Battery Operated LED Lights For Costumes

Is It Safe To Use Battery Operated LED Lights For Costumes? (3 Reviews)

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Wondering if it’s safe to use battery operated LED lights for costumes? We’ll reveal some insight into this and the top 3 products worth exploring.

Battery Operated LED Lights For Costumes
Battery operated LED lights are perfect to spice up your dance costumes

Battery operated LED lights for costumes are gaining more popularity nowadays. Apparel, as simple as a shirt, can look exceptionally cool and stylish with the flashing lights, making you stand out at different events such as parties, sports shows, and concerts.

However, are they safe to use or even wash?

Most of these are wrapped in polymer – based on wash tests, the led string lights still worked after being machine washed up to 25 times on average.


Is It Really Safe To Use LED Lights On Costumes?

The short answer is yes. Even if the lights that they emit are bright, they practically give minimal to zero heat as compared to incandescent bulbs. Thus, there is no risk of overheating.

Battery operated mini LED lights for clothing decoration design are the best option since the bulbs do not loosen and disassemble.

On the other hand, if you are wondering, mini LED lights for fabric are washable since they are usually waterproof. One caveat, however, is you have to remove its battery box that controls the on/off switch. Simply disconnect the wires and LED board from it. At that point, you can now toss the shirt into the laundry as usual.

Best Battery Operated Led Lights For Costumes Review

You will be surprised how spontaneous it can get to transform your outfits into creative and incredible designs through LED lights.

In the following section, we have handpicked the top 3 LED lights for clothing DIY that you can use:

1. YIHONG Fairy String Battery Operated LED Lights

YIHONG Fairy String Battery Operated LED Lights
YIHONG Fairy String Battery Operated LED Lights.

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Yihong prides itself with the warm white fairy-like lights. You can make use of the versatile slim copper wire and 20pcs of vibrant led lights to pull off your dream wedding dress or event outfit. More so, the six compact light strings are not to be underestimated, because they are tiny but gleaming. What makes it even suitable for designing are the following features.


  • Small battery box: Its size makes it ideal for decorating any project that you are into since it can be easily hidden. More importantly, it has a switch to turn the lights on/off.
  • Waterproof LED lights: The insulated wire wrapped in copper makes your design safe and ideal, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Versatile and lightweight: You can modify the strings any way you want. They may be tiny, but they are sturdy enough to for your DIY ensemble.
  • Energy-efficient: Having low voltage is enough to ensure its safety.


  • Slim wires could be damaged, if not dealt with tenderly
  • Batteries last for a limited time of up to 72 hours

2. GDEALER 8 Pack Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights

GDEALER 8 Pack Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
GDEALER 8 Pack Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights. Via:

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These optional multi-colored strings in one package are ideal for a festive occasion. You can place the compact and lightweight LED lights in artisan containers, jugs, candles, or even unique costumes and hair adornment for Halloweens and parties. It also comes with a simple-use battery pack. Furthermore, with its low voltage of 3V, you are in peace that it will not overheat.


  • 8 led light colors in a bundle: These include warm white, cool white, blue, purple, pink, red, green, and orange. Here, you can save a lot, especially when you are still experimenting with which colors are your favorite to use.
  • Waterproof Copper Wires: The string lights can be placed in water and is versatile enough to form any shape based on how you want it.


  • Batteries run out after an average of 48- 72 hours

3. Govee 6 Pack Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights

Govee 6 Pack Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
Govee 6 Pack Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights.

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Govee’s warm white light is another promising avenue to DIY your outfits. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface allows you to decorate with ease. Furthermore, its battery pack will enable you to control when or not you want it to show up. The little golden-white lights on versatile copper can be curled and stretched to achieve the effect that you want.


  • Internationally recognized waterproof standard: Having a rating of IP67, the copper wire led light can be used on water or rain during night time to create a starry effect.
  • Small and versatile design


  • Batteries’ lifespan is merely up to 72 hours


At this point, you have already learned how safe battery operated LED lights for costumes are. They are not prone to overheating and have a switch to turn them off when not needed. As long as you follow the simple and straightforward guidelines above, you are empowered to choose the right product for your specific needs. Now you can add some flavor to your outfits and be a little more extra!

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