Best LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

Best LED Strip Lights for Kitchen 2022

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Best Overall LED Strip Lights for Kitchen
Best Overall LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

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LED strip lights are a popular, tasteful way to elevate the lighting in your kitchen. And the good news is they’re super easy to install under cabinets and other spots, too! Whether you’re looking for pretty accent lighting, lights to connect to your smart home, or lights to brighten up a dark space, there are LED strip lights out there that’ll do the trick.

To help you choose the right led strip lights, we’ve narrowed it down for you with our roundup of the four best LED strip lights for kitchen use.

Roundup of the Best LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

Best Overall LED Strip Lights for KitchenLitever Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit

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Best Remote-Control LED Strip Lights for KitchenWOBANE Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

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Best Smart LED Strip Lights for KitchenGovee Smart LED Strip Lights

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Best Motion Sensor LED Strip Lights for KitchenKOLANDY Motion Sensor Indoor Light

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Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

There are several factors to consider when choosing LED strip lights for kitchen use.


First, what color do you want, and do you want the ability to change the colors? There are RGB (red, green, blue) LED strip lights for multiple color options, and various shades of white. There are natural whites, warm whites, and cool or cold whites. Some products will come with one color option while others come with multiple – and some let you change the color via remote control and even your voice (Smart Home cool kids, we’re looking at you).

As you’re looking at color specs on LED light strips, it’s important to understand the term Kelvin as this measures the color of the light. The higher the Kelvin count, the “cooler” the light will appear. The lower the Kelvin count, the warmer the light will be. Therefore, you should look for a higher Kelvin count if you want a cool white light for a crisp and clean aesthetic, and a lower Kelvin count for a warm white light for a calm and cozy aesthetic.


If you’ve looked at or bought LED light strips in the past, you probably read the word “Lumen” in the description. While Kelvin refers to the light color, a Lumen is a measurement of the light’s brightness.

The higher the Lumen count, the brighter the light will appear. If you really need to brighten up a dark space to help you illuminate your cooking surface, or if you’re looking to make these LED light strips your main light source, it’s a good idea to go with a higher Lumen count. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a mood or accent light, or for a supplemental light source, a lower Lumen count will likely be the way to go.

Power Supply and Voltage

Most of the LED stirp lights you may purchase will come with a power supply. Make sure to do your research on what will and won’t for you and in your home before buying. Additionally, look at the voltage of the LED strip lights, too, as this aspect will need to be compatible with your transformer/power supply. Most LED strip lights come in 12-volt or 24-volt varieties.

Length and Width

Don’t forget to measure your space before purchasing your LED strip lights to make sure their length and width are adequate. If needed, you can cut your LED strip lights to make them shorter or connect two or more together to increase their total length. If you’re not sure how to do this properly and safely, check out our guide on how to how to cut, connect, and power LED strip lights.

Length isn’t the only measurement to consider. Don’t forget to measure the width of the area where you plan to install these lights. You don’t want to fall in love with a set of LED strip lights and order them just to discover they’re too wide for the narrow lip under your cabinets above the floor!


Here’s a little decorative inspiration in case you’re still deciding exactly how or where in your kitchen to apply your LED strip lights. Some popular places include:

  • Under kitchen cabinets
  • Above your countertops
  • Bar shelving
  • Wine racks
  • Wine cellars
  • Pantries

Our Top Picks for the Best LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

1. Litever Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit

Best Overall LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

Best Overall LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

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While all the LED strip lights that we included in this article are great under kitchen cabinets, we love the lighting outcome of these best. All the lights on this list will last you a long time and save you on energy costs due to the LED technology.

So what sets these apart exactly? Often times with LED strip lights, you can see the LED dots (like little spotlights) as a result of how they’re set up along the strip. These LED strip lights come with a diffused light cover, so they emit a bright and soft light that’s evenly distributed with no LED dots and no light glaring.

These bright LED strip lights are the real deal with premium certified, quality power supply that allows for good heat dissipation and a long lifespan. They come with all the accessories needed to easily install them yourself. If you would like, these LED strip lights can be hardwired. Just be sure to get a licensed electrician to cut the plug and hardwire them to an ON/OFF switch. Please note these LED stirp lights are for indoor use only. These are the only solid light strips on our list; these are strips of light bars with a slim, low profile at 9MM in thickness. The other LED strip lights on this list are all soft rather than solid.

