Best LED Dimmer Switch

Best LED Dimmer Switch That Works With Alexa (2020 Guide)

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Need to have a good LED dimmer switch that goes with Alexa? Then check out our top choices. We believe these are the best led dimmer switches.

Best LED Dimmer Switch
Homeowners now prefer voice control switches as they allow them great flexibility and hassle-free lighting system. They are now easy to install, too!

Homeowners now prefer voice control switches as they allow them great flexibility and hassle-free lighting system. They are now easy to install, too!

The beauty about dimmer switches nowadays is that they can be used with voice control. Tech today such as that of Alexa or Google Assistant have been used to make this possible. As long as you have the best led dimmer switch, you can really enjoy the features that Alexa and other similar programs can give you.

That’s why we have made a list narrowing down LED dimmer switches to just the best ones. That way, you no longer need to ask, “what is the best dimmer switch for LED lights?”


LED Dimmer Switch Buying Guide

No doubt choosing the best dimmer switch for LED bulbs is difficult– especially with all of the many choices available in the market. With all the information on features, advantages, and benefits bombarded on you, which product really is the best?

In order to know which wireless dimmer switch for LED is the best one for your needs, you must have your own criteria. That way, you won’t simply choose whichever shows up on your face first.

It is for this purpose that we give you this buying guide– to help make your decision more informed. These are the factors to consider when choosing a LED dimmer switch with voice control:

Voice Control Compatibility

Voice control is one of the best modern features that you can find for light dimmers. On a general scale, dimmers are compatible with Alexa. This compatibility is what enables the voice control. However, not everyone uses Alexa. Some use Cortana or even Google Assistant. The more virtual assistants the dimmer is compatible with, the better.

Try to find a dimmer that is compatible with at least two of these three VA’s.

Wattage Compatibility

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the wattage compatibility. You need to make sure that the wattage range of your dimmer matches the light in your home. The cool thing about these dimmers is that they can fit the wattage of almost all kinds of lights like the LED light, the halogen light, or the incandescent light. Your job is to see whether the wattage of both is compatible.

Scheduling Feature

Scheduling is a very popular feature among most dimmers these days. The scheduling feature allows you to schedule the time when you want to dim or off your light. This is a great feature for saving money on energy. It is also a great feature to have if ever you’re the forgetful type of person who always leaves the lights on.

Remote Access

Remote access refers to other ways of controlling the lights. If you’re not really a voice control type of person, there are many other options out there for you. Generally, dimmers come with those small remotes that allow you to control your lights.

However, there are even some that have apps where you can control your lights. There are a number of options available. It’s really up to you as to which one you prefer. At least the options are already right in front of you.

Number Of Lights That Can Be Controlled

Lastly, you need to consider the number of lights that the dimmer can control at a time. It is either a single pole, dual pole, or three-way pole. These will determine how many lights you can control at once.

We recommend that you get the three-way pole if you want to control almost all of the lights in your home– especially the ones that use up a lot of energy.

Reviews For The Best Led Dimmer Switch

1. Gosund Smart Dimmer Switch

Gosund Smart Dimmer Switch
Gosund Smart Dimmer Switch. Via:

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The best feature of this dimmer is probably the dimmable range. This dimmer has a dimmable range of 0% to 100%. This type of range allows you to get the perfect lighting through dimming.

Also, this dimmer can work with LED bulbs of up to 150W and incandescent lights of up to 400W. Of course, it can also be used with Alexa. Fortunately, it can be used with Google Home as well if you don’t have Alexa.


  • Perfect dimming capability for precise lighting
  • Compatible with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Can be used with both incandescent and LED lights
  • Has a UL94-V0 safety-flammability certification making it very safe for use
  • Comes with a timer and scheduler


  • Flickers at full power

2. Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch

Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch
Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch.

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What we really love about this dimmer switch is that it is the dimmer that works with most number of virtual assistants. Not only does it work with Alexa, but it also works with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Sonos.

If you’re looking for a fully automated house, this dimmer will help you with full control.


  • Works with most number of virtual assistants
  • You can control your lights with a Lutron app for free
  • Comes with a Pico remote to control lighting
  • Has a 3-way setup
  • Works with 100w LED bulbs and 300w halogens


  • Does not have a very long shelf life

3. Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer Switch

Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer Switch
Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer Switch.

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Just like the previously mentioned dimmer, this one also works with a lot of smart systems like Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. But what really makes this dimmer special is the versatility in lighting styles.

With the app, you can schedule your lights to shut off or turn on. There is also a randomization mode if you like.


  • Has a randomization mode for vacations
  • Can work with a number of smart systems
  • Comes with pre-set schedules for each device that won’t be changed unless you change it
  • 3 way dimming for up to 4 units
  • Compatible with LEDs of 300w and halogens of 600w


  • Will need knowledge in neutral wiring to install


If you’re looking for the best led dimmer switch, then all you need to do is just choose from the 3 choices. We’re glad to present you with these three products that we’ve carefully picked by using our buying guide.

With these three choices, all you must do is get back to the buying guide and use it to pick the one that’s best for you.

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