Best LED Fog Light Bulbs

5 Best LED Fog Light Bulbs (2020 Reviews)

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If you’re looking for the best LED fog light bulbs for the money, our list can be really helpful. Check out our top picks of the ones that are worth the money.

Fog lights are necessary, especially when travelling at a foggy night
Fog lights are necessary, especially when travelling at a foggy night

Fog lights are pretty important if you plan on driving in weather conditions that may blind your driving vision. That’s why you need to choose the best LED fog light bulbs that you can buy.

Of course, picking out the best led fog light bulbs can be quite a challenge if you don’t know where to start. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our guide, so you’ll have an easier time making your choice.

What is an LED Fog Light Bulb for?

If you haven’t really dealt with fog lights before, you may not know why LED lights are very advantageous to have when you go out for a ride in harsh weather. For one, LED lights do not reflect fog. Traditional headlights usually reflect the fog back to you and eventually block your vision. Thus, if you use the best led fog light bulbs for cars, you don’t have to worry about getting blinded.

Another advantage of the LED fog light bulb is that lasts longer since LED is generally more energy efficient compared to halogens. If you’re going on a long trip and it happened to snow or fog up, having the best led fog light bulbs 2020 at your disposal will keep you safe throughout the whole, long trip.

Because of these two reasons, we can definitely say that a LED fog light is a good investment to have if you stay in a country or state where the fog appears quite frequently.

With that in mind, we can now introduce you to our 5 top product picks:

Comparison Table: 5 Amazing LED Fog Bulbs


Follow These Tips When Buying LED Fog Light Bulbs

Now that you know the 5 top products that we chose, you more or less have an idea of which one is most suitable for your needs. If you don’t, then you can make use of this buying guide that we created for beginners.

If you take these factors into consideration and apply it to the list we’ve given, you can pick out the best yellow led fog light bulbs for your car or motorbike.


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the light strength of the light bulb, which is measured in lumens. Obviously, the higher the lumen count, the stronger the light your bulb emits. Typically, LED fog lights will have a lumen count of 1600 or higher.

As a pair, the total lumen count reaches 3200 lumens. You can use that as your benchmark when you’re looking at the lumen count of your LED bulb.


The next thing you may want to take into consideration is the color. If you’re looking for full illumination, we recommend that you get Xenon white. These types are the best led fog lamp for motorcycle riders because they give full illumination on the path ahead.

Other than Xenon white, you also have the option to buy the yellow lights. This will all depend on what suits you the most.


The wattage determines how energy efficient your bulb is because it determines how much electricity it uses at a given time. For most LED lights, the wattage reaches around 8 watts. Of course, this depends on the specific product you buy and the brand you choose.

However, you can use that as your standard when choosing your bulb. The less wattage a pair of LED lights need to emit a standard lumen count of 3200 lumens, the better.

Bulb Size

The size refers to the bulb size whether the bulb is an h10, h3, h11 etc. The size just determines whether the bulb will be able to fit in your headlight compartment as well as how far the light coverage is. So, when buying the best h3 led fog light bulbs, always take size into consideration.

Price and Brand

Lastly, you need to take the brand into consideration. If you buy LED light bulbs from cheap brands, don’t expect them to last long or give you quality performance.

That’s why we’re very particular with the brand of LED lights that we choose.

If you check out our list, you’ll see that all of our 5 picks are products from well-known brands. This ensures quality performance for your needs.

Best LED Fog Light Bulb Reviews (5 Best Choices)

1. Alla Lighting LED Fog Light

Alla Lighting LED Fog Light. Via:

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This is probably one of the best h10 led fog light bulbs you can find because it maintains standard light strength, good working power of 8.5 watts, and can be used for various vehicles. But most of all, it has a plug and play feature making it very easy to install. You don’t need to do any extra installations with this LED fog light.


  • 1600 lumens for each bulb
  • Plug and play function
  • 8.5 watts
  • 6000K xenon white light
  • Can be used with Canbus systems


  • Brightness can be inconsistent at times

2. Beamtech Super Bright LED Fog Light

Beamtech Super Bright LED Fog Light. Via:

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The great thing about this set of LED fog lights is that it lasts long. To be exact, it can last 10,000 hours if used continuously. Other than that, it is also waterproof making it even more resistant to wearing out. If you’re looking for a bulb that can be used in very harsh conditions and can still last pretty long, then this is sure one of the best h11 led fog light bulbs around.


  • 10,000-hour lifespan
  • 6500K xenon white light
  • Water proof
  • Comes with aluminum heat sink


  • Low lumen count
  • Only 320-degree lighting

3. SeaLight LED Fog Light

SeaLight LED Fog Light. Via:

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This product has great coverage because of its high powered 2835 LED chips found in its 27 light pieces. Other than strength, it also comes with a glass projector lens giving it a 360-degree coverage.


  • Wide area coverage
  • High power 2835 LED chips
  • Comes with glass projector
  • High energy saving feature


  • Not very durable

4. Henkeyi Ultra Bright Fog Light

Henkeyi Ultra Bright Fog Light. Via:

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The beauty of this fog light is that it comes with a Constant Current Intelligent IC LED technology, making it very efficient in performance. It is also very reliable because it is heat resistant and also has no digital radio signal interference


  • Heat resistant and durable
  • Aluminum circuit board
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with Canbus systems with resistor
  • Rarely has blinking problems                                                                                                                    


  • Not water resistant

5. JDM Astar All in One LED Fog Light

JDM Astar All in One LED Fog Light. Via:

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Last on the list is the JDM Astar All in One. The name already pretty much implies that it’s a very well-rounded LED fog light. It can be used with various sizes like h16, h11, and h8. It also has an extremely high lumen count of 5000 per bulb. Finally, it comes with a Smart IC driver for ensuring efficiency. Those advantages make it one of the best h16 led fog light bulbs.


  • 10000 total lumen count
  • Compatible with three different sizes
  • Can be used as a headlight
  • 6000K xenon white light
  • Comes with Smart IC driver


  • Not that easy to install due to fitment

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Fog Lights

Q: Do you need resistors or decoders when you install LED fog lights?

A: This really depends on the vehicle type that you have. If your vehicle has a Canbus system, then you’ll need a set of resistors or decoders.

Q: Can I use other colors for LED fog lights aside from yellow and white?

A: Generally, these are the only ones you should use because they are the most effective. In fact, there are some states that have laws against using LED fog lights of colors other than white or yellow. To be sure, you may want to check with your laws first.

Q: My new LED fog light replacements can’t seem to turn on after I newly installed them. What could be the problem?

A: Most likely, the problem lies in the fuses. Check the fuses first and see if everything is connected properly. If that’s not a problem, you may want to see if the bulb is damaged by testing with another bulb.

Q: Why are my LED fog lights condensing?

A: A possible answer to that is because of a damaged LED fog light housing. Inspect the light housing and replace it if ever. If you don’t see any damage, then you can blow dry the bulb with your hair dryer and try again.


With this list of the best LED fog light bulbs at your disposal, you now have narrowed options that you can choose from. You may now be asking what we think is the best out of the five.

If we were to decide, we’d most likely go with the JDM Astar All in One LED Fog Light. This one is the strongest in the list and also one of the most efficient because of its built in Smart IC driver.

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