Best LED Flood Light Bulbs

Best LED Flood Light Bulbs Reviews 2020

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If you want a floodlight in your home, you better choose LED bulb. Why? The best LED flood light bulbs last longer and more efficient than the halogen ones!

Best LED Flood Light Bulbs
If you want to cut a huge chunk of your electricity bills, then you better switch to LED bulbs

The most common reasons why people search for the best LED outdoor flood light bulbs is for security and proper illumination at night!

But which type of bulb is better though? Halogen or LED?

You have probably read a lot of blogs discussing how LED is better than Halogen. But what’s the reason? Why exactly makes LED a lot better than Halogen, other than the fact that it is more efficient?

When it comes to choosing the best LED flood light bulbs, there is one feature to look into—that is the light output of the bulb.

So, we will discuss halogen vs LED and which of the two has a better light output and its relevance in floodlights.

Let’s get started!


LED Vs Halogen: Which Has Better Light Output Suitable For Flood Light?

Traditionally, the brightness of the bulb is determined by the bulb’s wattage. The common belief is that the higher the wattage is, the higher the light output is, which means it is much brighter.

But the introduction of LED challenged this concept. LED bulbs can produce the same light output of a 40-watt halogen bulb at just 10 watts of energy. So, you can see that the ratio is – 4:1.

To put it simply, a 40-watts LED bulb is much brighter than the 40-watts halogen bulb.

Now, here comes the next question:

Why? How does LED bulb work that makes it much more energy-efficient?

The answer is simple. Halogen bulbs require a huge amount of energy, but only 20% of this energy is actually used to produce the light. This means that about 80% of the energy is being wasted. 

And this is what LED bulbs are trying to eliminate. They want to cut the energy waste by making sure a huge chunk of that energy is actually used to produce light and not just heating the bulb. In fact, most LED bulbs utilize 80 to 89% of the energy for light output.

How Does This Relate To Choosing The LED Flood Light Bulb?

You have to check two things – wattage and lumen count of the bulb. The lower the wattage and the higher the lumen (LM) is the better. For example, some high-end LED bulbs produce 900 lumens at just 15 watts. This wattage requirement is about 3 times lower than halogen bulbs.

Isn’t that amazing?

Flood lights usually run overnight at approximately 8 to 12 hours every night. So, choosing the best LED flood light bulb with a higher lumen count and lowest wattage is ideal.

Best LED Flood Light Bulbs (The Brightest Yet Energy-Saving!)

1. Philips LED Dimmable Flood Light Bulb

Philips LED Dimmable Flood Light Bulb
Philips LED Dimmable Flood Light Bulb.

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Producing 650 lumens of brightness at just 11 watts is already impressive, consuming 80% less energy. However, what makes Philips LED bulb even more impressive is the fact that it is mercury-free. This means the bulb does not use toxic and harmful components and materials.

This Amazon’s choice and Customer Reports best-seller gives off a soft warm white light color temperature at 2700K. This is the perfect choice for those who want to install flood lights outside their house, but want the light to be a little warmer.

2700K is considered to be in the warm light spectrum, which makes this the best LED flood light bulb for porch, gutter, and in areas that are best suited with warm light.

Best Features:

  • This is proven to be energy-efficient as this is Energy Star certified.
  • The 2700K color temperature produces a bright yet crisp color, perfect for recessed lights on the front porch.
  • As a dimmable bulb, you can change from 2700K down to a softer glow, thanks to its BR30 light bulb.
  • Light is comfortable and does not flicker, glare, nor buzz
  • Meets the eye comfort requirement, so proven safe for the eyes
  • Long-lasting – 4 times longer than halogen and 10 times longer than incandescent light
  • Can last up to 10,000 hours
  • With 3-years warranty

2. GE HD LED Light Bulb

GE HD LED Light Bulb
GE HD LED Light Bulb.

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Another BR30 LED bulb that is perfectly suitable for flood lights is this one from GE. This is an HD LED light bulb for indoors which gives off a total brightness of 700 lumens. This is also energy-saving as it only requires 8 watts to produce such light output.

This too has 2700K color temperature, which is a soft warm white color. If you are in need of the top rated LED flood light bulb for outdoor, which also doubles as ambient lighting, then this is a perfect choice.

Best Features:

  • Energy-saving and money-saving as it can help cut your energy consumption of up to 80%.
  • Soft white light is comfortable and safe for the eyes
  • Can last up to 9 years if used 3 to 5 hours per night
  • Does not contain any mercury, so it is indeed safe to use and dispose
  • Suitable for foyer lighting, balconies, porches, and even in bedrooms
  • Superior quality light with exceptional color contrast
  • The HD LED bulb provides lighting in 3 different moods, namely refresh, relax, and reveal.
  • It is dimmable, so you can adjust the light

3. Hykolity LED Waterproof Light Bulb

Hykolity LED Waterproof Light Bulb
Hykolity LED Waterproof Light Bulb.

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The last on our list is this waterproof LED bulb from Hykolity. It is also an Amazon’s Choice bulb that lets you save up to 87% of energy. This makes use of PAR38 LED bulb which is also dimmable.

If you prefer the daylight white color, then you’d love this bulb. This one has 5000K and 1600 lumen. This is the best dimmable LED flood light bulb with the brightest light output.

Check out other options of the best outdoor light bulb with camera!

Best Features:

  • Produces 1600 lumen of brightness at just 15 watts
  • Lets you use 87% less energy
  • 5000 kelvin light mimics the natural daylight, perfect for security floodlight around your house
  • Has 40-degree beam angle with a flat reflector
  • The PAR38 bulb is safe to use outdoors as it is IP65 waterproof.
  • Definitely dimmable from 5% to 100%
  • Perfect choice for residential, industrial, and commercial lighting applications

Our Top Pick

If you ask us which one’s our favorite, we’d recommend the Hykolity LED bulb. It produces bright light at such low energy, which is really amazing. On top of that, most dimmable bulb lets you dim the light from 10% the lowest, but this one has 5% minimum!

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