Best LED Candelabra Bulbs

The Best LED Candelabra Bulbs To Buy This Year

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Candelabra bulbs are great accessories that you can place anywhere in your home. If you’re looking for some, let us give you the best LED candelabra bulbs you can buy.

LED candelabras are the perfect ornament to make your dinner table look fancy and luxurious
LED candelabras are the perfect ornament to make your dinner table look fancy and luxurious

The best LED candelabra bulbs are used for great home decorations and accessories. However, the fact that there are many brands of candelabra bulbs is what makes it hard for most people to choose the best rated led candelabra bulbs.

That’s why a buying guide is essential for consumers. This buying guide can help you determine which are the best led candelabra bulbs 2020.

Getting To Know The 5 Best Candelabra Bulbs

In this short guide, we have 5 led candelabra base bulbs that we’d like to share with you. These 5 bulbs are among the most highly recommended candelabra bulbs among customers. That is exactly the reason why we consider them the best candelabra led bulbs.

Let us introduce you to these products through the table that we’ve created below:


How To Choose The Best Candelabra Bulb

Now that you know the top 5 outdoor led candelabra bulbs, the next question you need to ask yourself is, “Which one out of the 5 best outdoor led candelabra bulbs is the best for me?”

In order to do that, you need to first have a buying guide to help you. The buying guide consists of various factors that allow you to determine which one fits your needs the most. Couple the buying guide with the features of these products (we’ll talk about that later) and you’ll be able to make an intelligent decision.

So, let’s start with the factors:


Most people are inclined to think that the brightest led candelabra bulbsare the best kinds. However, we believe that the brightness should be dependent on what you’re looking for in a candelabra light. In order to determine brightness, you have to look at the number of lumens the light produces. A typical candelabra bulb emits 400 to 600 lumens depending on the brand.

Color Temperature

The color temperature determines the mood or atmosphere you want to give your home. Cool lights, which have a pale color of white or blue, are usually used for relaxing spaces. The warmer lights, like yellow or orange lights, are more suited for places that hold parties very often.

Dimming Feature

A lot of bulbs have a dimming feature that allows you to control the brightness of the lights. There will be times when you’ll need to have bright lights but will want to lower the power down later. For this type of situation, it’s best that your bulb has a dimming feature that you can use. Later on, we’ll tell you which of the 5 products are the best dimmable led candelabra bulbs.


The last thing that you need to take into consideration is the design. Candelabra bulbs come in different designs such as the regular oval pointed style, the curved top style, or the rounded rectangle shape. The design that you pick will depend on your tastes and preferences. If you’re going to use the bulb as your decoration, you need the find the shape that best suits your home exterior.

What’s The Best Candelabra Bulb? (Reviews)

1. Gordon & Bond LED Vintage Candelabra Light Bulbs

Gordon & Bond LED Vintage Candelabra Light Bulbs. Via:

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The Gordon & Bond LED Vintage Candelabra light bulb is a very reliable candelabra light bulb that has a lumen count of 400, a wattage of 4 watts, and an amazing design. If you’re looking for a bulb that is strong but can save you a lot of money in terms of energy, we suggest that you buy this one.

Best Features:

  • Dimming control
  • 20,000 hour lifespan
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • 400 lumen strength
  • 4 watts

2. Hudson Lighting Dimmable Candelabra LED Light Bulbs

Hudson Lighting Dimmable Candelabra LED Light Bulbs. Via:

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The Hudson LED light is very similar to the previously mentioned one in terms of features. However, this one is more compatible with various brands of dimmers. This aspect in itself makes it one of the best dimmable led chandelier bulbs that you can find in the market. However, it works best with Lutron or Leviton dimmers.

Best Features:

  • Works well with almost all dimmer types
  • 4 watts of power for energy efficiency
  • E12 bulb base
  • Clear glass
  • Vintage, classic look                                                                              

3. Hansang LED Candelabra Bulbs

Hansang LED Candelabra Bulbs. Via:

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Are you asking, “what is the brightest led candelabra bulb on this list?”

Well, we present to you the Hansang LED candelabra bulb. This is by far the brightest led candelabra bulb from our top choices because it has the highest lumen count. To be specific, it has a lumen count of 600 lumens, which is equal to 60 watts from regular incandescent light. If you’re looking for brightness, this is the one you should check out.

Best Features:

  • 600 lumens of power
  • High light color uniformity
  • Ra83 performance level
  • 30,000 hour lifespan
  • 2700K light color temperature

4. CRLight Dimmable LED Candelabra Bulb

CRLight Dimmable LED Candelabra Bulb.

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When it comes to energy efficiency and savings, this is the bulb you’ll want to look for. While it only has a lumen count of 250 lumens, it has a wattage of 2 watts only. If you’re the type who doesn’t want lights that are too bright, this is a great brand to consider.

Best Features:

  • Dimmable bulb
  • 250 lumens of power
  • 2 watts
  • 2700K warm color
  • B10 candle size

5. LiteHistory Dimmable t6 Candelabra LED Bulb

LiteHistory Dimmable t6 Candelabra LED Bulb.

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This brand has the smoothest dimming feature you can ever find. Combine this with a good dimmer and you can get the most optimal brightness for your needs. This bulb also does not flicker nor does it strobe. It’s great for those who have trouble sleeping without lights and lights that are too bright.

Best Features:

  • Very smooth dimming
  • No flickering and no strobing
  • Warm 2700K white color temperature
  • 4 watt candelabra bulb
  • No UV LED filament                                        


These are the best LED candelabra bulbs that you’ll be able to find in the market. If you ask us what we think is the best of the best, we’d tell you that the overall performance will determine the top spot. For us, the Hansang LED Candelabra Bulbs takes the top spot. Not only because of its high lumen count, but also because of its Ra83 level performance rating and very long lifespan.

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