Best Bowfishing Lights

Best Bowfishing Lights (Buying Guide)

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Read about why you need a great bowfishing light and how to buy one. Choose one of the best bowfishing lights among the top reviews in the market today.

Bow fishing is a great outdoor activity. You can do this during daytime, but night time is said to be the better time
Bow fishing is a great outdoor activity. You can do this during daytime, but night time is said to be the better time

If going out bowfishing is a hobby or something that you’ve always wanted to pick up, there is a crucial item you need to make the catch worthwhile.

Today you will read about all the best bowfishing lights today and why they will help you catch bigger fish even in muddier or murkier water. The better the lighting, the higher the chances of hooking in your personal record.

Why Use the Right Type of Light When Bowfishing?

You might be wondering,

 “Why do I even need lights to go fishing?”

So, here are the top two reasons as to why you need to get one of the best bowsfishing lights on the market:


Oftentimes you’ll end up in murkier, muddier water or go out at night to go bowfishing. Having one of the best bowfishing lights for murky water helps you gain the right amount of illumination and visibility to see your prey beneath you. This is crucial for bowfishing because you need to know what you are aiming at as opposed to regular line-and-hook fishing.


If you get yourself at least one of the best LED bowfishing lights on this list, you will more often than not find yourself with bigger fish than average. This is because the heightened illumination from above allows the bigger fish below to spot the smaller fish above with just as much clarity as you can see them from your boat. This means the bigger fish will swim higher up than usual, coming into your visual field where you will be ready, bow in hand.

A Quick Rundown of the 5 Best Bowfishing Lights

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How to Buy the Best Bowfishing Light (Step-by-Step)

If you are planning to go get yourself one of the best bowfishing lights on this market for you and your bowfishing adventures, you’re going to want to go through this though process in decision making:

Boat Type

First and foremost, what kind of boat will you be using to go out boat fishing anyway? Are you going to be riding a large boat with a tall, strong center mast? Or are you going to be riding a smaller boat alone or with a friend or two?

This is something that you have to consider before anything because you want to be getting a bowfishing light that fits your boat.

Electricity Source

There are a couple of different types of power sources that bowfishing lights come with. Some are rechargeable models, others need to be plugged into a specific voltage outlet.

After knowing what kind of light your boat can handle, you now have to find out what kind of power source it has and what kind of lights or lamps it can actually power.

Light Requirement

Depending on what kind of waters you will be venturing into to go bowfishing, and what type of weather conditions you will need to brave, you will have a general understanding of how much lighting capacity you will actually need.

Now that you know what kind of lamp your boat can power, you now have to decide how powerful of a lamp you need to fish properly.


The last thing but the most important thing you have to think about before actually purchasing a lamp is to set a budget for yourself. Sticking to a budget makes sure you focus strictly on the requirements you’ve thought of so meticulously just a while ago. Sticking to a budget also helps you not lose track among all the different lights you will come across.

When going bowfishing at night, you need to install a trunk light bulb as well to easily see and locate the tools and equipment you need.

The Best Bowfishing Lights (Great Choices 2020)

If you are asking “What are the best bowfishing lights in the market?”, this is the list for you.

1. GLW Waterproof Flood Light

GLW Waterproof Flood Light. Via:

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This Flood Light by GLW is one of the best cheap bowfishing lights in the market today. It is waterproof and completely weatherproof, allowing you to go out bowfishing no matter the weather.

Best Features:

  • Saves 80% off your electricity bill
  • 50,000 hour long life model
  • Wide beam head for longer reach
  • 10 Watt LED bulbs does the work of 80 Watt Halogen bulb

2. Ustellar 2-Pack Waterproof Flood Light

Ustellar 2-Pack Waterproof Flood Light.

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A top contender on the best bowfishing lights 2020 list, the Ustellar flood light comes in twos. It is a strong floodlight with each LED bulb powering at 60 Watts, giving you more brightness without leaving a dent on your electricity bill.

Best Features:

  • IP66 Waterproof model
  • Fin-type heat sink for quick cooling
  • Tempered Glass cover for durability
  • Energy-Saving model (up to 80%)
  • 3 years shop warranty

3. Totobay LED Headlamp

Totobay LED Headlamp. Via:

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A change from the last two models, this one is meant to be worn on your head instead of installed on your boat mast. It is made for those who are active and even venture into shallower lakes to seek out their catch. Durable and multipurpose, you can use this for hiking, camping, and many more.

Best Features:

  • 5,000lm total bulb output
  • 100,000 hours fully-charged lifespan
  • Rechargeable
  • 4 lighting modes (Low, Middle, High, Strobe)
  • IP65 waterproof and heatproof model

4. QUANS LED Flood Light

QUANS LED Flood Light. Via:

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Built to be one of the best bowfishing lights for boat mounting use, this LED Flood Light from QUANS is not only extremely bright, but it is also one of the most energy-saving units out there. It is a completely waterproof model that works great even through the heaviest of rains, providing almost full visibility.

Best Features:

  • IP65 Waterproof finish
  • Saves up to 85% of energy consumption
  • Warm White light
  • 120 adjustable beam angle

5. LEPOWER 2-Pack Flood Light

LEPOWER 2-Pack Flood Light. Via:

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One of the top-performing units among some of the best budget bowfishing lights, this 2-pack model from LEPOWER is a powerful unit promising 10,000lm brightness that is the equivalent of a 500 Watt Halogen bulb with almost 80% less electrical consumption.

Best Features:

  • Multiple groove fin design for heat dissipation
  • On and Off switch on cord
  • IP66 Waterproof model
  • 120 degree beam angle
  • UL plug designed for safety


Our top pick among the best bowfishing lights in the market based on the best overall value for money is the LEPOWER 2-Pack Flood Light.

Yes, it is one of the pricier units on the list, but you cannot forget that not only is it a 2-pack set, it also has the highest luminosity capacity whilst also saving the same amount off of your energy consumption as all the other models.

If you want to have the best bowfishing lights to help you bowfish better, this is the one for you.

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