Best LED Flame Bulb

5 Best LED Flame Bulbs – Advantages, Buying Guide & Reviews

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More and more people are making the switch, from traditional bulbs to LED flame bulbs. Find out why and the 5 best LED flame bulb options on our list!

Best LED Flame Bulb
Best LED Flame Bulb | KRM Light+

Smart LED lighting system is on the rise nowadays, and famous interior designers and wannabes are quick to jump on the hype. But a particular type of LED bulb has become people’s favorite – none other than the best LED flame bulb.

Next to candlelight, one amazing way to create that elegant glow and cozy atmosphere is through a fire effect LED bulb. If you want to set the mood in the room but are afraid of the safety hazards of using candles, then an LED flame light is your best option.

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So, after reading this article, you will learn the following:

  • Top benefits of using an LED flame bulb,
  • A helpful guide on how to choose the best flame light bulb,
  • The 5 best LED flame lights to choose from, and
  • Our highly recommended LED flicker flame bulb from the list.

Let’s get started!


Amazing Flame Effect LED Bulb Review (5 Best-Value Products)

We’ve searched the most reviewed flame effect LED bulbs in the country, and found these 5 best-value options.

Scroll through the list and find the right one for you!

1. HUDSON Single Mode Flickering Fire LED Bulb

HUDSON Single Mode Flickering Fire LED Bulb
HUDSON Single Mode Flickering Fire LED Bulb

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The Hudson’s LED flame bulb has 3 Watts of power, enough to give you a bright flickering fire light overnight. This is a single mode bulb that is best suited as a decorative light outdoors but can still be used indoors.

You can get this upside-down flame bulb in 1-pack or in 2-pack but both offer a great deal and both feature an E26 standard base.

Users of this bulb commend the customer service of the brand and also couch for the product’s efficiency and quality. Because of its single fire flickering mode, this LED bulb is best used on special occasions like on Christmas day, Halloween, and Parties.

Highlight Features:

  • Has 200-lumen flickering bulb with a 360-degree beam angle
  • Perfect for a lantern, salt lamp, frosted lampshade, etc.
  • With 2-years product warranty
  • Guaranteed to be energy-saver with only 3 watts consumption per hour
  • Realistic flame effects, recreating that inviting glow of real fire lights

2. Equantu 4 Modes Decorative LED Flame Light

Equantu 4 Modes Decorative LED Flame Light
Equantu 4 Modes Decorative LED Flame Light

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A true versatile LED flame light bulb is what this Equantu bulb offers. With a total of 4 lighting modes, this bulb proves to be useful in many occasions and several locations.

This is set on a standard E26 base, which makes it easier for you to install it indoors and outdoors. Moreover, this flame bulb is certified energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It produces precise light that closely resembles the brightness of a real flame.

You can use this to add a cozy feel to your room or use it as a decorative light during special occasions.

Highlight Features:

  • Has 320-lumen flame effect bulb
  • 4 lighting modes include gradient mode, upside-down or gravity sensor mode, long light steady mode, and flame flickering mode.
  • With 30,000 hours of lifespan
  • Offers 18-month money-back guarantee program
  • Perfect for various places: bedroom, living room, hotel, bar, restaurant, club
  • Saves up to 90% of energy as compared to traditional flame bulb
  • Consumes approximately 7 Watts per hour
  • Doesn’t give off UV and Infrared radiation

3. YMING 4 Modes Battery-Operated LED Flame Effect Bulb

YMING 4 Modes Battery-Operated LED Flame Effect Bulb
YMING 4 Modes Battery-Operated LED Flame Effect Bulb

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Next on our list is this battery-operated LED flame effect bulb from YMING. This is a 2-pack flame bulb, giving you a total of 4 lighting modes.

YMING LED flame lamp is the go-to choice if you are seeking the best flame light bulb that looks great in an outdoor setting. This amazing flame bulb suits well in most gardens, gazebos, porches, patios, and even on driveways.

To top it all, this also makes an excellent indoor lamp that can bring a fresh, dramatic look to your bedroom, living room, etc. The built-in lithium battery in this bulb can be used for 70 hours, which is around 1 week— pretty impressive number actually.

Highlight Features:

  • This is portable and durable.
  • With a timer function to help you save the bulb’s battery-powered life
  • Can be used for 20,000 hours
  • Simulate realistic flames
  • Also waterproof, so suits well for outdoor use
  • USB rechargeable
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Has 8 strong magnets at the base, which hold the dancing flames attached to the metallic surface

4. Omicoo 4 Modes Realistic LED Flame Bulb

Omicoo 4 Modes Realistic LED Flame Bulb
Omicoo 4 Modes Realistic LED Flame Bulb

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Also one of buyer’s favorite is this 2-pack LED flame light bulb from Omicco. Omicoo is an advanced flaming light bulb that uses a total of 108 LEDs on a standard E26 base.

It has 4 lighting modes so that you can control and choose the lighting effects that you want. This flame bulb can be used in any decorative lamp there is. People said it’s the best choice if you want a higher wattage bulb that gives realistic flame. Plus, this is compatible with both E26 and E27 bases.

The lighting modes combination of this flame bulb is just insane, making it one of people’s favorite LED flame bulb at the moment.

