battery powered led rope lighting

Battery Powered LED Rope Lighting (Tips For Choosing Reliable)

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There are many LED rope lights in the market to choose from. In this guide, we’ll teach you to choose the best battery powered led rope lighting for your home.

battery powered led rope lighting
Rope light is flexible and can follow the shape of your home decor. It is popularly used during the Yuletide season

LED rope lights are often used as decorations for various parts of the house. You can use them to decorate your bedroom, your living room, and even the outside of your house. However, the only issue here is choosing the battery powered led rope lighting.

You see, the moment you get to the store, there will be a multitude of brands, variants, and models available. You’ll need an eye for features to know which one works best for you. That’s what our guide will help you out with today.

How To Choose A Reliable Battery-Operated LED Rope Light

From first glance, you’ll probably think that all battery operated LED rope lights are all the same.

At a closer look though, you’ll find the subtle differences between each product. You’ll also realize that not all the features will cater to what you need. That’s why you need to find a product that has as many features that fit what you want.

This buying guide will list down some of the things you should look at when checking out the features of remote control battery operated rope lights.

We’ll list them below:


First, you need to look at the length of your rope light. To determine how long you want your rope light to be, determine what you want to decorate first. If you want to just decorate a small room, you won’t need anything too long. But if you want to decorate a big space or maybe fill a whole room with lights, you’ll need something longer.

For us, the ideal length is around 40ft. This length is not too long and not too short. If it’s too much, you can always cut it into various sections.

Lighting Modes

Lighting modes refer to the movements of the light when you turn it on. For instance, some lights include modes like fading, waving, twitching, and many more. While the more the number of modes the better, we’d say that 8 modes are good enough.


The material determines how well the lights will do outdoors. As much as possible, you’ll want a strong, waterproof type of light. For us, the best battery powered LED string lights outdoor are the ones that have a material made of IP65. But if you’re going to put the lights inside your home, materials with an IP44 rating will do.

Control Functions

Lastly, you may want to take into consideration control functions. While most lights have remotes with basic control functions like buttons for controlling the mode, brightness, and power, there are other remotes that even include timer features.

Again, this will depend on you. If you are satisfied with just the basic functions, then choose the light with the most basic controls. If not, look for a light set with a remote that has more functions.

2 Best Battery Powered LED Rope Lighting Reviews

Hopefully, the guide we provided above will give you some nice insights on how to choose the right LED rope light. Now, just to make things easier, we also decided to throw in two of our favorite LED rope lights.

We followed the criteria we made above when choosing these lights and hope our choices will help you know how to pick a good set.

In any case, let’s get started with the reviews:

1. Bebrant Battery Operated String Lights

Bebrant Battery Operated String Lights
Bebrant Battery Operated String Lights. Via:

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The one thing that we really love about this set of string lights is that it is multi-colored. It’s great for Christmas decorations and holiday lights. It is water-resistant and good for indoor decorations.


  • Has a total of 8 lighting modes
  • Has 10 levels of brightness that can be controlled via the remote
  • Different colors per light
  • Made out of IP44 water-resistant material
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries only and can last for quite a long time


  • Does not include batteries
  • Remote has limited features and functions

2. Youngpower Battery Operated LED Rope Lights

Youngpower Battery Operated LED Rope Lights
Youngpower Battery Operated LED Rope Lights. Via:

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This LED rope light has two things that we really love– a great remote and high durability. First of all, the remote does not only come with the usual power function, the brightness control function, and the mode control function. It also comes with a timer function, allowing you to control when the lights turn on and off.

Aside from that, it is also made out of very durable IP65 waterproof material. That quality makes this rope light set great for outdoors.


  • Made out of IP65 material
  • Has a timer control function
  • 120 LEDs in total
  • 40 feet long
  • Strong, warm white color temperature


  • You need to get close to the lights to control the timer


As long as you have a guide, you can easily choose the best battery powered led rope lighting that you can find. We already revealed two choices to you so it’ll be much easier to make your pick. If you want to try other LED rope lights outside of what we picked, just use the guide on other brands so you’ll know what you want.

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