Best Lights For Streaming

Best Lights For Streaming 2020 Reviews

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Shadows while streaming is not only annoying but also speaks so much about the quality of your work. Here are our top picks for the best lights for streaming!

Best Lights For Streaming
While low lighting is preferred in a recording studio, streaming on Twitch requires a well-lit area so that your followers can clearly see your reactions while playing

In this day and age, gaming can now be turned into a career. Aside from becoming a professional gamer, another option you have is becoming a gaming celebrity– otherwise known as a Twitch streamer. If you can captivate an audience with live streams of your games and commentaries, you can definitely make a name for yourself.

But do take note that to become a streamer, you must create high-quality videos. That starts with choosing the best lights for streaming.  

Neewer Ring Light Kit

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Ring Light 10Ultexon Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

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Flashpoint Photo/Video 13Flashpoint Photo/Video Dimmable LED Light

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How To Choose The Best Lights For Streaming On Twitch

An intelligent way of choosing the best lights for Twitch streaming is to look at the features presented. You see, each Twitch streamer has different needs when it comes to their video production. This includes lighting. With each light for streamers different from the other, you need to choose the one that suits your production’s needs the most.

In order to do that, you need to make sure that you look at the features of each choice. The only way to do that is to use the features to create a list of criteria so that you can choose the most suitable one.

We’ll share with you our criteria:


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the strength of the light. This is determined by the wattage that your lighting for live streaming has. Typically, we’d say that a good streamer light has a wattage of around 45w.

However, we find that the best lights for streaming video have power outputs of up to 55w. We’d say that 45w is your minimum when it comes to power. If you can find something more powerful, you can buy it. However, this really depends on how much light you want to put. There are some streamers who want less light than others. This really all depends on what you’re looking for.


Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the size of your lights. This is important because the size will determine the coverage of the light. The bigger the size, the more area your light can cover. That way, there won’t be so many shadows or dark areas. Of course, there are some streamers who also want some shadows in their videos so just like wattage, the size depends on what kind of video you want.

When talking about size, you are usually referring to both the outer and inner diameter. The sizes you can choose from are 16”/13”, 18”/14”, and 20”/16”.


Material is also pretty important because it determines the durability of the light. If you’re only going to use it indoors, then you can get something like carbon steel. However, there are actually some Twitch streamers who stream outdoors. In the event of rain, you’ll need to buy a waterproof light. For that, we recommend that you get an ABS material.

Some of the best LED lights for streaming for outdoor videos are made out of this material. So, decide which one you want based on where you’re going to film.

Battery Power

Typically, AA or AAA batteries are used to power up this kind of light. There are also a few that are solar-powered. However, the limitation to solar-powered lights is that you need sunlight to power them up. In that sense, using the usual AA or AAA size batteries is more feasible.

Remote Access

We prefer the streaming lights that come with remote controls for easier control. The cool thing about the ones with remote access is that you can control the settings from afar. If you plan on moving around while you stream, the remote can be your friend. Usually, these remotes have Bluetooth connectivity.


The last thing to take into consideration is the rotational ability of the lights. This is useful if you want the proper angling of the lighting. We prefer the lights that can be angled to up to 180 degrees so that there are more options on how to position the light. A maximum of 90 degrees is also good but the ideal is really 180 degrees. Strive to find that kind of angling.

The Best Lights For Streaming On Twitch

Now that we’re done with the buying guide, we’d like to add more value to this guide by providing you with three of our favorite picks. That way, you won’t have such a hard time figuring out which ones you need to buy.

Take a look at them below:

1. Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit
Neewer Ring Light Kit.

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First on the list is the Neewer Ring Light Kit. This one has a 55w power output, making it one of the strongest out there. If you’re looking for strength, this is the one to get.


  • Has a power output of a total of 55w
  • Comes with a ball head hot-shoe adapter for connectivity on various phones
  • Has a dimmable feature
  • Has a light temperature of 5500K
  • Lightweight design and very easy to carry


  • The stand is rather wobbly

2. Ultexon Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

Ultexon Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder
Ultexon Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Phone Holder.

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While most lights can move to an angle of up to 180 degrees, this one can be turned up to 360 degrees. Out of the three choices, this one gives you the most options for positioning.


  • Has an angling position of 360 degrees
  • 3 color modes to choose from
  • Very flexible but sturdy phone clip
  • Made out of strong waterproof ABS material
  • Universal USB port


  • If your phone has a wider screen, it may not hold the device steadily. So, make sure you measure the dimensions and check your phone’s as well.
  • The color setting may suddenly change, so make sure you set a default color temperature that you usually use for shooting.

3. Flashpoint Photo/Video Dimmable LED Light

Flashpoint Photo/Video Dimmable LED Light
Flashpoint Photo/Video Dimmable LED Light.

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Last on the list is the Flashpoint LED Light. This is definitely one of the most reliable lights you can find. It is bright, powerful, and has an extremely low heat output. If you’re looking for a light that does not overheat, then buy this one.


  • Extremely low heat output
  • Dimmable feature
  • Comes with a strong protective case
  • Can provide 100% intensity level
  • Does not overheat


  • Does not include a lens
  • Switch gets stuck from time to time


When you aspire to become a Twitch celebrity, you’ll want to choose the best lights for streaming as possible. That way, you can create the best quality videos. Once you do this, you can attract a huge number of followers.

If you need a good streaming light, look no further than these three choices. Just use the guide to narrow down your choices and pick your most preferred one.

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