Are White LED Lights Good For Growing

Why Are White LED Lights Good For Growing? (3 Best Reviews)

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Are white LED lights good for growing plants? Find the best and most practical way to do it as we handpick the top 3 products for you to consider.

Are White LED Lights Good For Growing
White lights imitate the natural lights during daytime, giving your indoor plants the much-needed sun nutrients

The growing statistics of people going to large cities for business has prompted a decreased amount of green space with urbanization.

Therefore, yields for food are gravely affected. This is why indoor gardening is getting more popular. You won’t just have fresh produce in your kitchen, but at the same time, you’re enjoying better air quality and overall improved health.

In this article, we’ll explore why are white LED lights good for growing plants and what’s best for starters.


Are White Led Lights Good For Growing?

The benefits of led lights for gardening:

Using white LED lights for growing plants indoors is not new anymore.

While its counterpart, the fluorescent light, is seemingly more affordable, one needs to realize that this is significantly less reliable, costing you more over the long haul.

In contrast, the best white LED grow lights are more economical and practical as it directs heat straight to your plant, ruling out waste nor any chance of overheating. Thus, your plants grow quicker and healthier.

Cultivating such gives you an extraordinary feeling of harmony. Particularly when you are planting inside, imagine how better it is when you can get readily available fruits and vegetables.

In contrast to planting outdoors, indoor gardening can give you complete control of the environment. You can use quality grow lights to make the ideal condition for your plants to develop and flourish, regardless of the season.

As such, it develops a degree of autonomy and sustainability in times of economic and environmental challenges.

3 Best White Light LED Grow Lights

In choosing which are white lights good for growing your plant, here are the basic standards we’ve based on: high-efficiency rating, life expectancy, matched sizes, easy installation, and reasonable price.

These are our top 3 picks:

1. Haus Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulb

Haus Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulb
Haus Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulb. Via:

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Haus Bright is one of the trusted leading brands in LED grow lights. It is appropriate for different vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, and aquarium. As a full-spectrum white light, you won’t have to switch lights at various phases of plant development and move the seedlings outdoors.

Furthermore, the fact that it draws merely 20W can help those who want to get a good deal and save on their utility bill.


  • Easy installation: You merely have to fasten the bulb and turn it on to start using.
  • Not prone to overheating: You can touch the bulb comfortably since it has little heat yield.
  • White light: This is perfect for anyone who’s not comfortable with purple lights.


  • It is most appropriate for little plants, although you can buy multiple bulbs for bigger ones.

2. Miracle LED Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Lite

Miracle LED Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Lite
Miracle LED Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Lite. Via:

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Absolute Daylight Spectrum Grow Lite is an innovative leading product on indoor gardening that is used and approved by most pros. With its full spectrum feature, it can distribute light to your plants evenly for optimum growth.

It is also ideal for varied places such as herb gardens or condos with constrained daylight. Furthermore, the hydroponic light has been advanced to create the most proficient light frequencies to deliver excellent photosynthesis in your nursery plants all year round.


  • Efficient energy usage: It practically has no heat signature as it runs for about $1.08 annually.
  • Innovative light technology: It is designed explicitly to copy the temperature of natural light that your plants need.
  • Long life expectancy: It lasts a maximum of 10x life longer in contrast to standard bulbs.


  • Need for readjustments: You will need to adjust and modify the height and placement of the bulb for varied development cycles.

3. Aspect Soltech Solutions Small White Luxury LED Grow Light

Aspect Soltech Solutions Small White Luxury LED Grow Light
Aspect Soltech Solutions Small White Luxury LED Grow Light.

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Aspect is known best among interior designers to bring nature’s lavish light and refined touch indoors. Their main value proposition is to grow plants efficiently while maintaining beauty. The LED light’s warm white full spectrum allows you to display your plants with photosynthetic museum-like lighting.

Moreover, it is mercury and lead-free so you don’t have to be anxious anymore over your effect on the earth or one’s health.


  • Long lifespan: It can be maintained up to 90,000 hours or has over 15 years of life expectancy.
  • Modern and stylish design: You can confidently place your lights indoor without ruining the room’s ambiance.
  • Cutting-edge Science – This was born from NASA’s infinite number of development and studies years ago to ensure the best quality.
  • Convenient use: The Aspect bulb connects to any outlet.
  • Varied sizes: It can accommodate light starting from your small, medium, to a large indoor plant.


  • Not suitable for large plants


At this point, you have already learned one of the hacks in nurturing your plants effectively and why are white LED lights good for growing them.

As shown earlier, it is evident that planting indoors offers nothing but benefits on a micro and macro scale, that will contribute to your family’s wellbeing and the planet’s sustainability.

Now that you are equipped with the proper know-how of which grow light works best based on your plant’s needs, indoor farming will surely be a smooth breeze and enjoyable activity for you.

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