Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera (Top Picks For 2020)

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Are you looking for the best outdoor light bulb camera to secure your property? We’ve got a list of the top light bulb cameras. Check them out below.

Installing a security camera helps keep your home safe, especially when you are all alone
Installing a security camera helps keep your home safe, especially when you are all alone

Installing a security camera helps keep your home safe, especially when you are all alone.

The best way to make sure that your home is safe is to monitor it via camera. However, CCTVs can easily be tampered with if the thief trying to break in has knowledge in breaking apart CCTVs.

That’s why it’s good to disguise your CCTV as something that perpetrator will never suspect.

You can buy the best outdoor light bulb camera in the market instead of your traditional CCTV.

Why Should You Buy a Light Bulb Camera?

The beauty about outdoor light bulb security cameras is that they have a dual purpose. As mentioned above, they act as your “substitute CCTV” but disguised as a bulb. If you install a bulb with a camera on it, you can monitor the outside of your home without anyone trying to tamper with it. After all, they won’t know that the bulb is secretly a camera anyway.

Another thing that an outdoor light bulb hidden camera does is that it provides light as well. If there is light outside, robbers are less likely to try to enter the house since the perception is that there are people inside.

The only issue of getting an outdoor flood light bulb camera is getting the right one. With the number of light bulb cameras to be found in the market, it’s not easy to find the right one. That’s why we created outdoor light bulb security camera reviews for the 5 best products.

Get A Quick Look at the Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

PreviewProductNotable FeaturesPrice

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

Before we start with the first outdoor light bulb camera review, we’d like to first go through our buying guide. We created a buying guide because we understand that all customers have their own specific needs when it comes to outdoor light bulb cameras.

Since each product has its own set of features and benefits, you need to get the product that suits you the best.

In order to do that, we recommend that you take into consideration a few factors first:

Night Vision

The first thing that you may want to take into consideration is night vision. Night vision is really important because it gives you an edge in monitoring your home at night. Most robbers infiltrate homes at night because they can hide in the shadows even from the eyes of a traditional CCTV. However, night vision will help you spot them.

Motion Detector

Along with night vision, motion detection is also a good feature to have. Motion detection lets you see if there is any movement. So, if in the event someone was able to slip past the night vision, the motion detection can still be able to help. With those two features, you can catch even very skilled robbers.

Camera Quality

When we judge cameras, we always look at the quality or the definition of the camera. We will definitely want to get a security camera that can show the actual face of the perpetrator in HD. With that, we have to make sure that the camera is at least 25 fps or frames per second. It’s also best to get a camera that has a resolution of 1920x1080p.

OS Compatibility

The more devices the camera is compatible with, the better. However, our standard for OS compatibility is to be compatible with at least Windows, Android, and iOS devices. With that, you can live stream your security camera no matter where you are and what device you’re using.


Memory storage is another thing that you may want to take into consideration. If you desire to take more footage, you’ll need bigger memory. A memory card of 128GB is good enough to have if you want to totally keep your home safe.


Coverage refers to how much ground the camera can cover. Most cameras have a coverage of 360 degrees meaning the camera can monitor everything around the camera. That’s what you have to look for. If you see anything with less coverage, we don’t really recommend you buy that.


The last thing that you need to take into consideration when you look for the best light bulb camera is price and brand. This is very important when choosing appliances because defective appliances not only cause inconvenience but also harm. That’s why we only recommend products from well-known brands. All our 5 products come from well-known brands which is why we’re comfortable vouching for them. Also, we made sure that we double checked comprehensive reviews and tried some of them out to make sure they’re high quality.

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Reviews on the Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera (Residential Use)

1. Tupeya Wifi Light Bulb Camera

Tupeya Wifi Light Bulb Camera. Via:

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This is a very reliable light bulb camera that has a complete set of features that you’ll need for your home. First, it has a 1080P camera that includes night vision, motion detectors, and even an alarm. It also has high compatibility with various devices enabling you to check your camera wherever you go.

Lastly, it has a storage space of up to 128GB so if you have extra SD cards, you can add them to boost the memory to 128GB.

Best Features:

  • Day vision and night Vision
  • 1080P HD
  • Motion detectors
  • Alarm
  • High compatibility
  • 128GB storage capacity

2. JBonest 1080P Outdoor Light Camera with WiFi

JBonest 1080P Outdoor Light Camera with WiFi.

