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8 Ft LED Bulbs: Upgrade and Review

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Not satisfied with your current lighting? There are ways to upgrade your lighting with 8 ft LED bulbs so that you can have more luminous lights for your home.

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Many people are converting their regular 8 ft fluorescent bulbs into 8 ft LED bulbs because LED bulbs have more benefits to offer than traditional lighting.

Now, the thing about converting fluorescent lighting to Led lighting is that it requires some sort of re-wiring. So, before you start converting, it’s better if you know more about 8 ft LED tube bulbs, especially how to identify DOT approved LED lights from the fake ones. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

All About the 8 Ft LED Bulb and Size

The most common LED lights that are used for office or home lighting would be the T8 or the T12 LED lights. The more common types are the t8 8 foot LED bulbs. They can replace the usual 8 ft fluorescent light fixture without much trouble.

The main difference between the T8 and the T12 bulbs is actually the size. The T8 bulbs are 1-inch diameter while the T12 bulbs are 1.5-inch diameter. Both can be used to replace the 8 ft fluorescent lighting. The one you choose as the best 8 ft LED bulb will really depend on which bulb best fits your lighting structure.

There are two types of T8 and T12 LED bulbs being the 8 ft led bulbs direct wire types and the plug and play. With the direct wire, you will need to do some re-wiring, which means you must have knowledge at handling lights. If you don’t then you always have the option to use a plug and play type, which requires minimal or even no re-wiring.

8 Ft. Fluorescent Light Fixtures Vs. Hyperikon T8 LED

Now that you understand more about 8 ft LED bulbs, we’ll now explain some of the differences between the traditional 8 ft fluorescent light fixtures and the Hyperikon T8 LED bulb.

This will help you understand why a lot of people are adamant about changing 8 ft fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs, and you’ll also see the benefits that a good LED bulb can give.

Here are a few ways that the Hyperikon T8 LED bulbs trump the traditional fluorescent ones:

  • Efficiency

First of all, let’s talk about efficiency. LED lights are known to be more than fluorescent lights, especially Hyperikon models. This is because they use much less wattage but still produce the same amount of light. You can save up to 30% in your light bill by switching to a Hyperikon LED bulb.

  • Lifespan

Another pro of Hyperikon LED bulbs would be their lifespans. These LED bulbs can last from 30,000 to 50,000 hours depending on usage and model. That’s much longer than the usual 14,000 hours of a typical fluorescent bulb.

In the lifespan of a LED bulb, you would have already used up 3 fluorescent bulbs. They actually save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Coverage

Lastly, we have the aspect of coverage. The traditional fluorescent light has a beam angle of 110 degrees, which only allows it to shed light on the area it is facing. However, the Hyperikon T8 LED bulbs have beam angles of up to 360 degrees, allowing it to cover a wider area as compared to fluorescent lights.

LED Replacement for 8 Ft LED Bulbs

With all that said, you’re most likely now ready to convert the traditional lighting structure of your home into LED lighting. As already mentioned above, it is not as simple as you may think. There are quite a number of things to take note of before you do this.

Below are a few tips on how to upgrade your lights to LED lights:

  • Buy a Plug and Play

This is probably the easiest way to go about if you don’t know anything about wiring. If you buy a plug and play, you don’t need to take out the ballast of the LED light anymore. All you have to do is plug the LED light into the existing ballast. However, you need to make sure that LED light you are installing fits the ballast accurately.

The only disadvantage of using a plug and play light is that it won’t work if there are problems with the ballast. Also, there could be some compatibility issues that you may encounter if the LED lights can’t fit the ballast. Basically, the ballast can be in the way of LED light working. That is why a lot of people prefer to rewire their LED lights instead.

  • Learn How to Install 8 ft LED Bulb Direct Wire Types

The second type, being the direct wire type, is the type that has to be rewired directly to the lighting system. In order to do that, simply go to the ballast and cut off the hot and the neutral wires. The hot wire is usually covered in black or red casing while the neutral wire is white. After that, cut off the socket lead wire (blue and red wire) and take out the ballast.

Once the ballast is out strip the wires about an inch down and connect the input neutral and hot wires to their output wire counterparts. You can use wire nuts to do this so that they stay connected. After that, connect them to the end of your LED bulb and you can test to see if it works.

  • Retrofit Your Bulb

While you may already know the main things about installing LED bulbs, there are times when you’ll have to do a bit more. Such is the case of retrofitting your lighting fixtures to fit your lamp. The most recommended way to do that would be to turn your 8 ft fixture into a 4 inch 2 lamp fixture. That way, you can use Type B T8  LED bulbs. You’ll want to do this because it’s easier to handle 4 inch T8 LED bulbs and you have more variety for choices. You can buy a T8 retrofit kit to do this.

Now that you know what a LED T8 Bulb is, its benefits, and its installation process, we’d like to recommend a good product that you may want to install in your home if you really are serious about converting your fluorescent system.

Hyperikon T8 T10 T12 8ft LED Tube Light, 36W (75W Equiv.)
Hyperikon T8 T10 T12 8ft LED Tube Light, 36W (75W Equiv.)

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This is the Hyperikon 8 ft LED Tube Light 4200 Lumens 12 Pack. This package features some of the longest lasting tubes allowing you to keep them in place for about 20 years or more. This is roughly around 50,000 hours. Aside from that, it also has a very high lighting output of 4,200 lumens, which is already extremely impressive.

Finally, it is very easy to install. These replacement LED bulbs are compatible with both T8 and T12 fixtures and they have an easy-to-do ballast bypassing. Overall, it is one of the best LED bulb packages you can find in the market.

Hyperikon LED bulbs are becoming more popular because of its very high lighting output.

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For those who are interested in converting their home into a LED light powered home, then it is very important to take note of these things. One has to know all about LED lights, all about installing them, how they can work for homeowners, and how to upgrade them.

By knowing all these things, plus having a recommended product in mind, the whole process of converting to LED lighting will really go smoothly.

Just follow the tips recommended above, and you should have no trouble at all.

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