Best Light Bulb Security Camera

Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews 2020

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Choose the best light bulb security camera for you. Read about why you need and how to choose from the top light bulb security cameras in the market.

While you live in a safe neighborhood, it is still recommended to install a hidden security camera light
While you live in a safe neighborhood, it is still recommended to install a hidden security camera light

Everybody knows the importance of having security cameras, but we often don’t think about how big of a role proper lighting plays in turning useless dark footage into actually usable evidence. Getting yourself the best light bulb security camera will guarantee you that no matter what happens, your footage will be bright enough for you to identify any trespasser or suspect of crime.

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How Important Is Clear and Bright Lighting for Security Purposes?

Most often than not, a lot of our typical security camera footages aren’t useful. It’s either because nothing of significance gets captured, or that nothing captured is clear enough to be significant.

Having a security camera with a built-in light fixture makes sure that if by chance something significant happens, your security camera can capture enough details properly to be helpful in investigations.

Aside from this, having a security camera that is lit up can actually serve as a crime deterrent in itself. People are less likely to want to do something illegal or incriminating if they can clearly see that they are being filmed.

When the night is dark enough, normal security cameras are not really visible, which means they only serve as a deterrent during the daytime or the afternoon when people can see it.

A Sneak Peak of the Best Light Bulb Security Camera

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Light Bulb Security Camera

Here are four key things that you should consider before you go get yourself the best light bulb security camera to buy.

Make sure you give your purchase a good thought, following the flow below so that you know for sure you are going home with the perfect model for you:

Coverage Area

First of all, you have to understand how much space you need to have covered by your security cameras.

If you have plenty of rooms or larger open spaces, you’re going to have to determine which rooms are strategic locations to have the light bulb security cameras in and which ones don’t really require anyway.

Since the security coverage area differs from home to home, make sure you consider the structure of your home carefully. Not every room requires a security camera in it (unless you want to). It’s simpler to just think about the areas in your home that people will have no choice but to pass through and then of rooms that hold items of higher value or importance for you.

If you are a parent or a pet owner, keeping a security camera in the baby’s room or near your pet’s favorite area is also a good way to monitor them when you are away.


The purpose of your security camera merges a bit with the coverage area we just discussed. Sometimes you will want just one camera to help you check on your child while you are away and not really for full-blown home security purposes.

Or maybe you just want a camera you can access from far away so that you can check on your pets and interact with them from time to time.

Regardless of the purpose you have for the light bulb security cameras, think about it thoroughly as this will help you decide on what specific models you will want to purchase and how many of them you will need.

Functions Required

If you already have a general idea as to how many units you need and why you need light bulb security cameras, you can now decide on what specific functions you will need your light bulb security camera to have.

In order for a camera to be the best value choice to purchase, you need to make sure it has all the functions necessary for you. These can be dimness adjustability, or a two-way audio system so that you can listen to your child or pet and talk back to them, or maybe even an automatic alarm system.


Although the last thing on our list, this is also one of the most important factors to consider before you finally purchase your light bulb security camera. Now that you know how many light bulb security cameras you need, why you need them, and what kind of functions you want them to have, you will have a general guess as to how much you are willing to pay for them.

Setting a budget makes sure you stay firm and do not stray from the type of model you already set your mind on in favor of a model that seems better only because it’s cheaper or fancier only because it’s more expensive.

Cool white or neutral white? choosing the right color temperature helps you get a good footage from your camera.

Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews (Our 5 Top-Picks)

1. BESDERSEC Home Wifi Camera

DERSEC Home Wifi Camera. Via:

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This is suitable for homeowners who want to make sure that they know what’s happening inside their houses even if they are away. Not only can this model be accessed remotely, it is also discreet, looking no different from your typical light bulbs especially since that’s how you plug it in too.

Best Features:

  • 360 degree panoramic view
  • Smart motion-activated light
  • WiFi remote access
  • Plug straight into your light sockets
  • HD 1080p quality videos
  • Clear Night vision mode

2. TUPEYA Light Bulb Camera

TUPEYA Light Bulb Camera. Via:

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Another more discreet security camera model that makes the best home security camera system – led light bulb search list is TUPEYA’s wifi security camera. Much like the former model, this one is also easy to install as you just need to screw them into your bulb sockets.

Best Features:

  • 1080P HD quality
  • Max 32 feet Night Vision
  • Smart Motion Detection Alarm system
  • Remote access and control through your phone
  • Supports up to 128gb micro SD card
  • Live streams recording
  • 360 degree panoramic view
  • Fish-Eye lens

3. Sengled Outdoor Security Light Bulb Camera

Sengled Outdoor Security Light Bulb Camera.

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For optimum home security even when you are away, the Sengled security camera is an excellent option.

It is equipped with the most advanced security features that are worth every dollar spent. It has a motion detector paired with a clear and full HD night vision camera. This also works as a good driveway security light as it has a great floodlight sensor that illuminates driveways for safe parking of cars and other vehicles.

Best Features:

  • Two-way audio
  • Floodlight camera that is motion-activated
  • Waterproof with IP65 rating
  • Wide-angle viewing at 140 degree
  • Free cloud service for 24 hours

4. HIJUNMI BT Bulb Security Camera

HIJUNMI BT Bulb Security Camera.

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Definitely on the light bulb security camera best buy list, this one is from HIJUNMI BT is another great unit that comes at a moderate price point for its functions. The most notable feature for this model is its five different viewing modes that can all be accessed remotely via your phone as it live streams over your home wifi.

Best Features:

  • Two-Way Audio (record, listen, talk)
  • 360 degree fish-eye lens
  • 1080p quality recording
  • 5 different viewing modes
  • Motion Detection Push Notifications
  • Can support micro SD card up to 128gb
  • Remote access and control via WiFi

5. JBonest Light Bulb Camera

JBonest Light Bulb Camera. Via:

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One of our home wifi models that is also one of the sought-after outdoor security camera/light bulb models today, this security camera from JBonest is one of the cheapest light bulb cameras that provides all functions mentioned above. It is great to use in all the rooms of your home and even on your front and back porch as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Best Features:

  • Two-Way Audio capability
  • WiFi connection
  • Remotely adjustable bulb brightness
  • 3 IR cameras for crisp night vision
  • Panoramic fish-eye bulb
  • Multi-device view and sharing function
  • Easy installation with E27 Mouth (bulb socket)


Based on the best overall value for money you are spending on getting yourself one, our best light bulb security camera choice is the JBonest Light Bulb Camera.

Although not the cheapest on the list, this model is actually mid-tier in the price range. Despite this, it comes with all the features promised even by the most expensive model on the list. A model that is discreet, has no blind spots, can be remotely accessed and controlled, alerts you of suspicious motion, lets you listen to what’s going on and respond back, and so much more.

This model is no doubt the best one to date!

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