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Best Crank Flashlight 2021 Reviews

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Need a light for an emergency? Check out our best crank flashlight list. You might just be able to find the best one for your needs!

Hand-cranked flashlights are probably one of the most cost-effective devices on the market. They are flashlights that don’t rely on batteries to work.

It uses mechanical energy to power up the generator inside the flashlight. Most people often suggest using a cranked flashlight as part of their emergency lights. You can use them when you need lights while fixing your car on the road.

You can also keep one for camping trips and even as an emergency light when there is an electrical blackout.  It is very important that you get the best crank flashlight.  That way, even when the lights are out, you still have some light to help you move around.

Our Top Pick For The Best Crank Flashlight

PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight
PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight.

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Choosing the best Crank flashlight how it works usually depends on your needs and preference. However, if you think about the whole category of emergency lights, then you need to have something that would last longer. Our top pick is the PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight.  It may not have the features of the RunningSnail hand-cranked flashlight but it works well. Down below are some of the reasons and features why we think the PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight is better.

  • The lights are brighter and energy-efficient. It uses LED bulbs to illuminate through the darkness.
  • You can get light even after exhausting the batteries by cranking it continuously.
  • It has a durable build which gives it a better choosing factor compared to the other best crank flashlight on the list.
  • The carabiner clip end keeps the flashlight constantly near your person.

Crank Flashlight Buying Guide

Batteries And Lifespan Of One Charging Cycle

One of the things that you need to consider when you buy a hand-cranked flashlight is its battery and run time. Some mechanical flashlights use Ni-MH batteries, Lithium-ion, and capacitors. Capacitors are said to last longer than the batteries mentioned above.

Brightness Level

The most hand-cranked flashlight produces lumens about 8 to 150. However, these lumen levels tend to be not so bright.  However, there are some brands that produce hand-cranked flashlights with 200 to 300-lumen level brightness.

It is best that you opt for these brands. They are safer to use, especially on the road.  There is some hand-cranked flashlight that offers LED lights for flashlights. Make sure that you consider this as well. LED lights tend to be brighter and more energy-efficient compared to other types of lights.


Some hand-cranked flashlights also have radios. It is really seldom that you see a hand-cranked flashlight that is not an emergency radio crank flashlight.  It is very important that you get a hand-cranked flashlight that doubles as a radio. This way, you can also keep up with the news even when the power is down.


Another important thing that you need to consider in your hand-cranked flashlight is its design and durability. In the instance of an emergency, it is best that you get a mechanical flashlight that is also weatherproof. This way, you can use it when it is raining or snowing or even on a sunny day.

Alternate Charging Option

It is also nice to have another charging option for your hand-cranked flashlight. Some hand-cranked flashlights have a tiny solar panel which also charges the flashlight. Some brands offer a USB hub to charge your flashlight with your power banks when you are too tired to crank the flashlight.

Added Features

Aside from the ones mentioned, you should also consider buying a hand-cranked flashlight with other additional features such as an emergency power bank. Most people may not consider this a not-so-important added feature but good enough in case you need an extra boost when you don’t have power left in your phone.

Best Crank Flashlight Reviews 2021

1. SIMPEAK (2 PC) Hand-cranked/ Solar Powered Flashlight

SIMPEAK (2 PC) Hand-cranked/ Solar Powered Flashlight
SIMPEAK (2 PC) Hand-cranked/ Solar Powered Flashlight. Via:

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The Simpeak hand-cranked flashlight comes in an army green color. This pocket-sized device can be charged with both mechanical and solar energy. It has three LED flashlights and a carabiner at the end. This way, you can easily attach it to your bag, your keys, and toolbox.


  • The dual charging method is a big plus.
  • Solar panel absorbs all types of light from sun rays to lamps. It is the best solar crank flashlight.
  • It has an ergonomic design to help you grip the flashlight better.
  • It produces bright lights.


  • The handle easily breaks. The overall body is made of plastic.

2. RunningSnail Hand-cranked Flashlight with AM/FM Radio

RunningSnail Hand-cranked Flashlight with AM/FM Radio
RunningSnail Hand-cranked Flashlight with AM/FM Radio. Via:

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The Running Snail Hand-cranked flashlight comes with a red plastic design. Its ergonomic design is jam-packed with an FM/AM radio and a solar panel on top. It also has a USB port that serves an emergency power bank with a 1000maH capacity.


  • It comes with a three-way charging option.
  • It also serves as a power bank for your mobile phone in case of an emergency.
  • You can charge your device while cranking it.


  • You need to crank charge this device even when not using it or your battery will definitely deteriorate faster.
  • It doesn’t produce the brightest light but it’s enough to work on important tasks in the dark.

3. Swiss Safe Rechargeable Flashlight

Swiss Safe Rechargeable Flashlight
Swiss Safe Rechargeable Flashlight.

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The Swiss Safe Rechargeable is another handy hand-cranked flashlight. It has an ergonomic design that can easily fit into your hard. It comes with three bright LED flashlights. It comes with two power options that you can consider when using this emergency light.


  • You can charge it with solar energy for 2 hours.
  • One wind on the cranked is equal to 8 minutes illumination.
  • It has a carabiner clip to easily attached to your keys, bags, and other important things
  • The crank is smooth and seamless; you can easily crank it without any problems.


  • The light is somewhat dim when you crank it once.
  • The color of the device glows when you are using it in the dark.

4. Evelots Hand Crank Flashlight

Evelots Hand Crank Flashlight. Via:

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If you are looking for something handy and tiny, then the Evelots Hand-cranked flashlight might work for you. This blue hand-cranked flashlight doesn’t use the usual winding crank. It uses a grip that winds the crank inside the flashlight.


  • It comes with a tiny strap that you can use to attach to your keys.
  • Its handy design makes it easier to store in your purse and small First Aid Kit.
  • You get 4 hand-cranked flashlights upon purchase.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The plastic body tends to break when you grip it hard.
  • The grip easily breaks when you use it repeatedly.

5. PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight

PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight
PrimalCamp Hand-crank Flashlight.

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One of the best things about this hand-cranked flashlight is its noticeable color. Unlike the other ones in the best hand crank flashlight, this flashlight comes in bright yellow. It can easily catch your attention, especially in the dark.  It comes with a solar panel, a carabiner clip, and a hand-cranked winder for mechanical charging.


  • This device has a bright LED light for brighter illumination.
  • It has a dual charging option. You can crank it or charge it through solar energy.
  • It has a carabiner clip end to easily attach it to important things like keys, backpacks, and belt loops.
  • It is handy and lightweight.
  • Its design is a lot more durable compared to others.


  • One whole cycle can last up to 2 hours.