+ Comes with diffused light cover for even light distribution
+ Easy DIY design to match kitchen cabinet layout
+ All installation accessories included
Not compatible with existing wall dimmers (must use included rotary dimmer)

2. WOBANE Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Best Remote-Control LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

Best Remote-Control LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

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Looking for LED strip lights for your kitchen that come with the perfect remote control? Look no further. The remote control for these LED strip lights can work (through obstacles!) up to 60ft away from the lights.

We love all the features and options you can choose on the remote. You can adjust between 10 brightness levels with the dimmer and use the dimmer’s memory function for your favorite settings as well. It also has 5 timing off keys and a night light key. No more banging your shins or hips on your way to get a midnight snack (if your hips are exactly at counter height like mine)! 

If you’re looking to install these under kitchen cabinets, the one thing that can be a little tricky is that these LED strip lights don’t come with L-shaped connectors – only U-shaped. So if you decide to go with these, make sure to factor that consideration into your installation process. Otherwise, these LED strip lights are very easy to install as they come with all the accessories needed (no tools required)! Their adhesive backs make them quick and easy to stick on and hide under your cabinets for a clean, sleek look, whether you’re looking for a bright white light or a softer warm white light (these come in both options luckily).

+ Remote control with dimmer to adjust brightness level
+ Memory function
+ 5 timing options
+ Remote control works up to 60ft away
+ Comes in white and warm white
+ Installation accessories included (no tools needed)
Comes with “U” connectors but no “L” connectors for corners

3. Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Best Smart LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

Best Smart LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

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Are you a tech-savvy person with a cool, connected Smart home looking to make your kitchen Smart, too? These lights from Govee are our fav because they work great, look great, and they’re a great value considering the quality you get for the price. Seriously, they’re a fraction the price of the equivalent Philip’s Hue brand strip lights (not to knock the Philip’s Hue lights – they’re truly fantastic).

These LED strip lights allow you to create the ultimate Smart kitchen once you pair them with your home Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to sync your music and use hands-free voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. With a simple adhesive back, they’re super easy to set up and connect to your home in minutes! Although we love the Govee Smart Wi-Fi LED strip lights for the kitchen, they would also work great and look amazing in your bedroom, behind your living room TV, etc. But take note – they’re not waterproof so they’re good for indoor use only and we do not advise trying to use them outdoors.

+ Hands-free voice control
+ Music sync capabilities
+ Timer setting
+ Color-changing
It’s corded electric and only comes with a US plug, so those outside the US will need an adapter

4. KOLANDY Motion Sensor Indoor Light

Best Motion Sensor LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

Best Motion Sensor LED Strip Lights for Kitchen

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There’s something so cool about motion sensor lights… isn’t that why they always use them for cool effects in dramatic movie scenes? Good news for us is they’re also very practical for your kitchen and other spots in your home.

Sometimes you don’t want the lights in an area on all the time – only while you’re active in the area. When these LED strip lights are on “day mode,” they’ll turn on whenever they sense movement. When they’re on “night mode,” they’ll turn on whenever they sense movement in the dark. So they’re practical if you’re like me and love a good midnight snack but can’t stand fumbling around in the dark.

For similar reasons, the staircase is another popular application of these motion sensor LED strip lights in the home. We must add, however, that these are recommended for indoor use only. Sometimes LED lights don’t have the prettiest or softest white light options available. Another reason we like these motion sensor LED strip lights is they come in 3 different color options: natural white, warm white, and cool white. They’ll look beautiful under your kitchen cabinets and thanks to the easy install process, you’ll have them up in no time.

+ 2 sensor modes (day and night mode)
+ USB rechargeable (comes with USB cable)
+ Inexpensive
Not very long, only 1–2 meter options

Parting Thoughts

We hope you found this roundup useful in your search for LED strip lights for under kitchen cabinets. Maybe you even got some lighting ideas for other spots in your home, too, since LED strip lights are so versatile.

Remember, there are many different routes you can go with under cabinet LED lights for kitchen applications, and there are a handful of key considerations to ensure you’re choosing the right ones. Before you buy, ask yourself if the LED strip lights match your needs and wants regarding color, brightness, power supply and voltage, length and width, and décor. We highly recommend any of the LED strip lights on this list to brighten up your kitchen as they’re all energy efficient, long-lasting, and come with a variety of practical, customizable features.