Bell Shaped Lamp Shades

Bell Shaped Lamp Shades (Tips + Review)

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Aiming for a subtle change in your bedroom interior? Changing a few pieces like your bedside bell shaped lamp shades can do the trick! Read here to know how!

Bell Shaped Lamp Shades
Bell Shaped Lamp Shades | KRM Light+

Okay, so I had people asking me questions about how to give their room a makeover, and I always told them to buy new furniture, change the paint, or go for a different motif.

Looking back, most of these recommendations were actually big projects and a lot of people actually found them a hassle and ended up not doing anything.

So, for today’s article, I’ll focus on subtle changes instead without the need to spend a hefty amount of cash.


It starts with adding a statement piece in the room – like the bell lamp shade.

Sound interesting? Read on to find out more!

How To Choose The Best Bell Lamp Shade (4 Tips)

For most people, picking a lamp shade is just a cut and dry task. But for serious homeowners who have an eye for aesthetics and designs, selecting a bell shaped lamp shade is an experience that considers certain variables to find the perfect match.

Below are some tips to help choose the right bell shade for your lamp base:

1. Match The Shape Of The Base

As a general rule, the shade should always match the base. Putting a round shade on a triangle base creates an unpleasing contrast that can become an eyesore.

Choosing the right shade shape can enhance the details and aesthetics of the base. For small bell lamp shades, a slender base works best. It also helps if the base has carved details that can catch people’s attention when the lamp is lit.

2. Proportion Is Key

Imagine putting a huge burlap bell lamp shade to a short base. Can you even appreciate the base at all? No, right? The thing is, you won’t even see the base. Now, you’re totally ruining the aesthetics that you’re aiming for.

The best thing to do in this scenario is to make use of your tape measure. The shade’s length diameter should be two-thirds of the height of your base (base’s height is from the bottom to the base of the light socket). Meanwhile, the shade’s top diameter should be twice the diameter of your base.

For instance, if the base’s height is 12 inches, the shade’s height should be 8 inches. On the other hand, if the diameter of the base is 3 inches, then the bell shade’s top diameter should be 6 inches.

Got it? Good!

3. Opaque Or Translucent?

Another thing to consider is whether to get an opaque or a translucent shade. If you prefer dimmer light, then opaque bell lamp shade is your best friend.

But if you spend a lot of time reading in bed before finally getting some sleep, then a translucent bell lamp shade works best for you. Translucent shades often have sheer fabric to allow just enough light for reading.

4. Smooth, Pleated, Or Textured?

Aside from the brightness level, the texture of the shade also matters. If you want a cool ambiance in your room, then a contemporary yet refined smooth shade is your perfect match.

Meanwhile, if the room has a lot of antique furniture, has intricate details, and has a cozier feel, then a pleated lamp shade complements well with warmer ambiance.

Watch this video to know the steps when picking the right lamp shade.

Picking the Perfect Lamp Shade – Lancaster, PA

The Most Reviewed Bell Shaped Lamp Shades (Best Value)

Choosing the best replacement bell lamp shades can be confusing most of the time. But with our recommended fabric bell lamp shade below, you’ll surely be happy with the purchase.

Royal Designs, Inc. BSO-701-18BG Scallop Bell Lamp Shade
Royal Designs, Inc. BSO-701-18BG Scallop Bell Lamp Shade

See price on Amazon

The Royal Designs, Inc. BSO-701-18BG Scallop Bell Lamp Shade is a silk bell lamp shade with 9 inch bell lamp shade top diameter. This is available in three different sizes and colors, namely: beige, eggshell, and white.

Best Features:

  • Silk bell lamp shade, which is hand-tailored
  • Provides good light for reading
  • Manufactured with quality
  • Offered at a reasonable price
  • Compatible with LED bulbs
  • Looks modern and elegant


Carefully choosing the perfect bell shaped lamp shades to buy is as important as choosing which bell shade lamp company to trust. While others don’t pay that much attention when shopping for things, it pays to know the guidelines to make the most out of your bell lamp shade kit.

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