feature is that it is a full spectrum white and blue LED light that is essential for coral reefs to thrive.

You also have the option to choose from 3 modes, namely All LEDs, Blue LEDs only, or completely turn the LEDs off. This way, you have more control on how much light your aquarium is getting.


  • Has extendable brackets to fit any tank size
  • Has an aluminum case that helps the LEDs to cool down, thus making the lights last longer
  • Gives natural light effect that is good for both fish and reef
  • With s lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Best reef LED lighting for both freshwater and marine tanks
  • Illuminates the tank well


  • The lights are not waterproof; therefore, not submersible.
  • The LEDs can easily get damaged, so cautions are necessary when installing the light.
  • Light intensity cannot be adjusted

4. NiCrew Marine Tank Light (Saltwater Aquarium)

NiCrew Marine Tank Light (Saltwater Aquarium)
NiCrew Marine Tank Light (Saltwater Aquarium).

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What sets this reef LED light from the rest is that is specifically designed for saltwater tanks and that it comes with a 2-channel timer. The timer allows you to set different settings and choose between the white and blue lights. Moreover, the LEDs used in this light are all bright and can cover every corner of the tank; thus, you can ensure that all corals and reefs receive the much-needed light.

Because this is a full spectrum lighting for reefs, corals and fish will surely love it, making your marine aquarium thrive even if they are placed indoors.


  • The shade material is durable consists of acrylic and glass.
  • Has RGB LEDs with higher blue light ratio
  • Provides the ideal light color that is essential for the saltwater corals and fish
  • You have multiple options for sizes
  • Can be extended with its brackets having rimless frame, which allows easy extensions
  • Can cover 30 inches to 36 inches framed aquariums
  • With 3 lighting modes
  • Can be used for 8 to 10 hours straight


  • When the power goes out the timer automatically sets to default, so you need to set it again.
  • The timer function is a bit tricky for beginners.

5. LUXCARE Full Spectrum LED Light

LUXCARE Full Spectrum LED Light
LUXCARE Full Spectrum LED Light. Via:

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The LuxCare reef LED lighting is highly recommended for nano fish tank with reefs inside. This is the best reef LED lighting with dim lighting.

It consists of 100 LEDs with full spectrum 7 bands light, namely: royal blue, royal violet, blue (465 nm) blue (430-480 nm), green, and red. This LED tank light maybe smaller but it surely is high power and produces optimum lumen output that encourages maximum growth of the corals.


  • Has 2 lighting modes: full spectrum and blue light only mode
  • Also comes controller and extendable brackets
  • The 100 LEDs provide enough illumination for small or medium-sized tanks.
  • Very efficient as it secures concentrated light for maximum coral growth
  • Prevents light loss of up to 30%
  • Comes with 3-years warranty policy
  • Safe to use with UL certification


  • Too small for bigger marine tanks
  • Needs to be re-program after you turn it off


If you want your reef tank to thrive and your corals to healthily, then you better take the time to choose the best reef LED lighting for your tank. Corals add beauty and makes the best breeding places for fish, so caring for them is also essential, especially if you have a saltwater tank.

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