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The amazing connectivity of this light camera is what many people point out to be its best feature so far.

JBonest 1080P light camera is the perfect security light for your doorsteps. It has an amazing wireless connection through its 4G WiFi. Recording security footage at night is not even an issue as it has a great night vision lens.

If you don’t mind the slight difference in price and would welcome reliable control and security, this is the best outdoor camera light for you.

Best Features:

  • 4G WiFi connection with full app control
  • Adjustable brightness that can be controlled through the app
  • Has motion detection with a timer
  • Provide a good view at night with its night vision wifi camera
  • 1080 megapixel camera allows you to see more for better security

3. HaoXuan Dianzi Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

HaoXuan Dianzi Outdoor Light Bulb Camera.

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This may sound like a newbie brand in the security light bulb category, but this surely has one of the best security features out there.

With a WiFi security camera paired with an extensive panoramic VR, you can guarantee that you are getting the most of your money. What’s more, is that it isn’t even an expensive choice either.

Getting this light camera means having full control of your house remotely. It has even a good alarm system to warn you immediately even when you are sleeping.

Best Features:

  • 360-degree day and night vision with high resolution
  • Supports 4G wifi connection, plus 16GB card for storage
  • Allows remote control setting through application
  • Easy to install and set up
  • With an alarm function

4. Hijunmi Lightbulb Security Camera

XS Wireless Hidden Lightbulb Camera.

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This is one of the most reliable products which you can find if you really want to ensure that there are no blind spots. The 360-degree wide view angle covers all possible blind spots.

To add to that, it also includes motion detectors, loop recording, and night vision with LED light. It also has a max capacity of 128GB to store a lot of footage.

Best Features:

  • Very wide view angle
  • 5 viewing modes
  • Night vision
  • Motion detectors
  • White LED
  • 128 GB max storage capacity                      

5. Sengled Outdoor Floodlight Camera

See price on Amazon

If you don’t want to compromise your security at home and don’t mind spending extra cash in exchange for the best outdoor light camera, then Sengled floodlight camera is the way to go.

We personally think that this outdoor security camera fits well for huge houses and those living in tropical countries.

It is packed with undeniably amazing features that are perfect for today’s modern time.

Best Features:

  • Has full-color night vision camera with 1080P
  • Two-way audio to hear and speak with your visitors (or even to warn intruders)
  • Motion-activated sensor and floodlight sensor that works well up to 30 feet distance
  • Waterproof and maintains a stable connection
  • Works with Alexa voice control

FAQs About Light Bulb Camera

At this point, you may still have a few questions that you have in mind. Just to make things a little easier, let’s go over some FAQs.

Your questions might be in our FAQ list so you can check them out:

Do I use wifi to connect the bulb camera to my phone?

Yes, you’ll make use of wifi connectivity. Usually, the light bulb camera will come with an app that you need to download. From there, you will receive some instructions on how you can connect the light camera to your phone. After that, you’ll be able to monitor the live video on your phone.

Can this be used for both outdoors and indoors?

As much as possible, we recommend that you get the one that’s made for either outdoor or indoor in nature. Outdoor ones are usually waterproof so they can take harsh weather. Indoor ones aren’t so they may not last.

If the bulb is waterproof, will my camera still get blurred when it rains?

Yes, it will. In order to avoid this kind of inconvenience, we recommend that you install a small shade above your camera so it won’t get wet. Just make sure the shade doesn’t block the line of sight.

Do I need to turn on the light for the camera to work?

This will really depend on the product variant that you buy. there are some that can run the camera even while the light is off. However, most have connecting cameras and lights so you need to turn the light on to turn on the camera as well.

Does the strength of the Wifi affect the connectivity of the phone to the camera?

Yes, it does. If the Wifi signal is a bit too weak, then you might be able to properly monitor your camera. We suggest that your router be put in a near vicinity to the camera for best results.


Now that you have your 5 best outdoor light bulb camera reviews and buying guide, you’ll now have a much easier time choosing the light bulb camera that’s most suited for you. If you ask us, we will probably pick the Hijunmi Lightbulb Security Camera as our favorite.

Per our buying guide, we believe that this bulb is the most complete when it comes to features. It also sports some extra features as well like 5 unique viewing modes and a strong LED light. Lastly, its 360 wide angle view can show you the whole area.

This one has the most impressive coverage out of all choices.

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