Best Outdoor Light Bulbs For Cold Weather

Best Outdoor Light Bulbs For Cold Weather

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If you need good outdoor lights, then you need to get one that can withstand the harsh winters. Here are the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather.

Best Outdoor Light Bulbs For Cold Weather
The ideal light outdoor during cold seasons is one that is waterproof

Outdoor lights are important for every home because they provide proper visibility at night as well as security. 

However, you wouldn’t want a light that wears out easily because changing a lightbulb in the winter is a real hassle. You’ll need to get the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather if you want to avoid doing any outdoor chores during the winter. 

Fortunately, we do have some knowledge on the best outdoor light bulbs the market has to offer. Through reviews and firsthand experience, we present you with our list of favorites.


Things To Consider Before Buying 

Whether you buy one of the products on our list or a product outside of it, you’ll need a good buying guide to help you distinguish the good products from the bad. This is most important if you are to buy a quality light bulb that has a long lifespan and high durability, especially in winter. 

Here’s our short and concise buying guide below:

Type Of Light

First, let’s talk about the type of light bulb you’ll want to buy. There are LED light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, and CFL light bulbs. Which one is the best for cold weather?

Well, we prefer LED bulbs to the other types available because LED light bulbs do not overheat easily. Traditional bulbs tend to overheat quite fast, especially during cold weather. In the absence of LED bulbs, you may also try CFL bulbs as another alternative. However, we do not recommend incandescent bulbs because they are not built for the harsh cold. 

Long Lifespan

In order to avoid going out during the winter, you need a bulb that has a long lifespan. Good outdoor light bulbs can last for many years without burning out. That’s why we highly recommend LED lights because these types have the longest lifespans. Most can last up to 10,000 hours in total or even 20,000 hours. It is for that reason that you’ll see our list is made out of just LED lights. 


The thing about cold and harsh weather is that it forces traditional bulbs to use more power to make more heat. This will cause the light bulb to burn out faster. So, can LED bulbs use outdoors if this is the case? Well, the reason why the LED bulb has a long lifespan and high durability is that it is specially designed to work under drastic temperature changes. It also uses less wattage than CFL and incandescent light bulbs while giving the same amount of brightness. 


You’ll want to consider the lumens of your bulb. We believe that this is extremely important because you’ll need lights that are as bright as you can get during the long winter nights. As we have reiterated throughout this guide, LED lights are really strong but they don’t heat up that much compared to other bulbs. That said, their lumen counts are extremely high compared to other kinds. These bulbs can have lumen counts of up to 1000 lumens but with a low porch light bulb wattage. We recommend that you get a bulb with lumens of at least 800.


Finally, you must consider the material used in housing the bulb. If you are to leave it outdoors throughout the entire winter, it is susceptible to snowstorms. If you get a bulb that is not waterproof, you can expect it to wear out quickly since the snow will provide moisture to the bulb. We suggest that you get cold weather light bulbs that have an IP65 material rating for absolute weather protection. 

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Now that we have our buying guide, it’s now time to introduce our top choices. We recommend that you choose one of these products because they were carefully prospected out of a number of really good products. We narrowed down the choices by comparing the features of these products using the buying guide above. 

Through this, we decided that these three are the best:

1. SYLVANIA General Lighting LED Light Bulb

SYLVANIA General Lighting LED Light Bulb
SYLVANIA General Lighting LED Light Bulb.

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While it may not be that strong with regard to lumen count, it has great energy efficiency and is able to withstand a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius to up to 40 degrees Celsius. It also has a really long lifespan of up to 11,000 hours. You can really save up a lot on your electricity bill should you choose to use this bulb for your outdoor lights.


  • Operating temperature of -20 degrees Celsius to up to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Can last for up to 11,000 hours in total
  • Has a strength of 800 lumens
  • Can substitute a regular 60-watt bulb
  • Has a color temperature of 2700K


  • While it may have a long lifespan, it has low durability

2. SANSI 18W LED Light Bulbs

SYLVANIA General Lighting LED Light Bulb
SYLVANIA General Lighting LED Light Bulb.

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What I love the most of this light bulb is its strength. it can replace 150W bulbs and has a lumen count of up to 2000 lumens making it the strongest in this list. At the same time, it has a color temperature of 5000K, making it great even for daylight use. 


  • Very high lumen count of 2000 lumens
  • 150w replacement bulb
  • Has a comfortable color temperature of 5000K
  • Can last for about 8 years in total if used for 3 hours in a day
  • Does not contain toxic materials or mercury


  • Does not come with instructions

3. Westinghouse Lighting PAR38 White Light

Westinghouse Lighting PAR38 White Light
Westinghouse Lighting PAR38 White Light. Via:

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We’d say that this is the best light when it comes to weather resistance. To be specific, this bulb is made with a LED PAR38 design. At the same, the material has an IP65 rating, allowing it to last 25,000 hours in total. 


  • Has a lumen count of 1350 lumens
  • Can replace 90w halogen bulbs
  • Can conserve up to 83% of total energy
  • LED PAR38 design has an IP65 rating
  • Can last for a total of 25,000 hours


  • Makes strange noise when in use


With our list and our buying guide, you now have the choice to either pick the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather from our given list or choose another brand. In any case, the buying guide will help you pick out a good choice. But if you decide to choose one of our favorites, decide on the one that suits your needs the most. 

Use this guide to help you make your choice for your own preferred outdoor light bulb for cold weather. 

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