Highlight Features:

  • With excellent heat dissipation function
  • Uses only 6 Watts of energy per hour
  • Includes an “Instant On” feature
  • This bulb also automatically resets about 45 seconds after it is turned off.
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee policy
  • Has a total lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • The flame effect is realistic and suits well to create that romantic, relaxing, and cozy atmosphere.
  • A great energy-saver
  • The flame automatically flips when the bulb is inverted.

5. Hansang 2 Modes Decorative Chandelier LED Flame Light Bulb

Hansang 2 Modes Decorative Chandelier LED Flame Light Bulb
Hansang 2 Modes Decorative Chandelier LED Flame Light Bulb

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Last on our list is this Hansang Decorative LED flame light bulbs. If the higher electricity bill is what stops you from using the chandelier, then you’d surely fall in love with this beautiful decorative flame light bulb.

This vintage flame bulb only consumes 3 Watts per hours. Furthermore, the flickering light emulates the real flame with a much warm and golden color, perfect for mood setting. The 360-degree beam angle of the bulb instantly gives the room a warm glow that is not too blinding.

Highlight Features:

  • Has a magnificent true light color
  • Safe to use and emits no harmful UV and infrared radiation
  • The perfect match for chandeliers, candelabras, and other decorative lamps
  • Suitable for both residential use and commercial use such as in clubs, hotels, and cafes
  • Offers general lighting mode and fire flickering light mode
  • Quite easy to operate and easy to change the modes
  • Can be used for 20,000 hours

The Benefits of Using Led Flickering Flame Bulb

There are some really great benefits from using an LED flickering flame bulb. Check them out below:

  • Environmentally Friendly

Unlike using candles and gas lamps, LED flame bulbs don’t produce any type of emission, which we know can cause great damage to the earth’s atmosphere in the long run. This is why they are much more ethical to use than a gas lamp or candles.

  • Energy Efficient

Did you know that LED lighting system, such as s flame bulb, can help you save up to 95% less energy? This is because the LED technology coverts around 95% of the energy consumed into actual light and only 5% of this energy are wasted.

In other words, LED lighting bulbs produce an amazing, brighter light while still consuming little amount of energy.

  • Runs Much Cooler

Most standard bulbs’ surface gets hot after a long period of use. But not an LED flame lamp.

How is this even possible?  

This smart lighting system is about 20% cooler than the conventional CFL bulbs. This excellent feature makes LED the best choice for bedside lamps and hallway lamps. You no longer have to worry about burning yourself while accidentally touching the lights.

  • Cost-Effective

Most LED flame lamps are a way more expensive as compared to the traditional fluorescent or CFL lamps. This is actually the main reason why there are still households that are hesitant to give this product a try.

However, this hefty price is for a reason. Some LED bulbs can give you up to 100,000 hours of operation, which means you can use them for more than 10 years.

And that alone proves how much you can save by using an LED flame light.

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Buying Guide: Choosing a LED Flame Light Bulb

Because of LED flame effect light bulbs’ popularity, fakes and counterfeit products are everywhere. In addition, substandard LED flame bulbs have also made their way in the market. This is why it’s always the best choice to only buy LED bulbs from certified stores near you and from legit resellers online.

Once you’ve settled where to buy the bulb, the next step is to check all the key features.

To help you out, we’ve listed the key things to take note of when buying the best LED flame bulb:

  • Modes

Brighter bulbs usually have multiple modes, and this is exactly what you need to make the most of your purchase. You can choose the modes depending on the corresponding light performance.

For instance, a 4-modes bulb would probably have the combination of all-bright mode, close-range work mode, gentle breathing mode, and flickering mode. And the most in-demand mode for upside down bulbs is the gravity sensors. This allows the flame to “flip” when the bulb is installed upside down.

The key here is to know the plan ahead where you’ll put the bulb so that you can choose the best modes.

  • Total Hours

As mentioned earlier some LED flame bulbs last longer than others. Of course, the ones with longer lifespan tend to cost a bit more. You can get a minimum of 10,000 hours for a small LED bulb and as much as 100,000 hours for bigger bulbs.

  • Size

If you are worried that LED lights are somewhat plain-looking and are limited to the conventional lamps, then you’d be happy to know that LED bulbs for chandeliers, candelabra, and other decorative lamps are now mass produced. It’s easier to get hold of such products at present.

Smaller LED bulbs that fit perfectly on each stick of your candelabra can be the ideal alternative for candles, not to mention much safer.

  • Price

Finally, you have to consider your budget, too. You should have already planned ahead how much are you willing to spend on one bulb. There are tons of fire effect LED bulbs that are affordable these days starting at around $10 per piece. You can surely find one that’s within your budget.


LED flicker flame bulbs are the best choice if you are trying to set the ambiance to a room without compromising cost and energy. This innovative product has proven to be useful without any major safety issues. While all the 5 options we listed above offer various benefits, we think that the Omicoo 4 Modes Realistic LED Flame Bulb is the most worthy investment. Energy-efficient, warm, realistic glow and the 100,000 hours lifespan are what sold us. With these three amazing features combination, Omicoo is, without doubt, the best LED flame bulb on the list.

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