Best 9007 LED Bulb

Best 9007 LED Bulb (2020 Reviews)

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If you happen to be looking for the best 9007 LED bulb that you can buy, we got a guide for you. Our buying guide has 3 superb products that you can choose from.

Best 9007 LED Bulb
This is a bright and fanless LED headlight, which lasts longer than halogen or HID bulbs

If you have a car with a high and low beam on one reflector, then you’ll most likely be familiar with the 9007 LED bulb. This is the kind of bulb that these types of cars usually use. It is just another name for H4 bulbs that are attached to vehicles.

Now, if you want to have high-quality lighting for your car, you need to make sure you buy the best rated 9007 LED bulb. That’s why we drafted 3 reviews of the best 9007 LED bulb brands.

Each best 9007 LED bulb review we listed below includes the pros and cons of each product so that you’ll make an informed choice.


3 Things To Consider When Buying 9007 LED Bulb

Before we go to the products, we want to make sure that you get as much information about 9007 LED bulbs as possible. Which is why we’d like to start with a buying guide.

In this buying guide, we’ll present you with three factors that you need to take into consideration before choosing the best one on this list:

Lumen Count

First, you need to consider the strength of the light. This is usually measured in lumens. that said, the higher the lumens, the stronger the light. Of course, the brightness will all depend on your needs. Not everyone needs lights that are extremely bright. We’d say that those who do a lot of night driving on not-so-well-lit roads will need really bright ones.

However, we recommend that you get lights with a lumen count of at least 7200 lumens. But if you drive at night often, you can get the brightest 9007 LED bulb you can find, probably somewhere at 16000 lumens.


Another thing you need to consider is wattage. Wattage is also a measure of power like lumens. However, wattage measures how much energy goes into the bulb while lumens measure the luminous flux.

So, if a light has a low wattage but high lumen count, you can emit very bright lights but save money on energy. A wattage of 70w to 100w is a pretty good range.


Last on the list of factors to consider is the lifespan. This is important because you won’t want a light bulb that busts easily. You’ll want a light bulb that can last you for years even if you use it constantly.

That’s why it’s important to get a bulb that can last for about 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Anything more than that is a definite bonus.

Quick Guide On How To Install The 9007 LED Bulb

To further add value to this guide, we’ll also throw in a quick guide on how to install this LED bulb in case you don’t know how yet.

Take a look at our guide below:

  • Take out the headlight mount and remove the retainer of the bulb at the back.
  • Once the retainer is off, pull out the bulb from the headlight.
  • Put the new lightbulb in.
  • Fasten the retainer back in place.
  • Put the headlights back in the vehicle.

As you can see, the installation only takes just five steps. Everything is already pretty straightforward so there is no need for any more details other than this.

Reviews on the Best 9007 LED Bulbs

1. Win Power 9007 LED Bulb

Win Power 9007 LED Bulb
Win Power 9007 LED Bulb. Via:

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Don’t be fooled by the low lumen count of this bulb. It is still pretty strong and still much stronger than halogen bulbs with a total wattage of 70w for both bulbs. But what really makes this bulb outstanding is its waterproof fan that prevents the bulb from eating up. It has a 12,000 RPM IP67 rated waterproof fan that keeps it lasting long.


  • 35w wattage for each bulb
  • 7200 lumens of power
  • 12,000 RPM speed fan that is made of IP67 waterproof material
  • Has a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Strong beam pattern with wide coverage


  • Low power

2. ZDATT Led Headlight Bulb

ZDATT Led Headlight Bulb
ZDATT Led Headlight Bulb. Via:

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There are two things that we love about this light. First of all, it comes with an 8000K blue color temperature light. If you want to have a light that glares from during the night, then this is the one that you may want to buy. Combine that with a 12000-lumen count, this will be a great bulb for night riding. Second, it is really easy to install compared to others. It is actually a plug and play type of bulb.


  • Easy plug and play installation type of bulb
  • Comes with an 8000K color temperature
  • 360-degree adjustable locker ring
  • 12000 lumens of power
  • 50,000-hour lifespan


  • The glare may tend to be a bit painful to the eyes

3. Xtremevision 9007 Dual Beam LED Bulb

Xtremevision 9007 Dual Beam LED Bulb
Xtremevision 9007 Dual Beam LED Bulb.

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If you are asking yourself “what is the brightest 9007 LED bulb?”, then we’d say that this is the one you should buy. Out of the 3 lights, this one is definitely the most powerful since it has a total of 16000 lumens. At the same time, it only has a 72w wattage. This combination gives you a very strong light that doesn’t make you use up too much energy.


  • Has a lumen count of 16000 lumens
  • Has a wattage of 72w making it a very cost-efficient bulb for its power
  • Has a color temperature of 6500K
  • Has a lifespan of 30000 hours
  • Consumes 35% less power than other bulbs of the same kind


  • Not as durable as the others on the list


With our rather comprehensive guide at your disposal, you should have a much easier time choosing the best 9007 LED bulb set for your car. We also threw in a buying guide in the event you’ve found yourself another brand outside this list. At least the guide will tell you whether that brand is worth your money or not.

But if you don’t want to look any further, just pick out of the three we recommended above. It will save a lot of time and effort.

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