Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights (2020 Reviews)

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Are you trying to do a garden makeover? Find the best outdoor solar spot lights for plants as we list the top 3 products for you to consider.

Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights
Solar spotlights can be used as both a security and accent light

Gardening is a refreshing way to transform your home. Whether you want to illuminate your outdoor scenery at night, highlight your best yard work, or save electricity costs – the best outdoor solar spotlights are readily available.

Since they are fueled by the sun, you do not need electricity to keep them running. Furthermore, they are better for nature as they do not generate harmful emissions.

However, there are qualities to consider in choosing what fits your needs.


Buying Guide And Tips

What is the best-rated outdoor solar spot light?

What they have in common are the following:


The batteries’ runtime is one of the most significant functions to look for. When the limit that these solar panels have is at high capacity, they can function for longer periods.

This runtime feature is essential in determining which batteries hold charges more. Nickel-cadmium batteries are noteworthy since they are affordable and easy to set up.

Light Sensor

The brightest solar spot lights become even more valuable when it has a sensor that can help spare battery power with a sensor. Likewise, it is also useful for individuals who would prefer not to operate the lights manually.

These sensors will identify the measure of brightness, which is then triggered to turn on when it gets dim, and off at the break of first light.

Light Size

Likewise, consider the coverage that you will need. Check your garden size and how much brightness you require, to go for a more tailored light size, if imperative. Outdoor garden solar spot lights can also be used for other purposes.

For instance, when you arrive at midnight and park in an unlit driveway, a bigger solar-powered light can help illuminate the area. Otherwise, if you just want this for your garden, then you may opt for the smaller sizes.


When managing outdoor lighting arrangements, the best outdoor solar spot lights for trees follows that they must withstand unfriendly weather conditions, so these lights can still work regardless if it’s hot or storming heavily.

Usually, these lights are covered with ABS plastic or steel, so the inside parts are secured.

2020 Reviews On The Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

1. Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights

Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights
Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights.

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These 2-in-1 outdoor solar spotlights are adjustable for both wall and landscape lighting. This product has a high-efficiency solar panel that works great to brighten up not just your garden, but also your driveway and aisle.

While this helps illuminate your place, the best garden solar spot lights contribution to your security is not something to be underestimated. Furthermore, it can also withstand harsh weather conditions, which prove ideal for outdoor use.


  • Advanced 4th Generation Light & Panel.
    The innovative 200 lumens LED utilizes the sun so it can yield high light output. With this, you can completely appreciate how it brightens your garden or pool outdoors, even in the evening.
  • Weather-proof
    It is sturdy enough to withstand a wide range of climate conditions.
  • 2 Lighting Mode (Always on or Automatic Switch).
    The 4 LED bulbs remain lit for 6-10 hours with its “always-on” mode after being charged. On the other hand, for the automatic switch, it has a light sensor that absorbs solar energy during the daytime and instantly turns the lights on at sunset.
  • Completely Adjustable Panel.
    The adjustable light can be altered to 180 degrees, which is ideal for the brightening of dark areas at your home or outside. You may likewise change the panel up to 90 degrees for optimized sun exposure and increased solar conversion.
  • Easy installation and 2-in-1 use.
    You can either merely stick the lights to the ground or utilize screws to place it on the wall.


  • It may take longer to charge time in cold weather conditions because solar products are weather sensitive.

2. InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights

InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights
InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights. Via:

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This product is included in our best outdoor solar spot lights 2020 because of its advanced waterproof solar-powered light. It is individually adjustable, which can be beneficial in capturing optimum solar energy.

With its advanced solar panel, its conversion rate is relatively higher than the rest. Furthermore, it can also withstand harsh weather conditions as certified by FCC, RoHS, etc.


  • Freely Adjustable Panel and Light.
    In contrast to other products, InnoGear solar light allows you to rotate the panel to as much as 180 degrees. The light head, on the other hand, is 90 degrees adjustable to brighten any area that would be far off.
  • Enhanced Brightness and 2 Modes.
    With this ultra-bright spotlight, you have the choice to set it accordingly from High Mode (up to 6 hours) to Low Mode (up to 12 hours) to broaden working time.
  • Upgraded Solar Panel.
    With its 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon frame, the rate of conversion is 30% quicker than the rest by utilizing the most recent innovation and material.
  • Easy Setup.
    You can seamlessly install the lights by either marking them to the ground or placing them on a wall.
  • Guaranteed Durability.
    It is certified by certain institutions, as mentioned earlier, that it is strong enough to function amidst a harsh climate.


Despite being weather-proof, some parts of the light covered by plastic may be fragile, which means that it needs to be carefully managed to last.

3. OSORD Outdoor Solar Lights

OSORD Outdoor Solar Lights
OSORD Outdoor Solar Lights.

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This product has an upgraded waterproof feature. With its adjustable LED 2-in-1 spotlights, it can instantly light up your landscape garden, driveway, or pool.

It comes with a whopping 600 lumens, which is relatively higher than what is usually offered in the market. Furthermore, it has a light sensor and can also be easily set up.


  • Advanced Solar Lights.
    OSORD’s newest addition to its spotlights yields up to 600 lumens, making its coverage wider and brighter. It is also waterproof and adequate to withstand any unfriendly weather conditions.
  • Cool White Light and 2 Lighting Modes.
    It has a light sensor that instantly turns the light on and off by naturally recognizing the outside conditions. It has a High and Low mode, which can work up to 10 hours after fully charged.
  • Tool-free installation.
    It does not need any wire to install which makes it great for the lighting of your terrace, walkways, or garden.
  • Adjustable body.
    Its light body is of high-quality and strength, which is relatively immune to cracking from long haul outside exposure from awful weather.
  • Light sensor.
    It takes about 6-8 hours of sun exposure for it to get completely charged, and when it does, it instantly turns on and off depending on the light conditions, making it energy-efficient.


  • Depending on how they were charged, solar lights may give off uneven lighting at times.


Now, you have just learned one of the hacks in beautifying your alfresco plants with the best outdoor solar spotlights, especially at night. We have gone through your guide when buying one that best fits your needs.

From there, outdoor gardening will undoubtedly be both an enriching and rewarding experience for you– knowing that you’re not just cultivating more green space but also helping save nature in choosing eco-friendly products.

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