Battery Powered Lights For Sheds

Battery Powered Lights For Sheds (Review)

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Exploring the best way to brighten your place? We’ll show you how to install battery powered lights for sheds and the benefits that come with it.

LED lights are now far progressively polished and can be used to illuminate large up to the smallest spaces with precision. The ambiance that it helps provide is like no other.

Amazingly, there are battery powered lights for sheds that have up to 90% energy efficiency in contrast to traditional lighting that converts the energy into 80% heat rather than light.

LEDs also have six times longer life expectancies, implying fewer carbon emissions and less need to be replaced frequently.

MR. Beam MB9900 LED Light for Sheds
The modern minimalist design of MR. Beam MB9900 LED light fits perfectly for contemporary homes

The Best Battery Powered Lights For Sheds

MR. Beam MB9900 LED Light for Sheds

MR. Beam MB9900 LED Light for Sheds
MR. Beam MB9900 LED Light for Sheds.

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In finding the best battery operated lights for shed, the top things that you have to consider are design, technology, installation, and efficiency.

Having all these significant functions, we’ve chosen the battery powered LED light for shed manufactured by Mr. Beams. It offers a sleek exterior ideal for any area that needs lighting.

What makes it even stand out are the following features:


  • Elegant design: This clean ceiling light was intended to blend perfectly and supplement any home style, adding a sophisticated touch. The distinctive diffuser functionality spreads for more extensive coverage of light, from wardrobes, showers, hallways, sheds, and kitchen.
  • Motion-activated technology: It has sensors that automatically turn the light on and off when not in use for extended battery life. It detects movement from 18 ft. and closes after 20 seconds of no motion. As a result, you can expect roughly one year of use for each battery set on average use.
  • Easy wireless installation: You might be wondering: “Will wireless operated light for my shed really works?” The short answer is yes. It can set up in less than 5 minutes without any wires nor electricians.
  • Weatherproof: Its weatherproof containment means that you can effortlessly use it in showers or gazebos without any fuss.
  • Efficient, bright light: This LED ceiling light gives 300 lumens of ultra-bright programmed light to expand safety and functionality in dark places.
  • IPX4 rated for outdoors: This product is equally great and effective for indoors as outdoors.


  • Motion sensors can turn off the light after 20 seconds if you’re not moving extensively, especially in a shower.
  • Aside from buying batteries from time to time (approximately a year), there are no major issues.

How To Install Mr. Beam MB9900 UltraBright Battery Operated LED Light?

Setting up your LED ceiling light takes about 5 minutes. It’s simple and easy.

  1. Flip your light over and turn the mounting hardware counterclockwise.
  2. When you see a screw, take a coin and twist it. Then you can use your finger to turn the screw counterclockwise.
  3. Next, we turn the backplate counterclockwise and remove that. You’ll see there’s space for 4C cell batteries.
  4. Match up the batteries to spring and push it in so they will go right in. Once all four are installed, take that backplate and find the tab to match it towards its lock.
  5.  Twist the light clockwise. You’ll see now the screw-hole is aligned. Put your thumb screw back in. Twist it, and you’re off to installation.


  1. To install, take a drill and make two pilot holes.
  2. Take your hammer and tap the anchor in gently.
  3. Once your anchors are in, take the mounting bracket. Choose the side that has the arrow on it and align that with the screw holes.
  4. Insert a screw and twist it in using a simple screwdriver.
  5. Now you’ll notice on the back of your ceiling light that there are two different shaped tabs: longer and skinnier. Take the skinnier tab and line it up with the mounting bracket that looks like a rectangle.
  6. As soon as it goes in, give it a good twist clockwise, and you’re done!


Now that you’ve learned how to install battery powered lights for sheds, you won’t have to choose aesthetics over efficiency anymore. You can have both with LED lights. As long as you keep in mind the best features to look for as mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to choose the right product based on your needs in no time.

Take this chance to upgrade your place beautifully and conveniently while saving money on costs!

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