Best Fairy Lights

Best Fairy Lights (Indoors & Outdoors)

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Are you exploring to make your home more personal and welcoming? We’ll show you the best fairy lights and features to consider indoors and outdoors.

Best Fairy Lights
Fairy lights make a great accent light to enhance the ambiance of the space

The best fairy lights are one of the magical ways to light up your home and give it some personality. Nowadays, there is no more limit to how it can be used since its glow can beautify any space: from your walls, hallway, garden, to star-like decorations inside your room.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note the risks that come with it, especially when misused. Indoor lights should only be used indoors, and outdoor lights should be used outdoors.


Fairy Lights Vs. Fairy Lights Outdoor

Most people think that it is safe to display indoor bright fairy lights outside. It is best to get rid of this common misconception. Certified lights for outdoor use are explicitly made to weather harsh conditions, while lights for indoor use have been tested to ensure that they are not a fire hazard. Below are the features that each fairy light may be similar or different from.

FeaturesIndoor Fairy LightsOutdoor Fairy Lights
WaterproofGenerally not necessary indoors, although preferred for the battery boxNeeded as protection against the rain
IP ratingUsual rating is at IP20Must have a rating of at least IP23 or higher to withstand harsh weather conditions
Solar-poweredPreferred to avoid overheatingA low voltage between 12V – 24V is ideal to minimize the risk of fires from overheating
SizeRegular sizeGenerally has bigger and stronger bulbs than those meant for indoors to wrap around trees
BatteryRechargeable battery-operated LED lightsRechargeable battery-operated LED lights to avoid the inconvenience of extension cords
LengthUsual range starts from 13ft.Longer and can range between 30-99ft.

How To Buy The Best Fairy Lights? Reviews 2020

Best Fairy Lights For Outdoors

1. SUPSOO Solar String Light

SUPSOO Solar String Light
SUPSOO Solar String Light. Via:

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The best fairy lights for outdoor have certain features that make them stand out. For this brand, it is known for its various mode settings that can make your lights glow the way you want them. It also has 2 sets of 33ft. in length, solar-powered lights. As such, it works for a long time with virtually no electricity cost.


  • Long life, solar-powered: Since it is powered by the sun, you have no additional utility electric expense, and no compelling reason to replace its battery. The entire string is exceptionally low consumption in energy, even working day after day.
  • Easy installation: It is made of copper wire, which is easy to bend and touch-safe. Its 30 ft. length is ideal for wrapping a tree for decoration.
  • Waterproof: It has an IP65 rating, which is relatively high. This means it can withstand harsh weather conditions or rain.
  • Safe to use: These LED lights are safe for children ages three and above or even pets.
  • 8 setting modes: You can play around with different color glow to achieve your desired look. It also has a memory chip that stores your previous settings.


  • Relatively not ideal to use indoors especially if solar-powered

2. Moobibear Upgrade Solar Powered String Light

Moobibear Upgrade Solar Powered String Light
Moobibear Upgrade Solar Powered String Light. Via:

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There are different types of fairy lights that you can use to decorate your indoor garden, living room, etc. With this product, you can perfect your ideal lighting with its 300 brighter lights. It is also waterproof that makes it ideal outdoors. With these string lights, you can make your space brighter and warmer.


  • Flexible 300 LED string lights: It has a relatively brighter design combined with its solar panel. Also, its copper wiring makes it bendable to any shape so you can wrap it around your roof or fences.
  • Bigger solar panel: Its built-in rechargeable battery and upgraded panel make it more powerful than others. It means that the LED lights can get and store more energy, which can make it last for a whole night after charging for 8 hours.
  • Waterproof: Its high caliber of copper wire and waterproofing structured sun-powered board is prepared for a terrible climate.
  • 8 light modes: It has 7 sorts of dynamic settings and 1 steady mode, which makes it easier for you to brighten your home and design it the way you want.
  • Automatic switch: It turns on automatically in the dark and off during the daytime.
  • Ideal length: Its 99ft copper string with 3.5″ space between lights are perfect for decorating outdoors.


  • The remote to control the lighting can, at times, have issues.

Best Fairy Lights For Indoors

1. Dailyart Globe String Light

Dailyart Globe String Light
Dailyart Globe String Light. Via:

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The best fairy lights for indoor are simple and easy to use. Expectedly, LED string lights are better for a brighter output and efficiency. Its string is 13ft. long and has 40 globes. Furthermore, its battery box is waterproof.


  • Soft glow: Unlike most indoor fairy lights with clips, it does not hurt your eyes.
  • Warm white: This is perfect for people who prefer not much color or too bright lights.
  • Small: The lights are relatively small and fit enough to decorate your spaces indoors.
  • Waterproof: It has the latest waterproof battery box to protect the power source and a rating of IP44.
  • LED lights: It is guaranteed to give a brighter light with virtually no risk of overheating.


  • Relatively not safe for children

2. JMEXSUSS Remote Control 300 LED

JMEXSUSS Remote Control 300 LED
JMEXSUSS Remote Control 300 LED.

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This product stands out from the indoor fairy light types because of its auto-timer. Through this, you can conveniently set the lights without having to worry about when to turn them off. It is also easy to install and use. Furthermore, it is waterproof.


  • 8 settings: You can choose from a variety of light modes to make your home warm and bright.
  • Auto-timer: It automatically turns off after 8 hours of use over the 24 hours.
  • Ideal length: Its 9.8ft long string lights are fit to design small and narrow spaces inside your house.
  • High quality: Its 300 warm LED lights are UL Certified, which means that it is safe for curtains.
  • User-friendly: Merely plug-in and unplug for power on and off.


  • Remote sensor may have issues at times


To sum up, you have already figured out the difference between indoor and outdoor lights, along with the best features to look for.

While the best fairy lights mentioned above minimizes the risks to safety, it is still imperative to use the products specifically for what they are meant to do. Indoor lights should not be used outdoors and vice versa.

Now that you have the above recommendations to try, you can make the smart choice to beautify your home without sacrificing any risk to your safety.

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